The latest in the saga of the Spanish government's oppression of Islam critic and film producer Imran Firasat is the issuance of an international arrest warrant against him via Interpol.

When Imran Firasat made a movie, The Innocent Prophet, on the life of Islam's prophet, the Spanish government revoked his refugee status, despite it violated no Spanish law. Then the Spanish courts prosecuted him when an Islamic organization accused him of inciting hatred against Muslims. And he was duly acquitted of the charges. His appeals against the revocation of his refugee status were rejected by the Spanish High Court and the Supreme Court, without giving a damn to Spanish constitutional right to freedom of expression as far as his production of the movie is concerned.


It is understood that the Spanish Supreme, while upholding the government's decision to revoke Firasat's refugee status, also ruled that he must not be deported. But ignoring the Supreme Court's injunction against his deportation, the Spanish government, rejecting Firasat's separate appeal against his deportation, issued his expulsion order, despite the fact that if he is sent to an Islamic country, he will face certain death for criticizing of Islam.

It is understand that, in the face of his expulsion order, Imran Firasat was preparing to file an appeal in the European Court of Human Rights, while lying low in a safe place. And before he could lodge the appeal, the Spanish authorities issued the International Arrest Warrant against his through Interpol.

It seems that the Spanish government is committed to ensure that Imran Firasat suffers a tragic death under Islamic justice or at the hands of an Islamic lynch mob, just for exercising his right to freedom of expression guaranteed under the Spanish Law. Shameful as it is, it seems Imran Firasat has committed a capital crime by speaking the truth about Islam and its prophet.

It is also intriguing as to why the Spanish government issued an international arrest warrant, instead of a national one. Does that mean that the Spanish government is resolved on throwing him out not only from Spain but also from the EU? Why else would Spain issue an international arrest warrant against Firasat to prevent him from seeking protection or refuge in another EU country? The Spanish authorities, it seems, will not stop short of deporting him to an Islamic country.

What is interesting is the fact that the Spanish government rushed to issue the expulsion order and then the international arrest warrant against him immediately after he released his latest film on Islam, "Aisha and Muhammad – The dramatic life of a little child married to the prophet of Islam”. The Spanish government seems resolutely determined to shut any criticism of Islam and its prophet.

It will be the most shameful thing for the civilized world if Imran Firasat faces death for criticizing a religion, a fundamental human rights under the UN Charter and Constitutions of Western countries, particularly when he lives in a Western country. What would probably the saddest thing is that Imran Firasat may not have another chance to see his family, his wife and three small children, who live thousands of miles away.

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