This article will shed light on the 'various modes’ of receiving revelation by our prophet for our holy book, “The Quran”. It will reveal to the reader about the extent to which our holy prophet played with the innocence of his disciples and subsequent generations of Muslims.

While growing up, we the Muslim kids in our locality used to feel crazy about the month of Ramadan because of its attraction of fasting. Being a young child, aged below ten years, my mom did not like her beloved son to go through the pains of fasting. So she would avoid waking me up for the pre-sunrise meal (suhur) before we start fasting. But I was very adamant about fasting, and one day I kept my fast even without the ‘Suhur’ meal. My mother understood my religious zeal for fasting and gave in, allowing me to fast from the next day. Youngsters like me in the community liked to fast, because it was a matter of high status amongst the peers and also to share the table with the elders during the evening ‘Fatoor’ or ‘Iftaar’ for breaking fast was a matter of pride. My mother never cooked that much varieties of delicacies in the whole year that she used to cook during the fasting month. The same was true for every Muslim family in our community – as if it was more of an occasion of feasting than fasting. Whenever we friends met up during this month, we took pride in discussing about the numerous varieties of delicious foods our moms cooked for the 'suhur' and 'iftaar' parties.

Over the ‘holy’ month of Ramadan, my siblings and I were forced to recite the Quran from the beginning to the end. As a kid, when I asked about the reason for the special importance of the month of Ramadan in Islam, my mom told me that the month of Ramadan is glorious for Muslims, because the holy Quran was ‘brought down’ from the heaven in this holy month on the 27th night, called ‘Lail Al-Qadr’. When I was taken to a cinema from my Christian missionary school to watch the movie called ‘The Ten Commandments’, I saw the event in which God gives his Commandments to Moses inscribed on a stone tablets. So, the story that my mother told me about ‘bringing down’ the Quran to prophet Muhammad didn't surprise me. As an innocent kid, the term ‘brought down the Quran' gave me the impression as if Allah dropped down the Quran from the heaven on the 27th night of Ramadan for prophet Muhammad to catch it. Similarly the majority of world's Muslims, while growing up, are told that the Quran came down from the heaven in the month of Ramadan. Others just observe the fast during this month as an age-old religious tradition without ever bothering to know about it specialty. They just fast as everybody else to maintain their social status in the community. If they come to know the real truth about Islam, including the means and modes the Quran was ‘handed down’ to Muhammad by angel Gabriel, they probably will laugh at themselves for believing in Islam.

We Muslims often make fun of the healing ceremonies organized by followers of other religions, for example of treating alleged demon-possessed individuals by Christian reverends and Hindu saints. These so-called ‘infected’ individuals act indifferently, because they are supposedly under the ‘influence’ of so-called demon, Satan or evil spirits. Muslims laugh at such ideas, because there is allegedly no room for such idiocies in Islam. As a pious follower of a supposedly superior religion called Islam, I too used to make fun of such absurdities of other religions until I became aware of the real truth behind Islam. I was sunk in shame for making fun of the other religions, and for not analyzing my own religion in the first place. It took me 30 to 40 years to know the real truth about my own religion, which is kept secret or passed on among Muslims in deceptive manners by our Imams and clergies.

I dedicate this article exclusively to my fellow Muslim brothers and urge them to patiently read it till the end, which I’m sure will make them understand what the religion of Islam is truly about.

Our holy book ‘The Quran’ was not ‘dropped down’ as a book form the heaven by Allah for prophet Muhammad to catch it on the 27th night of the month of Ramadan, as I was taught and had thought. Instead, it allegedly came to Muhammad over a period of 23 years, from the age of 40 till his death at 63. Over those 23 years, Allah had sent 114 chapters of the Quran. Had Prophet Muhammad not suddenly die from a painful disease and lived for a few more years, Allah would have sent more chapters for sure. Many articles have been written by eminent authors and scholars about the duration of the Quranic revelation and the reasons for which Allah revealed the particular verses. This article sheds light on Prophet Muhammad’s mannerisms during the ‘decent’ of the Quranic revelations to him.

