The Arabic term ‘Salaah’ denotes the daily ritual prayers enjoined upon all Muslims as one of the five pillars of Islam. It is performed five times a day by all practicing Muslims. Dear brethren, have you ever wondered about why our compassionate Allah wants us to bow down to Him five times a day, and that too at five different intervals? What benefit He gets by torturing His ‘children’ by forcing to saying prayers five times a day at different hours? And also our Mullah was tells us that Allah loves us to pray round the clock, at the same time claiming that Allah is 70 times more merciful than our worldly mothers.

Is that is what your or my mother would like us to do, although she is times less merciful than our Allah?

Why doesn’t Allah feel satisfied with just one prayer a day?


A stranger came to Prophet Muhammad and his companions while they were sitting. The stranger asked who amongst you is Prophet Muhammad? The companions replied, “THIS WHITE MAN”. The stranger asked Prophet Muhammad, “Has Allah ordered you to offer 5 PRAYERS?” Prophet Muhammad replied, “YES”. (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol-1, The Book of Knowledge, Chapter-7, Hadees No: 63)

As faithful Muslims, we may think that our prophet must have quoted the above information from the Quran. But that is not the case in reality. You may be surprised to know that, there is not a single verse in the Quran that speaks about the ‘Five Prayers a day’. Rather the 5 daily prayers story came from the ‘fairy tale’ of hadiths on Prophet Muhammad’s journey heaven, i.e. miraaj.


We Muslims are brainwashed by our mullahs that the Quran has the answer to our every problem. But the fact is: It fail to fulfill its own problems. Shockingly, the all-knowing Allah forgot to register the 5 prayers in his Quran, the most essential daily requirement for Muslims. Not even once! Yet, Allah mentioned Biblical stories and Prophets in the again and again and again in repetitive and confusing manner. For example, the name of Prophet Moses and related incidents have been repeated 136 times in the Quran, which makes the Quran one of the most boring books ever. Also Muhammad promoted certain Biblical figures, who were just famous Jewish kings and heroes, to the status of Prophets in the Quran. In a nutshell, according to the Quran, Allah’s Prophets have to powerful Rulers or Emperors. It only reflects that Muhammad too hungry for power as well as a ‘Prophet’. So, he elevated Bibles famous kings (Soloman, Kind David aka Dawood et al.) to the status of Prophets.

The following long hadith is on Allah’s ‘ordinance’ of imposing five daily prayers upon us.  I try to avoid quoting long hadiths, I am quoting this one, because I loved this hadith when I first read it more than 20 years ago as believing Muslims. I urge my Muslim brethren also to read this hadith carefully to feel the real pleasure from this fairy tale. This is how we Muslims have been indoctrinated for centuries. Who said we Muslims do not have the sense of humor?


(SAHIH MUSLIM 1:313) (SAHIH AL-BUKHARI/ VOL 1/ BOOK 8/Number 345):

