This article is for the enlightenment of my intelligent Muslim brothers and sisters, from someone, who has gone 'astray' according to Islamic prospective. The purpose of writing this article is to reveal the 14-century-old deceptions, conspired against us—the common innocent Muslims—by the dictators, rulers and fundamentalists, whose livelihood entirely depends on our ignorance.


I have left Islam, but not the Muslim community. And I have deep affection and love toward my fellow Muslims, the worst victim of Muhammad’s Islam, which induces me into writing this article. At present, there are a number of ex-Muslim freedom fighters, who, risking their lives, fight the dangerous political ideology of Islam to rescue us—their fellow Muslim brethren—whom they deeply care about. It gives me great pleasure in mentioning the names of few out of a much larger bunch of those respectable heroes: Dr. Ali sina, M. A. Khan, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Ibn Warraq, Amil Imani, Taslima Nasreen ...and this list goes on and on. This multi-part article is dedicated to these heroes for their tremendous courage and affection toward their Muslim community.

I have known Muslims to be generally quite intelligent. But they are a severe victim of brainwashing by a dangerous cult of political ideology via the art of Islamic deception, called Al-Taqiyya. It is my sincere effort to try help my innocent Muslim brothers and sisters see through those deceptions clearly, so that they can enlighten themselves about Islam for what it truly is.


We the carefree, easy-going, secularist Muslims feel proud to call ourselves ‘Moderate’ and don’t feel shame of kowtowing to the fundamentalist Muslims. They succeeded in their mission of making us attend the Friday prayers, though we feel it as a burden. This hypocrisy of ours set a bad example, because non-Muslims consider us—the majority of Muslims—as the peace-loving practicing Muslims. By this way, we are not only cheating ourselves, but also making non-Muslims not to think seriously about the dangers they face from the dangerous ideology of Islam. By this way, we are posing a greater danger than the terrorists to the world’s 80% non-Muslim population, because we make them complacent about the danger of Islam; we acts as a cover for the radical Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists.


While attending the Friday prayers, we hear our Mullah’s mind-boggling lectures with utmost devotion with shouts of praise like ‘Subhanallah’, ‘Maasha Allah’ and ‘Alhamdulillah’, even though it sounds very silly to us.

For example, according to one from the ocean of hadiths, Muhammad’s followers were longing to collect his spittle to rub it on their faces to get Noor (divine shining) on their faces. (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 3/ Book 50/ Number 891)

How can we accept this unhygienic and dehumanizing practice encouraged by a man, who claims to be a Prophet of God? Today how many of us are ready to do the same, if in case Muhammad happened to appear in front of us? There may be some fools among us, who simply do not know who Muhammad was. It is my slightest attempt in lifting the veil that the preachers are holding between us and the real character of Muhammad and Islam.

In another hadith, one of Muhammad’s women (Sahabiyaat) companions collected his sweat and distributed it to others as perfume. On that Muhammad asked Umm Sulaim, who collected his sweat, “what are you doing?” She said: ‘Allah’s Messenger, we seek blessings for our children through it.’ There upon he said: ‘You have done something right.’ (Sahih Muslim 30:5762-5763)

HOLY WATER OF MUHAMMADAnother hadith says that ‘It is the practice of Prophet Muhammad to urinate in a bowl made out of carved trunk of a palm tree, in his bed room during night and kept under his cot. His servant girl Barakha once drank it out of thirsty unknowingly during the night. After knowing it in the morning, Prophet Muhammad laughed on it and blessed her and said: “you will never feel stomach pain as of today, and also you have saved yourself from the fire.” (Al-Tabari 39:199)

sealed-nectar-coverWe may think this could be the single remote incident that was happened accidentally. Not really; there are some more. For example, Anas said, “Once the Prophet of Allah urinated in the well, which was situated inside my house.

Is it acceptable from a sane person to urinate in the well, from which people use to fetch water for drinking? Even a mad man gets beaten if he does so. And that is not the end. Anas continued, “There was no well in Madinah which tasted more cool and sweet than it. When the Sahabah (Muhammad’s companions) come to my house, I serve them with the sweet water of that well.”

Anas further added: “…….I then thought in my head, only if Allah informs me to His SAW’s waste, so that I may consume it! I saw that the earth on which he sat was clean. So I asked, ‘Did you not make the toilet?’ to which he replied, ‘Yes, but the earth is ordered to hide away the excess of us prophets’. (Dala’il Al-Nabuwwah 2:381, Dar Al-Baz, Makkah)

It is simply Muhammad at his most humble. Our ignorance is so great that this type of stuff in the Islamic sources prevails.

Muslim apologists may reject this kind of hadiths by claiming it to be weak hadiths. They even dare enough to say that they don’t even hear about Dala’il Al-Nabuwwah’. But the very same apologist will quote upon quote from the same or similar books without mentioning its name or hadith numbers. Numbers of old Islamic books that are in Arabic are yet to be translated in other languages. To know about Muhammad’s sacred Holy urine…. and more, please click on this URL:'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Urine

In Islam, Muhammad is known as ‘Al-Insan Al-Kaamil’, which means ‘Perfect Human’. The Quran says, he is the best human being and the best model for other Muslims to emulate. (Quran 33:21). Does any sane person keep his urine under his cot or urinate in the water-well? One can comprehend the importance of water-wells in the Arab deserts in those days, when there were no desalination plants to produce water out of oil wealth. Is this what the Prophet of Allah teaches his followers to do – i.e. urinate in life-saving water-wells? Is he the best example of all mankind? Isn’t it rather disgusting?


