Yesterday I was stopped on the street by the police. As I have been on their radar, I am not sure if it was a routine random check or planned. They asked for my identification. I told them that my residence card has been taken away by the police, and showed them documents to prove that my appeal against the revocation of my refugee status is pending in the Supreme Court. I also explained to them that I will continue to be deemed a refugee until all my appeals are rejected.

Police officers told me that they do not care about my appeals. What they care is that I have no identification right now, and therefore, I am an illegal immigrant. I was arrested and taken to the police station. They initiated my expulsion procedure in a hurry and sent the file to the entire police and government database before my lawyer could intervene.

I was lucky that after my lawyer appeared, they temporarily released me, saying that they will forward the expulsion procedure file to their head office, which will take the further action on my expulsion. My lawyer has 48 hours to submit our arguments as to why I shouldn’t be deported from Spain.

The crux of the matter is: They know or I have certainly made them aware that I am a political refugee, and even if my refugee status has been revoked by the Ministry, my appeal against the revocation currently lies with the Spain’s highest court. Therefore, they can’t initiate my expulsion until my pending appeal is heard. They still initiated the expulsion procedure in a hurry. Was it out of their ignorance, or for putting pressure on me to leave this country?

The Spanish police is unlikely to be that naïve or ignorant about legal procedures. So, it seems that Spanish authorities are desperate to throw me out of this country, not because I have committed a crime or violated the constitution, but because I am a vocal critic of Islam. The current Spanish government is busy in appeasing Muslims as they need from Arab countries to come to Spain for riding the country’s ongoing economic difficulties. So, a critic of Islam like me is not welcome in Spain anymore, as that may affect investments from Islamic countries.

It may sound all prudent, but the Spaniards should be aware of the fact that this short-term fix may come at a very heavy long-term price. Appeasing Muslims as the government is currently bent on will only pave the way for Spain’s return to another episode of the Islamic era. Like the way the U.K. is poised to be lost to Islam, Spain will face the same reality in a few decades. It will be pity if Spain will have to re-live its dreaded past one more time.

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