We Muslims thinks that Allah loved Prophet Muhammad more than any of his creations, whom he sent to this earth as His last and the best prophet. We also blindly believe that Allah is very compassionate and merciful toward Muslims, especially toward his beloved prophet, Muhammad. Yet totally contrary to these thoughts and assumptions of ours, Allah, to begin with, sent a devilish creature to terrorize Muhammad while he was waiting in a cave for receiving revelations from God. That terrifying experience ‘continued’ in different forms during the 23-year prophetic career of Muhammad until his death. Our Muslim imams and scholars often emphasize that Muhammad could bear more pain for the sake of humanity than could Jesus, who suffered on the cross only for a short while. Let us analyze the ‘types’ of hardships that prophet Muhammad bore during the process of obtaining the so-called revelations stage by stage in different situations:


The devilish Gabriel whom Muhammad met in Mount Hira?

While non-Muslims around the world today feel worried that terrorism perpetrated by members of our religion of peace may claim their life any time, any where, we Muslims generally feel little concerned when our Muslim brothers commit those atrocities against non-Muslims. Although the rivalry between the two major factions within our religion – namely between Sunnis and Shias – are 14 centuries old, we however are starting to worry a little about the increasing level of bloodshed within Islam. Adding insult to injury, we are increasingly perturbed by many militant factions popping up among our brothers and are killing each other. All these menacing tremors in our Islam in recent times are confusing us. We are asking: Who is feeding terrorism into Islam? Who is responsible for these horrific incidents? America, CIA or Israel?

While we are keen to seek an outside enemy for causing the ongoing mayhem in Islam, it is an ill fate for us Muslims that terrorism in Islam started from the very first day of its start, when the all-merciful Allah decided to made the first contact with His beloved prophet and sent a devilish ‘Gabriel’ to the cave in Mount Hira to terrorize Muhammad. Read the hadith story (Sahih Al-Bukhari 9:87:111):

"…The angel caught me (forcefully) and pressed me so hard that I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and again asked me to read, and I replied, "I do not know how to read," whereupon he caught me again and pressed me a second time till I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and asked me again to read, but again I replied, "I do not know how to read (or, what shall I read?)." Thereupon he caught me for the third time and pressed me and then released me and said, "Read: In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists). Has created man from a clot. Read and Your Lord is Most Generous...up to..... ..that which he knew not." (96.15)

So, during his first meet up with Muhammad, angel Gabriel without giving any self-introduction started terrorizing Muhammad. It left Muhammad so deeply terrorized that he went home badly shaken and took refuge in Khadija's bosom:

Then Allah's Apostle returned with the Inspiration, his neck muscles twitching with terror till he entered upon Khadija and said, "Cover me! Cover me!"



It was very unfair that Allah and His angel Gabriel, while making the first contact with Muhammad, Gabriel did not introduce himself/herself to Muhammad and explain the purpose of the meet up, and instead started terrorizing Muhammad from the word go. This terror tactic of Allah-Gabriel continued in the second meet also. This time the terrorizing Gabriel entered Muhammad’s house after he arrived home. Again Muhammad took refuge in the bosom of Khadija. Although she herself couldn’t see that terrorizing spirit, the brave and clever Khadija knew better than Muhammad about how to identify whether this apparent demon was really the good angel Gabriel or an evil spirit. This is how she did it (Tabari VI:73, Ishaq 107):

"'[ Khadija said] Cousin (Muhammad), can you tell me when this visitor comes to you?' Muhammad replied, 'Yes.' She (Khadija) said, 'Tell me then, when he comes.' Gabriel came to him as before, and Muhammad said, 'Here is Gabriel who has just come to me.' She said, 'Yes? Come, cousin, and sit by my left thigh.' He came, and she said, 'Can you see him?' 'Yes.' 'Move around and sit by my right thigh.' He did so and she said, 'Can you see him?' 'Yes.' She said, 'Sit in my lap.' He did so, and she said, 'Can you see him?' He replied, 'Yes.' She was grieved, and flung off her veil and disclosed her body while the Apostle was sitting in her lap, inside her shift next to her body. Then she said, 'Can you see him?' 'No.' At that she said, 'Rejoice cousin. By Allah, this spirit is an angel and not Satan.'"