The Messenger of Allah said: The roof of my house was cleft when I was in Mecca and Gabriel descended (Why not the angel of Allah entered from the right way – the door?) and opened my heart (without anesthesia) and then washed it with the water of Zam-zam. (Instead of washing Muhammad’s heart, Gabriel should have washed his brain for talking this type of non-sense) He then brought a gold basin full of wisdom and faith and after emptying it into my breast, he closed it up. (Muhammad is fond of gold, and according to Muhammad ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Faith’ is a kind of materials to be handled in golden basins!) Then taking me by his hand, he ascended with me to heaven,(Similar to Arab Nights fairy tales) and when we came to the lowest heaven, Gabriel said to the guardian of the lowest heaven: Open. He asked who was there? He replied. It is Gabriel. He again asked who is with him. He replied: It is Muhammad with me. He was asked if he had been sent for, He (Gabriel) said: Yes. Then he opened (the gate). (Don’t laugh on the stupidity of Allah’s angels who is behaving as a worldly gate-keeper and didn’t know about Muhammad, who was created before the entire universe according to a hadith. So what kind of angel is this to behave like an ordinary human being? Why there are huge walls and gates to heavens?) When we ascended the lowest heaven (I saw) a man seated with parties on his right side and parties on his left side. When he looked up to his right, he laughed and when he looked to his left, he wept. He said: Welcome to the righteous apostle and the righteous son. I asked Gabriel who he was and he replied: He is Adam (Muhammad should have recognized Adam, as he was created by Allah before Adam) and these parties on his right and on his left are the souls of his descendants. Those of them on his right are the inmates of Paradise and the parties which are on his left side are the inmates of Hell; so when he looked towards his right side, he laughed, and when he looked towards his left side, he wept. Then Gabriel ascended with me to the second heaven. He asked its guardian to open (its gate), and its guardian replied in the same way as the guardian of the lowest heaven had said. He opened it. I found in the heavens Adam, Idris, Jesus, Moses and Abraham, but he did not ascertain as to the nature of their abodes except that he had found Adam in the lowest heaven and Abraham in the sixth heaven. (By the way, what these fellows are doing in heaven?  How these ‘prophets’ were came to heaven prior to Muhammad? Because Muhammad says he will be the first of all mankind to be resurrected on Qiyama- the dooms day. Then how come these ‘Prophets’ are there prior to him?)Thereafter he ascended with me till I was taken to such a height where I heard the scraping of the pens. (Poor angels are using similar kind of writing pens in heaven, as we do in this world). Allah then made fifty prayers obligatory for my Ummah (If we pray 50 prayers in a day of 24 hours, we may have to pray at every 28 minutes without sleeping or working for our livelihood. How come our stupid Allah didn’t know this fact and also our lunatic Muhammad have agreed upon?) and I returned with that and passed by Moses. Moses, said: What has thy Lord enjoined on thy people? I said: Fifty prayers have been made obligatory on them. Moses said: Return to thy Lord, for thy Ummah would not be able to bear this burden. Then I came back to my Lord and He removed a portion out of that. I then again went to Moses and informed him about it He said: Return to thy Lord, for thy Ummah shall not be able to bear this burden. I then went back to my Lord and He said: They are now reduced to five prayers each day but will be equal to fifty, and what has been said will not be changed. I then returned to Moses and he said: Go back to thy Lord. (Thanks to Moses, who used his intellect to rescue us. Otherwise our foolish prophet would have imposed on us the 50 prayers) Gabriel then travelled with me till we came to the farthest lote-tree many a colour had covered it which I do not know. Then I was admitted to Paradise and saw in it domes of pearls, and its soil of musk. (Muhammad has always dreaming of wealth and luxurious life.)

This hadith should acts as a test of our intelligence. Does a single character in this story, even Allah, seem to have divine intelligence? Don’t they seem to have below-average human intelligence? And these foolish characters are ruining our lives. Shouldn’t we intelligent human beings stop being foolish pawns to these foolish fairy-tale characters?


Narrated Umar bin Al-Khattaab: Some Sabee (i.e. War prisoners, children and women only) were brought before the Prophet and behold, a woman amongst them was milking her breast to feed and whenever she found a child amongst the captives, she took it over her chest and nursed it (she had lost her child but later she found him). The Prophet said to us, “Do you think that this lady can throw her son in the fire?” We replied, “No, if she doesn’t have the power to throw it into the fire.” The Prophet then said, “Allah is more merciful to His Slaves than this lady to her son.” (Sahih Al-Bukari/ Vol 8:28)

Narrated By Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying, Allah divided Mercy into one-hundred parts and He kept its NINETY-NINE parts with Him and sent down one part on to the earth, and because of that, its one single part, His creations are Merciful to each other, so that even the mare lifts up its hoofs away from its baby animal, lest it should trample on it." (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 8:29)

My Muslim brethren! Isn’t it horrible even to imagine what if Allah had sent down the entire 70 parts of his mercy to the earth, when just one part of it forces us to pray for 5 times a day?


According to the above two hadiths, we Muslims are lucky enough to have so compassionate a God, Allah, as our savior in comparison to those of the infidels. But wait! Our satisfaction won’t last long if you read the following hadith:

The prophet said, "O followers of Muhammad! By Allah, if you knew what I know, you would weep much and laugh little." (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 8:627)

So, Muhammad’s knew more only about Allah than his followers. And that knowledge about Allah would have caused them weeping. What is wrong with our Allah, supposedly 70 times more merciful than our human mothers?


Suppose, you are married and living away from your mother and visit her at every now and then. Then, for some unavoidable reasons, you are not able to visit her for an extended period. After a long gap, when you happen to meet her again, will she be get angry with you? The first thing: she will be delighted more than ever to see you after such a long break. She might nag at you for not visiting her often during that period, and that’s it. She will never get angry in a way to punish you or anything like that. And this time, she will show love, care and hospitality for you more than ever for sure. This is how our earthly mothers are.

Now, what about 70-times-more-merciful Allah? He will roast us in fire, even if we lose one ‘Takbeer’ in our 5 daily prayers, even once in our life-time. Is that the mark of ‘mercy’ of Allah, 70 times more merciful than our moms? Moreover, the above hadith testifies that our Allah doesn’t want us to be happy and want us to live fearing the forthcoming tortures in our graves and in Hell. It is a shame on Muhammad, who invented an Allah, who is heartless, torturous, cruel and brutal. The following quote from Sahih Al-Bukhari will suffice to show the difference between our worldly mothers and 70 times more merciful Allah.


