Critics of Islam, who feel aggrieved by the hostility of Muslims toward all non-Muslims, often point to many verses of the Quran as the underlying reason. A few such verses are listed below (taken from

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Polytheism means pluralism – diversity of thoughts and freedom to various faiths. Muhammad promoted monotheism to make a united front against Judaism and Christianity. He wanted that there should be no pluralism in thoughts and faiths in the Arab Peninsula.

While under Muhammad, Muslim remained largely uniformly united and monotheistic, after him, they became polytheistic (pluralistic) by developing various schools and thoughts and faiths, although they deny it. While they claim to believe in one God, but in facts they remain divisive like the polytheists with all kinds of divisive thoughts and sects among them. They only unite as one body against non-Muslims, but remain very divisive in its most virulent form among themselves. They cannot produce a united and peaceful front both within and among Muslim states.

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Islam is spread by terror (sword), money (booty), sex (immorality), and the most of all by taqiya (deception, falsehood). While many people know that Islam was spread by these, but they are unaware that “booty” was the main factor.

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Maimonides states that God is spreading ideals of the Torah to all over world through Christianity and Islam. This is plan of God. This claim of Maimonides finds support in the fact that all of those religions are bent on destroying idolatry.

Jewish patriarch Abraham can be considered the first Jews. And as offspring of his son Ishmael, Muhammad and the Arabs were in essence of Jewish descents, or were brothers of the Jews. Having residing in Arab Peninsula and deviating from Judaism, they become polytheistic Arabs.

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Muhammad was very impressed by Judaism. His Islam is an Arabized form of Judaism, which he imposed upon the Arabs. He adopted the idea of monotheistic God, ambulation, circumcision, fasting and prohibition of pig meat etc. from Judaism. Jewish Jehovah became his Allah. He also declared Jerusalem as Qibla of his prayers. He had even adopted Jewish Yom Kippur fasting, which he later discarded after discord arose with the Jews of Medina, and replaced it with fasting in Ramadan. He was highly impressed by Moses and adopted his tactic for establishing his kingdom. He was half Jewish in heart.

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