Gender apartheid Islamists, who support the segregation of sexes as part of their attempts to control women and their sex life, are a staunchly moralistic people, but their views and actions lead to societies, which are the exact opposite of the kind of societies they want to create.

For one thing, they are very much against gay and lesbian sex, both of which are death-penalty offences in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Northern Sudan, Mauritania, and Yemen, as they were in Afghanistan under the Taliban. The ultra-strict gender apartheid, for example, in Saudi Arabia, led Carmen bin Laden – the half Iranian half Swiss former sister-in-law of Osama bin Laden – to say in her 2004 book, "Veiled Kingdom" (Virago Press, London), that bin Laden would not even look at her when he came to visit her husband, because looking at her was regarded as an adulterous behaviour. Such strict sex-segregation has created a society where vast numbers of clearly heterosexual people are forced by sexual desperation into gay and lesbian sex, as this article, "The Kingdom in the Closet", in The Atlantic magazine shows.

The article points out that "Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why is it "easier to be gay than straight" in a society where everyone, homosexual or otherwise, lives in the closet?"

It is well known that gender-apartheid boarding schools, naval and merchant naval ships, and oil rigs are places where sexual desperation forces heterosexual people into homosexual activities. So, there is no doubt whatsoever that Saudi Arabia's far more strict gender apartheid forces many heterosexual men and women into lesbian and gay sex.

Gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia another sexually dysfunctional phenomenon, which is: young men cruising around in cars holding their phone numbers on pieces of paper against the windows when they pass by (veiled) women, in the hope that the women will be attracted and will call them.

The gender apartheid in other Arab nations is also notorious for forcing clearly heterosexual people into lesbian and gay sex, but Saudi Arabia is the worst example.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, gender apartheid has led to an epidemic of gay paedophilia, as this "Daily Telegraph" article, "Paedophilia culturally accepted in South Afghanistan", reveals.

South Afghanistan is where the Afghan Taliban primarily recruit from of course.

Islamist gender apartheid also creates a culture of rape, as I will now explain. This quotation from a magazine about the American serial killer and serial rapist Ted Bundy states ("Murder in Mind: Ted Bundy", Marshall Cavendish, London, 1997, p. 31):

"According to psychologists, rape on an unknown victim is not the act of a man whose sexual impulses have gone out of control. In fact, poor sexual performance during rape is high, which suggests that sex is not the prime motive for rape... Therapists point to a range of underlying causes, such as fear of dealing with women in conventional courtship, and exaggerated ideas of masculinity, leading to asserting power which relegates women to an inferior position."

Men, who are segregated from women throughout their life, are more likely to develop a fear of "dealing with women in conventional courtship" than men, who are not. They are also more likely to develop "exaggerated ideas of masculinity, leading to asserting power, which relegates women to an inferior position", because some male-only institutions, for example schools, can have macho, "exaggerated ideas of masculinity", cultures.

Samira Bellil, In the Hell of Tourantes

Even in the West, Islamist gender apartheid, for example in mosques and Islamic schools, creates similar problems. As a run, the Dutch run classes to teach young Muslim men to abandon ambush-type seduction techniques, which can be a precursor to rape, as well as gang-rape. This is very common in some mostly-Muslim areas of France, which has been recounted Samira Bellil, a victim of numerous gang rapes, in her book, "In the Hell of the Tournantes" that shocked France. Gang rape is the result of a more macho type of thinking than even rape, as it is only possible when all of a group of men have the same macho mentality. If one or more of them does not have that mentality, they would refuse to take part in gang rape, and might report it to the police. So, the fact that gang rape is very common in some mostly-Muslim areas of France proves that those neighbourhoods have a much more macho culture than areas, where gang rape is not common.

You can read about Samira Bellil's book in this article by Sharon Lapkin, "Western Muslims' Racist Rape Spree", which highlights numerous examples of rapists' and gang rapists' macho attitudes and behaviour, which, as I have said, gender apartheid helps to foster.

Marital rape is illegal only in a small minority of Muslim countries, for example Albania. So, that is undoubtedly another vast, and mostly hidden, problem caused by Islamic gender apartheid.

As gender apartheid creates macho behaviour, it has also produced the phenomenon of honour murder of rape-victims, which plagues, for example, rural Pakistan. After lobbying by Western politicians, Pakistan has been forced to stop jailing married rape-victims as adulterers, but honour murders of rape-victims continue, as do rapes of women for honour revenge, such as that of Mukhtaran Bibi.

American feminist Phyllis Chesler, who has written extensively about gender apartheid, for example her “Islamic Gender Apartheid” speech to a US Senate hearing, points out that it also leads to controlling women’s sex life and other human rights abuses of women, such as female genital mutilation, daughter and wife beating, child marriage, first cousin marriage (which has led to a higher percentage of birth defects among British Pakistanis, who, unlike for example British Bangladeshis, often marry their first cousins), forced veiling, the segregation of women, and polygamy. Moreover, women, who refuse to accept the slave-like status, are punished, for example, by honour killing.

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