The mullahs usually boast that the Quran gives answers to all of our problems. But the fact is: even to write the Saudi government circulated highly acclaimed  biography of His beloved Prophet—The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum)author Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri has sought the help of 60 Islamic books that you may ever hear about. The last few pages from ‘The Sealed Nectar’ with those reference books is attached here, which the Mullahs always quote from, although general Muslims never heard of those books.


This means that the Quran has less importance in helping Muslims understand Prophet Muhammad, whom they are supposed to emulate to lead an ideal Muslim life. That doesn’t mean that the Quran has absolutely nothing to say about Muhammad. Wherever the Quran dealt with Muhammad, it is exclusively about Muhammad’s lust and his personal benefits. Here are the few verses out of hundreds of such kind:

  • The Quran orders Muslims to give 1/5th share of booty to Muhammad, looted from the innocents on surprise raids. (Sura Al-Anfa’l  8:41)
  • To have a control over Muhammad’s 15 wives that become two warring factions, the Quran says, Allah’s wrath will be doubled on disobedient wives of Muhammad. (Sura Al-Ahza’b 33:30)
  • Allah allows Muhammad to marry Zainab,the wife of his adopted son and because of Muhammad lust in Zainab, Allah abolish the adoption of orphan children to all Muslims until the Dooms Day. (Sura Al-Ahza’b 33:37-38)
  • Quran gives a special license to Muhammad alone and not to his followers to sleep with all Muslim women, “who gave themselves to their Prophet” (Sura Al-Azha’b 33:50)

To my fellow Muslim brothers, who don’t bother to read Islam’s Holy Scriptures or cared to understand your religion – this is what the Quran talks about Muhammad. Surely, this has to be the absolute ‘divine message’ to the ignorant Muslims till the Dooms Day.


It is matter of shame on our part for not raising our disapprovals on such nonsense. Instead of questioning the Imam about such disgusting things and their credibility, we eagerly parrot “Subhanalla” and “Alhamdulillah” willy-nilly. None of us dare to show guts to raise any objection to such nonsense. It is because we don’t want to put ourselves in trouble. We don’t want to become a victim of social troubles, even possibly violence, in our highly strict and intolerant Muslim community. To protect their skin, our ancestors had to do the same, and this has been going on for the past 14 centuries. Our ancestors’ inability to repulse such rubbish is understandable in that, they had no recourse to express their disapprovals in the highly repressive and ruthless Islamic societies. But today, we are not in the same shoe. In the 21st century, we are gifted with the blessings of the Internet. It presents us with tons of information that we can learn from, and also can easily express our views without fear. If we can’t speak now, then when will we do?


As a devout Muslim a few years ago, after reading some articles attacking Islam, I became wildly enraged at their non-Muslim authors, who, I thought, were making mischief for defaming and insulting my beloved peaceful religion. It made me get closer to Islam then before. I used to argue and defend Islam blindly, instead of scrutinizing those charges. Only when I started reading Islamic Scriptures to examine if those charges had any substance, I came across a few verses in the Quran that shook my basic faith in Islam (Imaan). This spurred me to study my religion more deeply, which eventually leads to my unshackling from Islam, which appeared to me as nothing better than a cruel and uncivilized ideology. I came out of Islam immediately. Now I am proud of the fact that I keep an open and rational mind to anything; I’m free from nonsensical beliefs.

It is a common human tendency to find fault with others. It is always easy to throw stones at others. And Muslims are the most eager ones. Other religions may have its absurdities, but our first and foremost job is to clean the stains on our windows. But for us Muslims, exactly opposite is the case. Believers of every religion should study and scrutinize their religious scriptures with open mind. Open, rational mind – instead of blind beliefs – is the only gateway for our world to embrace real peace.


We are not bound to follow our forefathers. They lived in ruthless societies; they were illiterate and helpless. But we aren’t. We are educated and have so many “safe windows” to know the truth. The Quran, Hadith and Sira are available in most major languages. The internet is a treasure-trove of information for any religion. So, it is disgraceful today to accept something unknowingly. Surely you will feel embarrassed, when you first happen to know real Muhammad and his ideology that you accepted unknowingly or because of being born to Muslim parents. To understand Islam and Muhammad, we need to read his biography. Not the sugarcoated biographies written by the recent apologists. We need to read the uncorrupted earliest biography of Muhammad, Sirat Rasul Allah, written by Ibn Ishaq a few decades after his death.

Similarly, for the past centuries, our forefathers and even now we have been reading the Quran in archaic Arabic without understanding the meaning of its texts. According to the Quran, we are the ‘slaves of Allah’ and He supposedly spoke to us in his ‘Clear’, ‘Classical Arabic’, which nobody can understand. We Muslims are made to read the old classic Arabic Quran for the past 1,400


Muslim preachers and mullahs never strongly insist to his congregation to read the ‘Holy’ Quran cover to cover in their own language, which they understand. Because the Mullahs aware of its consequences that this surely will be the end of their livelihood. So, they keep on deceiving the Muslim masses by Islam’s doctrine of Al-Taqiya, which means deceiving the ignorant. They never give reference to what they quotes, which is a big deception technique. We should thank Ahmed Deedat, who started the tradition of giving references of his quotes, which was carried forward by his self-appointed ‘junior’ Zakir Naik. Even these two guys, whenever forgets to give references to their quotes, means that it is intentional so as to hide something unsavory associated with that particular quote. In fact, I am thankful to Ahmad Deedat’s taqiya lectures that motivated me to study with Islam with an open mind. In some way or another, both Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik are producing more apostates of Islam by motivating the educated moderate Muslims to study Islam closely.

Let me conclude the first part of this article by inviting educated Muslims, the majority of whom are in touch with the internet, to study Islam and express their views boldly through the internet.



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(To continue in Part 2)

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