In recent years, the defenders and apologists of Islam have frequently tried to equate the criticisms of Islam with ‘racism’. You speak unfavorably of the horrors that were committed by the prophet of Islam, you criticize any abhorrent doctrine of Islam – be prepared to be called a ‘racist’, a very abhorrent and even criminally culpable accusation in Western countries.

Islam is an “ideology”, more precisely a “religious ideology” of strongly political nature, and it can be embraced by people of all races and ethnicities. Yet, charging the critics of Islam as racists has become almost universal, particularly in Western countries. And a high-profile ongoing legal battle in the Birmingham Magistrate’s Court in Britain can settle the question of whether or not Islam is a race.

On 8 April 2014, Birmingham Magistrates' Court will settle the question of whether defendant Tim Burton, Radio Officer of the newly-formed ‘Liberty GB’ political party, has committed “racially aggravated harassment” to Muslim activist Fiyaz Mughal by calling him “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” in a Twitter post.

Fiyaz Mughal used to run the ‘Tell Mama’ project that reported anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. After the horrendous murder of soldier Lee Rigby by Jihadists on a Woolwich street, Mughal was exposed for exaggerating the numbers and seriousness of “anti-Muslim attacks”, which resulted in the discontinuation of Tell Mama’s £214,000 yearly government funding.

Discredited and denied of the funds for his pet project, Mughal had to strike back to restore his credibility and pride by proving himself a victim. And Tim Burton was the right person, whose Liberty GB party is at the forefront of anti-Islamization and anti-Sharia campaign in the UK. So, he brought Burton to court for calling Mughal a “mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” on Twitter. And the West Midlands Police found no other way than framing Burton of committing “racially aggravated harassment” on Mughal.

As said above, Islam is clearly not a race. Muslims belong to all races and ethnicities – black or white, Indian, Chinese or African. Yet, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in the UK have framed Burton with committing racist crime by calling Mughal a “taqiyya-artist”, which is an Islamic doctrine of deceiving others, particularly non-Muslims, for the good of Islam.

The trial of Burton would worry all freedom-loving people in the West, who hold dear the freedom of expression and other basic civil liberties. The troublesome aspect of this trial is the effort to conflate an “ideology” or “religion” with “race”.

There is no blasphemy law in the UK. So, the criticism of any religion, including Islam, is to be legally tolerated. When blasphemy charges are not applicable, British Muslims—keen to protecting Islam from exposing its uncomfortable truths and its supremacist and violent nature—can only turn to the existing anti-racist “hate crime” laws and use it as a sharia-style blasphemy law.

CPS, like the mainstream political establishments in the UK, are keen on defending Islam, or at least not willing to allow any offence to Islam. And aware that Burton cannot be prosecute on the ground of committing “religious offence”, CPS have framed Burton of committing “religiously aggravated” offence against Mughal, by which it will be easier to incriminate him. Indeed, CPS’s own website says: “So it will be more difficult to prosecute for inciting religious hatred as opposed to racial hatred.”

It may be mentioned here that the previous Labour government had passed the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006, which was formulated in such a way that it could criminalize the criticism of Islam, the Quran and Muhammad. But strong opposition from the Catholic Church and the Church of England, and other Christian groups, who threatened to use this law against the Quran, which is full of incitements to religious hatred toward all non-Muslims, forced the Labour government to amend the bill in a way to prevent Muslims from using it as an equivalent of the Islamic blasphemy law.

What the Labour government failed to legislate through Parliamentary procedure is now being surreptitiously applied by politically correct UK police and prosecution establishments.

In order to protest this illegal tactics of the UK police and CPS, Liberty GB will hold a public rally at 9 am on April 8, an hour before the trial begins at 10 am. Also defendant Tim Burton will be available in the courtroom building for interviews from 9:30 am.

This trial will be landmark event in deciding whether the cherished freedom of expression will take the ‘back seat’ in the UK and other Western countries. This will also be an opportunity to grasp how Muslims try to apply the tactics of Taqqiya to silence legitimate criticism of Islam. For that, Islam’s scholar Professor Hans Jansen is scheduled to appear at the trial to present evidence as an expert witness on taqiyya. Readers can find more on this Taqqiya trial here:

For more information on the case, Liberty GB’s Media Officer Enza Ferreri can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email or at 0776 291 6034 via mobile phone.

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