A grim picture of Muslims' desperation in Pakistan and in the wider Islamic world, for that matter... but no help from Allah is forthcoming...

Islam in its early centuries

Since the late 7th century, Islamic history tells us, some aristocratic family of Muslims inherited power, by legal or illegal ways, from their ancestors. There was no proper way of electing the ruler for the Islamic Empire by the majority. The son was to be immediately considered caliph/ruler after the demise of his father or brother, regardless of whether he is qualified or not for the rulership. There are way too many incidents—indeed, it became standard in all over the Islamic world—that Muslims were so much greedy that they made various plots to murder their own fathers and brothers in order to gain the power. Muslim rulers always had to be always on the watch lest they would be assassinated defeated by their near and dear ones.

History does not shed light on whether the Muslim world of that era was delightful or frustrating, but the state of affairs of the modern-day of Islamic world may give some idea. However, illegal and violent ways and means for capturing power, and the ineligibility of Muslim rulers and caliphs, certainly gives us many hints as to the fact that Muslim nations of that time were not a pleasant place; they surely sustained many turmoil and difficulties.

In the 14th century, while the monarchial Ottoman Empire slowly established itself after the monarchial Abbasid dynasty was annihilated by Halagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan. The Ottoman Empire met its demise with rise of secular dictator Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the 1920s century.

Saudi Arabia is still run by a monarchy system, although they know it is a wrong way to usurp power in a civilized country, and for the betterment of their nation and happiness of its citizenry.

On the other hand, we all know some Middle Eastern countries, like the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain, beside Saudi Arabia, are rich solely for their oil reserves. But, before the 20th century, no one had a clue to the fact that these countries possessed huge reserves of oil underground. As a result, the Arabic-speaking Muslims were typically the same Bedouins, who led a really desperate and miserable life, pasturing their flocks and livestock across the deserts.

Islamic state of Pakistan

As we know, most parts of the Islamic world are desperately poor; and unfortunately, the state of Pakistan is one of the victims of this destitution. This country came into existence in 1947 after the division of India. The demand of Muslims for a separate state was solely based on propaganda by them that Muslims and Hindus are two different nations, and they can’t live together. However, today in India, there are more Muslims than that of living in Pakistan.

In Pakistan today, almost everyone is living his/her life in despondency and desperation. There is no sign of optimism on their faces; their rights have been taken away from them; there is no concept of social-security or any financial assistance from their government. Consequently, they live in continual anxiety about the next day, about the future of their children.

The condition in Pakistan has now deteriorated so much so that it is real hard for parents to feed their one child, and pay the bills that they receive every month. As a result, some parents commit suicide; some kill their children; some mothers in rural areas leave their children alone and run away to unknown places. These kinds of news are published almost daily in local papers. Not only this, but also some more funny news we find to read about illegal relationships; such as, uncle killed his nephew over love-affair with his aunt; husband kills his wife over doubt of her disloyalty etc.

In the 1980s, the inclination toward the West grew more, especially in Pakistani youngsters and youths. They intended to study abroad to make their reason more justified. Through this guise, most of upper class Pakistanis got able to get out of Pakistan very easily, and never thought of returning. As a result, European and American embassies had to make changes in rules to make the issuance of visas more and more strict and difficult. By the early 1990s, it was almost impossible for any Pakistani to get even a visit visa for certain countries. These changes made Pakistanis more desperate. They started to ponder and devise many deceitful ways to get out of their Islamic homelands in order to make a better life in the West.

Agents in Pakistan

Certain immigrant Pakistani groups invested their resources in Western countries to help those desperate Pakistanis, who thought their Islamic homelands are like jails or lock-ups without hopes a good life, to get out. As a result, these groups, the so-called Agents, started earning a lot of money. As a matter of fact, they demanded big sums of money for certain countries. Some of the agents were also fraud: they built confidence with folks, desperate to leave Pakistan, and after collecting the money, they just vanished away, ruining many lives.

