President Obama said, ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’

Well Mr. President, if mankind is to survive with its humanity and dignity, then future must not belong to Muhammad and his Islam.



Early Renaissance picture in a Bologna Church of San Petronio, by
Giovanni da Modena, depicting Muhammad being tortured in hell

In the year 570 AD, a baby-boy was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, who grew up to become a monstrous psychotic killer. He was none other than Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. This killer created a god of his own imagination, called Allah, and founded the religion of Islam, based on the Quran, a supposed holy book of the divine words of his imaginary Allah. Today, 1443 years after his birth, some 1.6 billion living human beings have sacrificed the very essence of their humanity, their souls, to this maniac psychopath, A Monster of History.

In my view, Muhammad was able to establish himself as the most important human individual in history. Yet, he embodies the totality of the evilness of the human species. And this evilness—which is perpetuated through the religion of Islam—has the potential to destroy the brighter side of the human nature in its completeness.

In consideration of the billions of years of vastly complex evolution of modern humans to the battle of the hundreds of millions of sperms to fertilize the egg during mating, the reproductive event of every one of us is a miraculous one to say the least. Yet, there are occasionally born individuals among us—the Monsters of History—who destroy others in their millions, each a miracle and glorious creation of God.

Adolf Hitler was one such Monster of History, whose birth was a death-warrant of 55 million human beings. And another Monster of History—a greater one—was Muhammad, the 7th-century madman of the Arab desert. Without Muhammad there would have been no Islam, no monstrous God called Allah, no Quran. On the day Muhammad was born, death warrants of hundreds of millions of human beings were signed, with 270 million—120 million blacks, 80 million Hindus, 60 million Christians, 10 million Buddhists—perished in the Islamic holocaust and counting.

This book – Killing Muhammad – does not only concern with the assassination of Muhammad by a brave Jewish woman after he massacre the Jews of Khaybar, but more importantly seeks to kill the mythology of Muhammad, the Mythology that Muhammad was a prophet of peace who met Angel Gabriel and received God’s verses from Gabriel to compose the Quran. It will destroy this mythology establishing beyond slightest of doubt that Muhammad never met Gabriel, that Muhammad’s claim of receiving God’s messages via Gabriel was patently false, that every word of the Quran was fabricated by Muhammad himself. In other words, this book will prove that the Quran is fraudulent, so is Islam, and that Muhammad was a complete fraud, not a prophet of God.

The mission of this book – killing Muhammad – will be achieved by destroying the credibility of the Sunna of Muhammad – just by exposing this Monster of History as is depicted in the Hadith and Sira and the Quran: a killer, mass murderer, child molester, rapist, terrorist, torturer – a prophet of monstrosity.

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