Muhammad was very particular about the 1st and the 5th (Fajr and Isha) prayers – prayed in the dark hours of very early morning and late night – the time when Muhammad felt very unsecured because of the fear of being attacked by his victims. And to make himself as secure as possible, he went to the extent of commanding his followers not to obey even their mothers, if they would restrict them to attend the congregational "Isha" prayer with him at his mosque:

Al-Hasan said, “If somebody is forbidden by his mother from going to the congregational ‘Ishaa’ prayer because of mercy and pity for him he should not obey her.(Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 1/ 11 The Book of Adhaan (The Call of Prayer)/ Chapter 29/ Page 350)

It is now obvious how cruel our Allah is compared to our mothers, although Allah is claimed to be 70 times more merciful.


Why did Allah create us? On what moral basis, he is controlling and torturing us against our natural desires, supposedly given to us by him? Why there are so many “dos” and “don’t dos” imposed on us against our natural wishes? What benefits does Allah get from our prayers? Are we his beloved children or just unfortunate slaves? Is he really loving and merciful?

If Allah happens to be a gracious, merciful and really loving one, then definitely he would have not imposed on us the cruel punishments of compulsory praying five times a day, every day of our lifetime. Islam’s prayers are the cruelest imposing upon the life of Muslims than any other deprivation.

Five-time prayers a day is the most important reason of the terrible backwardness and poverty that Muslim societies are facing worldwide. According to survey reports, we are far behind from the non-Muslim communities in countries where we are minorities, say in India, Singapore or countries of the West. Non-Muslim Governments of those are striving hard to uplift us – although often for vote bank, but no less to help national development. And we are the sworn enemies of our own. We take those special benefits and privileges, but mostly to waste them, less to uplift ourselves. And we keep blaming those non-Muslim governments for being partial to us, the minority Muslim community.

Have we ever calculated how of how much of one’s man-hours a practicing Muslim waste on praying during his life time? He is wasting not less than 100,000 man hours on praying alone. Then how could we prosper on par with our non-Muslim neighbors?


Islam teaches us to love ‘the life after death’, which our elders ad Mullahs nicely infuse into our mind early as we grow up. And that is also greatly responsible for our backwardness. The logic is very simple. We Muslims strive hard for ‘the life after death’, while non-Muslims of the world—the remaining 80% of humanity—strive hard to make their earthly live more prosperous and peaceful so as to live a good and happy life here. If this situation prevails, we Muslims will never be able to compete in prosperity with non-Muslims. Instead, we will become nuisance and burden to this world—which we already are. In other words, we Muslims are trying hard to stay in the 7th century or going back there, while non-Muslims are marching forwards, contributing to the progress and prosperity of the world. When oil wealth in Arab countries dries out, we will see how rapid will be the downfall of those economies.


What is there in the five daily prayers that we embrace so passionately, which, in turn, ruins our progress and prosperity? Surely, it is not from the merciful supernatural mom, if there is any. This was definitely made up by some people or someone for the benefit of some group, who want to subjugate and rule over their gullible and deprived subjects. I will analyze the Second Pillar of Islam, namely ‘Salaah’ or ‘prayer’, point by point. It is the major hurdle in the life of every Muslim. Prayers are the cancer of Muslim society that ruin our prosperity and made our life miserable in this real world. Since the Second Pillar of Islam is so harmful to our prosperity, it needs through and elaborate scrutiny, which I will do in the next few parts.


The gap in living standards of between Muslims and non-Muslims around the world is widening. So many countries, like Somalia or Afghanistan under the Taliban, it much worsened with people in such countries unable to attain their basic needs. Stung by desperate poverty, we Muslims are migrating legally and illegally from their Islamic motherlands to prosperous Kaafer nations. Meanwhile the unelected, self-appointed, rulers of these Islamic countries are extremely well-off and leading sophisticated lives happily, which leaders of non-Islamic countries only can dream of. If we don’t wake up now, it will be our grave injustice towards our future generations. My humble appeal to Muslim brethren is to stop wasting your time on Islam’s meaningless rituals. At least, study the Islamic scriptures first to understand its message, and then decide whether or not investing a large part of your life’s valuable on Islamic rituals is worth it.

In the next part of this essay, I will delve into:

What is the secret behind the five-time daily prayers in Islam?

What was the purpose of constructing Muhammad’s mosque at Medina?

What is the need for congregational prayers?

How Muhammad got benefited with the congregational prayers at his mosque?

How did Muhammad make use of his mosque?

And more…

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