The Jews of Medina were superior in monotheistic religious doctrines. And when Muhammad, a backward Arab of polytheistic descent tried to present himself as a prophet of the Jews, they started questioning him on various religious doctrines written in their holy book. On one occasion, they asked him about “Spirit”. Not well-versed in Jewish scriptures and unable to answer the question immediately, Muhammad remained silent for a while. Still unable to answer, he said, only Allah knows and passed this rubbish answer as revelation from Allah:

  • Narrated Ibn Mas'ud: While I was walking in company with the Prophet in one of the fields of Medina, the Prophet was reclining on a palm leave stalk which he carried with him. We passed by a group of Jews. Some of them said to the others, "Ask him about the spirit." The others said, "Do not ask him, lest he would say something that you hate." Some of them said, "We will ask him." So a man from among them stood up and said, 'O Abul-Qasim! What is the spirit?" The Prophet kept quiet and I knew that he was being divinely inspired. Then he said: "They ask you concerning the Spirit, Say: The Spirit; its knowledge is with my Lord. And of knowledge you (mankind) have been given only a little." (17.85) (Sahih Al-Bukhari 9:93:554)

  • Narrated 'Abdullah: While I was walking with Allah's Apostle in one of the fields of Medina and he was walking leaning on a stick, he passed a group of Jews. Some of them said to the others, "Ask him (the Prophet) about the spirit." Others said, "Do not ask him." But they asked him and he stood leaning on the stick and I was standing behind him and I thought that he was being divinely inspired. Then he said, "They ask you concerning the spirit say: The spirit, its knowledge is with My Lord. And of knowledge you (O men!) have been given only a little." ...(17.85) On that some of the Jews said to the others, "Didn't we tell you not to ask?" (Sahih Al-Bukhari 9:93:548)



As per Islam, Muhammad was the immediate successor of Jesus, and the last and the best in the succession of the 124,000 of prophets from Allah. Some of those prophets had performed miracles and others experienced great hardships, for example Jesus suffered the worst pains as he was put on the cross after he carried the heavy cross on his shoulder. To validate his claim of prophethood, Muhammad had to prove that he too suffered like other prophets, particularly like or greater than Jesus. The Arabs were too good and civilized a people, who didn't torture him despite his insults to their religion and God and goddesses. So, he had no opportunity to show any instance of facing real sufferings and pain. Nothing to show for his real sufferings, he told his naive followers that the verses that came down to him from Allah weighed like mountains and he had suffer from its burden on his shoulder:

“…and that was because of the HEAVINESS of the Statement which was revealed to him….” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 6:60:274)

“…and that was because of the WEIGHTY statement which was being revealed to him. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 5:59:462)

“…He began to perspire because of the BURDEN of words of Allah as they descended upon him….” (Sahih Muslim 37:6673)

“…this form of Inspiration is the hardest of all….” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:1:2)

"…Allah's Apostle used to bear the revelation with great trouble….” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:1:4)

“…and this type of Divine Inspiration is the hardest on me…..” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:54:438)

“…and that used to be hard for him, ….he was being inspired divinely….” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 6:61:564)

“…e felt a burden on that account and the colour of his face underwent a change. (Sahih Muslim 30:5766)

“…How does the the wahi (inspiration) come to you? He said: At times it comes to me like the ringing of a bell and that is most severe for me….” (Sahih Muslim 30:5765)



Muhammad used to sweat like hell even in cold winter days while receiving divine inspiration from the most compassionate Allah. This was because he suffered terribly from the heavy weight of verses revealed to him:

  1. 'Aisha added: Verily I saw the Prophet being inspired divinely on a very cold day and noticed the Sweat dropping from his forehead (as the Inspiration was over). (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:1:2)

