Syrian Alawite girl's heart cut out


The photo is from October 18, 2013. "Muslims killing Muslims: The Syrian Shiite child had her heart cut out by the Saudi-backed Sunni "insurgents" after she was forced to witness the murder of her parents! Shiites are regarded as "infidels" by Sunnis.



Western media has neither reported this incident nor discussed it – as if as a tacit approval of this most heinous crime.

The Syrian girl (left) first, chained to a bed, had to watch her parents beig brutally murdered. After that her heart was cut out with her fully conscious. (Pictured right). The extremist Islamic groups that perpetrated this horrendous crime are part of the Syrian opposition fighters whom the Obama administration is helping in the fight against the Assad regime.

They were brutal, but knowledgeable: Ramming into the heart cavity shows evidence of their medical knowledge. The heart is either sold to the highest bidder at an organ bank or used a heart-sick child of a Muslim dignitary. Certainly no anesthesia was used by the barbarians during this brutal and lethal procedure. The in vivo removal of the heart must have been incredibly hellish for the child. As can be seen in the image, parts of the ribs and the entire sternum (breastbone) have been removed. It would have been very tedious to do even with a sharp knife. Therefore, it can be assumed that this required a kind of poultry shears – especially because fiddling with a knife runs the risk of injuring the heart and destroying it. The child may have even survived the removal of her heart by a few seconds—at least until her brain was deprived of oxygen. Why was the child not killed first has a simple but very diabolical reason: The longer the donor of an organ lives , the fresher and more marketable is the removed product.


Syrian Christian girl raped, tortured and murdered by Muslims


10-year-old Christian girl shot dead by Muslims


Jessi Boulus, was shot as she walked home from Bible class at the Ahmed Esmat Street Evangelical Church in Egypt where her uncle serves as the pastor.

Nasr Allah Zakaria, Jessi's uncle, said that members of the family were focusing on achieving what little justice they can for their "beautiful girl". Jessi's father told the BBC: "Jessi was everything to us. Her killers didn't know that Jessi was my life my future. They killed our future. I lived for her."

Syrian Christian girl Mariam abducted and raped by Muslim militants


Mariam was a 15-year-old Christian girl from Qusair Syria, Mariam was taken and forced into an Islamic temporary marriage. The commander of the battalion “Jabhat al-Nusra” in Qusair took Mariam and raped her. Then he repudiated her. The next day the young woman was forced to marry another Islamic militant. He also raped her and then repudiated her. The same trend was repeated for 15 days, and Mariam was raped by 15 different men. This psychologically destabilized her and made her insane. Mariam, became mentally unstable and was eventually killed.

Egypt Christian burned alive



Christian Burnt To A Crisp By Moderate Muslim Men Obeying AllahA young Christian man was suddenly set on fire by a Muslim man in Egypt after a rumor circulated that the Christian man had a relationship with the Muslim man’s sister.

Yasser Ahmed Qasim approached 25-year-old Sabri Shihata and poured gasoline on the Coptic Christian and then set him on fire, reported the Voice of the Copts on Friday. The young Copt tried to put out the fire by throwing himself into a nearby canal, but the burns were too severe and he later died.

His 60-year-old father, Sabri Shihata, later arrived at a village rally where a group of Muslims stabbed him to death. One stab reportedly entered his back and came out of his abdomen below the rib cage, according to Voice of the Copts. The elder Shihata was taken to the hospital but nevertheless died from the attacks.

The Muslim group also attacked the Coptic man's younger brother, 22-year-old Rami Sabri Shihata, causing a deep injury to his head…

Gays feel Allah’s love in Iran


The head of Iran’s judiciary department in the northern city of Rasht announced on Sunday that two homosexual men had been executed for “perversion”, which is considered a severe crime under Iran’s hardline Islamic law. A third person was sentenced to death for “insulting the prophet”, according to human rights activists tracking the situation.

Christian Beheaded


These are just 14 pictures of the tens of millions of young girls, women and men murdered, raped and enslaved – thanks to the most hideous, evil, demonic ideology that is Islam. For description of the above 5 young murdered women go to For Fakhra tragedy google her name.

This is real, obscene Islam in action.


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