The fifteenth century of hijra to become the death-knell of Islam?

After Muhammad, Muslim rulers badly needed fairy-tales about Muhammad to put a veil on their cruelties, and to have control over the subjects in their massively expanded territories captured by surprise raids. So they tried their best to superimpose a “divine label” on their mentor Muhammad. They fabricated tons of fairy-tales about him. In the process, they have created enormous amount of fables that no one can complete its reading in their lifetime even if they wished to.

Muhammad too needed similar holy crap in order to fulfill his greed for ascending the throne of Arabia. He plagiarized stories from the contemporary religions of the people of Arabia and nearby regions. Once attained his goal to rule over Arab land, he did not care to compile his own ‘babblings’, which he portrayed as divine revelations from God, into book form. It was his successors who compiled it—the Quran—according to their taste and wishes with a number of additions and omissions, in order to use it for subjugating their subjects, especially Muslims.

Allah, the purported God of Islam, never showed his prophet Muhammad as a superhuman being in the Quran. It was the successive Muslim rulers, who fabricated an ocean of ahadith, so as to show him a next-to-god persona. Their doctrine became very useful in imposing control over 1/3rd of the land area of our beautiful earth. This process continued for more than fourteen centuries until today. Fortunately, this century of the sophisticated mass communication has started putting a break on the spread of this cancer further. The destruction of this dangerous political system is not far away as many of us—both Muslims and the infidels—have started scrutinizing the vile and deceptive Islamic scriptures. Thanks also go to Muslim apologists, whose tons of lies through the mass media, help enlighten many ignorant minds. Biggest thank goes to the Islamic terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden, whose horrendous violence prodded the world to take a curious look into ideas and thoughts of Islam and Muslim apologists.

Muhammad’s successors, while fabricating the fables about him, have made numerous blunders and contradictions, thanks to its enormity, numerous fabricators, time-lapse and difficulties in communication due to vast territory. Their mistakes can be easily identified by anybody who studies it with critical eyes. It is very unfortunate on their part that they cannot continue their deceptions in this modern age of mass communication. It is easy to find out the obvious mistakes and lies by anyone interested in studying the Islamic craps. Days of the 14-century-old regime of Muhammad are numbered. Soon the world will hear the bell of its death-knell.



The Islamic scholars have tried their best to show Muhammad as a holy persona and the Quran as a divine scripture. But in fact, Muhammad was simply a coward and selfish bigot. He wanted anybody and everybody to die for the supposed ‘noble’ cause of his ascending the throne of Arabia. There are number of incidents in Islamic ‘holy’ books that narrate his cowardliness. To illustrate his cowardliness, the incident of his escape from Mecca to Medina is sufficient. Muhammad allegedly came to know that he will be attacked by the people of his tribesmen for denigrating their gods. So he had no choice but to flee his hometown of Mecca. The full extent of his cowardliness concerning his fleeing Mecca lies in the manner he did. He escaped from his residence by leaving his own cousin Ali, whom he adopted from his childhood, sleeping in his bed so that Ali would be killed in his place if there really was an attack. So ‘noble’ a person was Muhammad! Allah and his whole entourage of angels could do nothing to help rescue his greatest prophet. Instead his poor cousin Ali had to put his life on the line to save Allah's beloved prophet.



On his way to Medina in the company of his friend and father-in-law Abu Bakr, Muhammad saw a man named Suraqa, allegedly pursuing them on his horse. In order to escape from him, Muhammad is said to have invoked evil on him in the name of the Quran and Allah. Due to its effect, Suraqa's horse allegedly collapsed and both Suraqa and his his horse got injured. This supposedly convinced Suraqa of Muhammad's divine power and pleaded for his life. The all ‘merciful’ Muhammad forgave him with the condition that he should mislead his people (as Islam misleading his own people for 14 centuries), who may come in pursuance of him. Suraqa allegedly kept his promise to Muhammad. Surprisingly Suraqa didn't converts to Islam despite being convinced of Muhammad's divine power. And again, Allah did not care to send his angels to protect his prophet, despite His claim that he sent thousands of his invisible angels to the battle fields to aid Muhammad's army. The following hadiths explains Muhammad’s miracle on Suraqa:

“…. When I(Suraqa) approached them (i.e. Muhammad and Abu Bakr), my horse stumbled and I fell down from it……. When I heard the recitation of the Quran by Allah's Apostle who did not look hither and thither while Abu Bakr was doing it often, suddenly the forelegs of my horse sank into the ground up to the knees, and I fell down from it……” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 5:58:245)

Narrated Al-Bara: When the Prophet migrated to Medina, Suraqa bin Malik bin Ju'sham pursued him. The Prophet invoked evil on him, therefore the forelegs of his horse sank into the ground. Suraqa said (to the Prophet), "Invoke Allah to rescue me, and I will not harm you. "The Prophet invoked Allah for him. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 5:58:247)