  2. Narrated Aisha: “…. . By Allah, Allah's Apostle had not left his seat and nobody had left the house when the Divine Inspiration came to Allah's Apostle. So there overtook him the same hard condition which used to overtake him (when he was Divinely Inspired) so that the drops of his sweat were running down, like pearls, though it was a (cold) winter day, and that was because of the heaviness of the Statement which was revealed to him….” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 6:60:274)



Muslim Imams fool Muslims, especially in their Friday sermon, by saying that Muhammad had to bear the burden of inspirations, as if inspirations are something heavy like stones and he was the greatest heavy-weight champion able to bear it on his shoulder. No one from the Friday mass audience can show guts to question the Imam as to why the most merciful Allah troubled his most beloved prophet in this merciless way?

  1. 'Ubida b. Samit reported that when wahi (inspiration) descended upon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him), he felt a burden on that account and the colour of his face underwent a change. (Sahih Muslim 30:5766)

  2. Ya'la used to say, "I wish I could see Allah's Apostle at the time when he is being inspired divinely." …'Umar signaled with his hand to Ya'la to come (near to see Allah’s apostle being inspired from under the covered sheet). Ya'la came and put his head (underneath that cloth sheet) and saw the Prophet red-faced and when that state (of the Prophet) was over, he said, "Where is he who has already asked me about the 'Umra?" (Sahih al-Bukhari 5:59:618)



I have seen ‘patients’ supposedly under the influence of evil spirits in Hindu temples, Christian churches, as well as in Muslim Sufi shrines. As a proud true Muslim previously, I use to make fun of these patients, as there is no place for such superstitious beliefs in Islam.

Although we Muslims are made to believe that the Quran descended to Muhammad from Allah through angel Gabriel, we are not informed how exactly it came down to him. It was a shocking experience for me, when I took the initiative to explore the sequence of events in the descent of the Quran from Allah to Muhammad.

At that time, I didn't not know that while he supposedly receiving inspirations, our beloved prophet was imitating and behaving almost like those lunatic mental patients allegedly under the influence of evil spirits. When we Muslims laugh at the lunatic behavior of those supposedly evil-possessed patients, how can we accept similar the lunatic behavior from the founder of the best and the only true religion sent by Allah? During the so-called descent of the divine verses, our holy prophet used to flop around on the floor. His companions would quickly cover him by a sheet of cloth, and under it, he used to snore loudly like a camel. This is how the Quran descended on Muhammad:

“…The man asked (the Prophet), 'What do you order me to perform in my 'Umra?' So, Allah inspired the Prophet divinely and he was screened by a place of cloth. I wished to see the Prophet being divinely inspired. 'Umar said to me, 'Come! Will you be pleased to look at the Prophet while Allah is inspiring him?' I replied in the affirmative. 'Umar lifted one corner of the cloth and I looked at the Prophet who was snoring. (The sub-narrator thought that he said: The snoring was like that of a camel)…" (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:27:17)




  • Narrated 'Aisha: Al-Harith bin Hisham asked Allah's Apostle "O Allah's Apostle! How is the Divine Inspiration revealed to you?" Allah's Apostle replied, "Sometimes it is (revealed) like the ringing of a bell, this form of Inspiration is the hardest of all and then this state passes ' off after I have grasped what is inspired…” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:1:2)

  • 'A'isha reported that Harith b. Hisham asked Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him): How does the the wahi (inspiration) come to you? He said: At times it comes to me like the ringing of a bell and that is most severe for me and when it is over I retain that (what I had received in the form of wahi), and at times an Angel in the form of a human being comes to me (and speaks) and I retain whatever he speaks. (Sahih Muslim 30: 5765)


  • Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The bell is the musical instrument of the Satan. (Sahih Muslim 24:5279)

  • “…He said, "Do not let a single-string necklace, or any necklace, remain unbroken on the neck of a camel." (Malik 49:49.12.39)

  • "Satan Cast a False Qur'an Revelation on the Messenger of Allah's Tongue." (Al-Tabari 6:107)

The question is: Why Gabriel would pass on the revelation to Muhammad with the sound of the bell, and later Muhammad would declare bells to be an instrument of the Satan? If bells are an instrument of the Satan, then the Quran should be product of Satan's evils, shouldn't it? Is the Quran then Satanic?