On the other hand, Pakistanis Muslims made, and are still making, plans on how to leave their Islamic country to reside in Western countries, no matter whether the means of their exit legal or not. Some of them adopted the way of human trafficking, some desperadoes tried to escape took dangerous paths, and many of them lost their lives along their journey. A very few were successful, and they never looked back.

Gen Zia-ul-Haq, the former President of Pakistan

Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, the former military dictator from 1977 to 1988, also known as hypocrite, was another puppet of the Islamic world. He promised with his nation, right after he imposed Marshal-law in 1977, that he will organize election within 90 days; but those 90 days never came in his 11 years tenure, and he eventually died in a plane crash in 1988. The word ‘hypocrite’ is used for him, because, he promised his Pakistani nation that he will bring a real Islam and Shariah, and by this tricky way, he gained the confidence of his obtuse nation. Thus, the corruption in the military grew, and attraction in recruiting in the army became brighter.

Gen. Zia, the dictator General of his country, made Mullah (Muslim Priests) movements more active; they started to participate in politics that caused a big blow to Pakistan in many ways, notably in economy. Investments and efforts in scientific endeavors were almost stopped, because the Mullahs always stood in the way. Any medical or other scientific miracle was a real threat to their Quran and directly to the religion of Islam.

Qazi Husain Ahmed

Qazi Husain Ahmed is a very renowned figure in Pakistani politics. He was the third President (1987 to 2009) of his party, the Jamaat-e-Islami. He opposes every law that goes against Islamic Shariah. He sent his two sons to America for better education. That means, to him, the education Islamic system in the Islamic state of Pakistan, where all ordinary Pakistanis study, was not good enough for his sons to get a good education.

He is also a hypocrite, because he is famous for his slogans against America and the United Kingdom, but sent his sons to America for studies. While in his post, he delivered fiery speeches in public assemblies against all non-Muslim countries, especially against the USA and UK.

Moreover, whenever Qazi needs medical treatment, he prefers to go to England or America, rather than, being the leader of his Islamic Party, to believe in his Allah, the Quran and the sirat (life style) of his Prophet Muhammad.

The electricity problem in Pakistan

Another migraine for the Pakistani nation is the lack of power supply in the entire country. This problem started in the end of 2007; electricity supply stopped for 14 to 18 hours a day, continually, and this problem persists to this day. It means that Pakistani Muslims live without power for about more than 6 months in a year; they are living in the Stone Age in this 21st century.

However hard-up life of agony and desperation the Pakistanis live, neither their rulers nor their Allah can solve their problems. In scorching summer, especially during nights, when there is sleeping time, and there is no power, Pakistani Muslims curse their fate and their rulers. The words are inexplicable to be described in this article.

Afghan refugees

After Russia invaded Afghanistan, many Afghans made their good escape to European countries especially to Germany, Denmark, and Holland etc. Majority migrated to Pakistan to become refugees.  I can say with certainty that if the condition in Afghanistan becomes better, the Afghanis, who are now residing in non-Muslim countries, will never come back to their homelands (Maybe some, the older ones, who would like to be buried in their own home land).


The reader can easily understand that the religion of Islam can not give what its followers so desperately desires. The hope that Islam will bring goodness and prosperity to Muslims in only mind-view, which it has never fulfilled in real life; it never can. Religion never fulfills the demands of its followers.

I am also a Pakistani. I, like many others, have not only I left my country, but have also quit my faith and religion. I know the mentality of many Pakistanis that they will try to tell me I am wrong in what I have done regarding my faith, and whatever I posted is incorrect. My advice to them: please don’t. I have gone through these practical experiences and I know better who is who and what is what. If one looks around the vast Islamic world, the proof becomes crystal-clear that Islam and its laws have given nothing but destitution, hopelessness and despondency to her Ummah, and, of course, the violation of rights and dignity of its followers.

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