Narrated Anas bin Malik: “…. Then Abu Bakr looked behind and saw a horse-rider persuing them. He said, "O Allah's Apostle! This is a horse-rider perusing us." The Prophet looked behind and said, "O Allah! Cause him to fall down." So the horse threw him down and got up neighing. After that the rider, Suraqa said, "O Allah's Prophet! Order me whatever you want." The Prophet said, "Stay where you are and do not allow anybody to reach us." So, in the first part of the day Suraqa was an enemy of Allah's Prophet and in the last part of it, he was a protector…..” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 5:58:250, 7:69:512, 4:56:812; Sahih Muslim 23:4984)

It was also not a difficult task for Muhammad, who had split the moon into two (see Syed Abu-Ala' Maududi – The Meaning of the Qur'an: Al-Qamar), to tackle Suraqa, an ordinary man. After all he was the best among all the 124,000 prophets sent by Allah to confuse his creations. Moreover, he was the best of all human beings ever came to this world (Quran 33:21). So, the readers should admit that it is easy for the greatest prophet Muhammad to invoke evil on his perceived enemies with the help of his evil Quran.


What about Muhammad's fall from his horse and injury?

Let us accept that Suraqa fell from his horse and got injured as a result of Muhammad's invoking of curse upon him. Therefore, when the ‘superhuman’ prophet of Allah falls from his horse and gets injured, the someone must have invoked curse upon him and Allah must have heeded to it. Let us read the following incidents from Sahih Bukhari:

  • Once Allah's Apostle fell off a horse and his leg or shoulder got injured. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:375)

  • Allah's Apostle rode a horse and fell down and the right side of his body was injured. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:12:699)

  • Allah's Apostle fell from a horse and got injured….( Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:12:700)

So, Muhammad certainly had committed some evil to someone, and when his victim invoked curse upon him, Allah duly punished him. That's what it should be, shouldn't it?Allahu Aalam (Allah alone knows best).


Hellish day of Khyber at the behest of the prophet of peace

Muhammad made a surprise attack on the unarmed and unprepared peasant Jews of the Khyber settlement at dawn. Many of the Jews were killed, their produce and wealth had been looted, their women and children were taken captives. Their young leader Kinanah, who was a groom on that day, was tortured by Muhammad by setting fire on his chest to extract information about the hidden treasure of his community that was under his care. When the treasure was found and Kinanah was near his death from the torture, his head was chopped by Jihadi of Muhammad on his wedding day. His 17-year-old bride Safiyah, who was taken captive, was chosen by 60-year- old Muhammad as his sex-slave, and he raped her on the same day on his way back to Medina.

The following few hadiths on Muhammad’s raid on Khyber narrates this matter:

  1. “…the Prophet and Safiya was accompanying the Prophet, who let her ride behind him on his she-camel. During the journey, the she-camel slipped and both the Prophet and (his) wife fell down… The Prophet said, "We are returning with repentance…" The Prophet kept on saying this statement till he entered Medina. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:52:318 & 319)

  2. “…suddenly the foot of the she-camel slipped and both the Prophet and the woman (i.e., his wife, Safiya) fell down…, the Prophet said, "Ayibun,' abidun, taibun, liRabbina hamidun (We are coming back (to Medina) with repentance…". The Prophet continued repeating these words till he entered the city of Medina. (Sahih al-Bukhari 8:73:204)

This incident of Muhammad's falling from his camel and injuring himself occurred on the way back to Medina after the bloodbath at Khyber with hundreds of captured women and children walking in the scorching heat of the desert. Undoubtedly those most unfortunate and brutalized souls must have invoked god's curse upon Muhammad for the murderer of their kith and kin, and their own wretched misfortune. Muhammad quickly realized that and kept repenting his barbaric misdeeds upon the Jews of Khyber until he entered Medina.

What is worth pondering is: How is it possible for some wretched kuffar souls to invoke curse upon ‘almighty’ Allah's chosen prophet that will be heeded by Allah. Then why would Allah choose accursed Muhammad as His best and most exalted friend? What is the value of his title as “The last and greatest of all 124,000 prophets?” After all the pious and god-fearing Muhammad was only fulfilling Allah’s order of jihad in a peaceful manner by killing, looting, raping, terrorizing the peace-loving kuffars of the Arab Peninsula.



The great prophet of Allah invoked curse upon an ordinary pagan man, named Suraqa, and Allah rightly punished him. In contrast, we also incidents wherein Muhammad was probably cursed by him kafir victims and Allah duly heeded to those cursing and punished Muhammad in like manner as Suraqa was punished. In one such incident, it was the Kuffar Jewish captives, who had invoked evil upon the greatest prophet of Allah for his evil barbarity upon the Jews of Khyber, which made him fall from his mount and injure him. So, who was superior? Prophet Muhammad who punished an ordinary man? Or ordinary human beings who had his power to punish the greatest prophet of Allah?

What comes out of these incidents is that although Muhammad was a heartless tyrant, he too had his inner conscience. So, as soon as he fell from his mount on his way back from the raid in Khyber, his conscience quickly spoke to him about the cruel barbarity he had just committed upon the innocent people of Khyber, and he kept reciting "We are coming back (to Medina) with repentance" until he reached home.

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