The secret behind Muhammad's initially loving the bell and then hating and condemning it lies in the fact that during the early days of his so-called prophethood, he was optimistic about persuading the monotheistic Jewish and Christian communities to his new cult. So, Muhammad initially pretended to respect the Christian and Jewish scriptures (Injeel and Torah) and their customs, including the ringing of bells in Christian church. And he tried to impress the Christians by saying that Gabriel used to pass on God's revelations to him with ringing sound of the bell. Later on, when the Christians ignored his call to embrace Islam, Muhammad declared bells (Church bells) to be an instrument of the Satan and prohibited its usage in Islam in all forms.



Narrated Ibn Abbas: “…And whenever Gabriel descended to Allah's Apostle with the Divine Inspiration, Allah's Apostle used to move his tongue and lips, and that used to be hard for him, and one could easily recognize that he was being inspired Divinely. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 6:61:564)

For Muhammad, the only intention behind starting a religious mission was to obtain the leadership of the Arab land, and control its wealth. But to convince others that he was truly receiving revelations from Allah, he had to pretend to show people that something unusual was happening to him while he received his so-called revelations. So did he behaved weirdly and made unusual movements of the face, tongue and mouth during the supposed descent of the revelations to him.



We Muslims believe that Islam is the only true religion on the earth and a book like the Quran could be written only by God. This is the results of the intense indoctrination we are subjected to while growing up. But when we study our scripture carefully, these beliefs of our wither away. The hadiths below say that Allah preferred to send revelation to Muhammad only when he was in Aisha's bed among his wives. When Muslims read such silly hadiths and the ridiculous manners in which Allah chose to send in revelations to Muhammad, and still continue believing in Islam as the perfect and best religion of God, there can't be any greater insults to human intellect and dignity.

  • Narrated 'Urwa from 'Aisha: The wives of Allah's Apostle were in two groups. One group consisted of 'Aisha, Hafsa, Safiyya and Sauda; and the other group consisted of Um Salama and the other wives of Allah's Apostle. The Muslims knew that Allah's Apostle loved 'Aisha, so if any of them had a gift and wished to give to Allah's Apostle, he would delay it, till Allah's Apostle had come to 'Aisha's home and then he would send his gift to Allah's Apostle in her home. The group of Um Salama discussed the matter together and decided that Um Salama should request Allah's Apostle to tell the people to send their gifts to him in whatever wife's house he was. Um Salama told Allah's Apostle of what they had said, but he did not reply. Then they (those wives) asked Um Salama about it. She said, "He did not say anything to me." They asked her to talk to him again. She talked to him again when she met him on her day, but he gave no reply. When they asked her, she replied that he had given no reply. They said to her, "Talk to him till he gives you a reply." When it was her turn, she talked to him again. He then said to her, "Do not hurt me regarding Aisha, as the Divine Inspirations do not come to me on any of the beds except that of Aisha…" (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:47:755)

  • “……the Prophet said, "O Um Salama! Don't trouble me by harming 'Aisha, for by Allah, the Divine Inspiration never came to me while I was under the blanket of any woman amongst you except her (Aisha)." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 5:57:119)



Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:52:85, 6:60:116:

Narrated Sahl bin Sad As-Sa'idi: I saw Marwan bin Al-Hakam sitting in the Mosque. So I came forward and sat by his side. He told us that Zaid bin Thabit had told him that Allah's Apostle had dictated to him the Divine Verse:

"Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and lives.' (4.95)

Zaid said, "Ibn-Maktum came to the Prophet while he was dictating to me that very Verse. On that Ibn Um Maktum said, "O Allah's Apostle! If I had power, I would surely take part in Jihad." He was a blind man. So Allah sent down revelation to His Apostle while his thigh was on mine and it became so heavy for me that I feared that my thigh would be broken. Then that state of the Prophet was over after Allah revealed "...except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame etc.) (4.95)

This rather short hadith reveals multiple information about Allah and his beloved prophet, such as:

  1. Allah always has an eye on our wealth and want us to die for him (alias Muhammad’s cause)

  2. Allah was always ready to respond to Muhammad’s beck and call by sending verses as situation demanded.

  3. Allah was also ready to alter the earlier revealed verses that needed changes in accordance with new realities that Muhammad faced. This verse clearly says that Allah is less knowledgeable than a blind companion of Muhammad.

  4. Another important part of this hadith is how Muhammad cared little for decency in public and used to place his thigh on the thigh of his adopted son Zaid in the presence of others. We knew that Muhammad liked Aisha's thighs when she was not yet ready for sexual penetration. We don't know if there was more to Muhammad's tendency of placing his thigh on other people's.



  • Narrated Said bin Jubair: Ibn 'Abbas in the explanation of the Statement of Allah. 'Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran) to make haste therewith." (75.16) Said "Allah's Apostle used to bear the revelation with great trouble and used to move his lips (quickly) with the Inspiration." Ibn 'Abbas moved his lips saying, "I am moving my lips in front of you as Allah's Apostle used to move his." Said moved his lips saying: "I am moving my lips, as I saw Ibn 'Abbas moving his…." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1:1:4)

  • “…He said, "The Prophet used to undergo great difficulty in receiving the Divine Inspiration and used to move his lips.' Ibn 'Abbas said (to Sa'id), "I move them (my lips) as Allah's Apostle used to move his lips." And Said said (to me), "I move my lips as I saw Ibn 'Abbas moving his lips," and then he moved his lips…..” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 9:95:615)

While supposedly receiving inspirations from Allah, Muhammad used to act weird and hysterical like psychotic disorderly patients. Muhammad's closest companions knew very well what was going on behind Muhammad's supposed reception of revelations. So, they used to make mocking imitations of the manners of how Muhammad's received revelations without fearing that God may punish them for doing the same. They had no respect for Muhammad and his revelations. All they cared for was about Muhammad's jihad raids for obtaining booty.



After noticing the mimicry of his weird mannerisms while receiving supposed revelations even by his close companions, such as shaking the tongue and lips, Muhammad understood that he had to cut down the extent of his mannerisms in order not to become a laughing stock to his followers and critics alike. But he also suddenly could not change the mode and manner of receiving revelations. So he ordered Allah to reveal suitable verses, and Allah duly obliged as narrated in the following hadiths:

  • Narrated Ibn Abbas: (as regards) Allah's Statement: "Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran) to make haste therewith." (75.16)

When Gabriel revealed the Divine Inspiration in Allah's Apostle, he (Allah's Apostle) moved his tongue and lips, and that state used to be very hard for him, and that movement indicated that revelation was taking place. So Allah revealed in Surat Al-Qiyama which begins: 'I do swear by the Day of Resurrection...' (75) the Verses:--

  • 'Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran) to make haste therewith……” (Sahih al-Bukhari 6:60:451)

  • Narrated Musa bin Abi Aisha: “….So the Prophet was ordered not to move his tongue, which he used to do, lest some words should escape his memory….” (Sahih al-Bukhari 6:60:450)



The manners and modes, in which our holy prophet received verses of the Quran from Allah, especially his weird mannerisms as mentioned above from authentic Islamic sources, are nothing less than silly and ridiculous, and an it is insult to our intellect and dignity to believe that the Almighty God of the Universe would reveal his guidance for his best creations in such rubbish manner.

We Muslims easily get enraged and even kill people at the slightest of criticism and insult to prophet Muhammad. But if we wish to claim ourselves to be decent and dignified human beings, then our outrage should be directed first at Muhammad himself for playing fun with our intellect and innocence. Time has come for all of us to put an end to this Islamic deceptions and to the unspoken mockery to our intellect and decency by ourselves. We need to stop listening to the Imams and so-called Islamic scholars, and STUDY Islamic scriptures by ourselves to know the real truth behind Islam.

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