Muslims never read the Quran from start to finish with the unprejudiced mind and intent to understand its message. If they do, it will become clear to them that this so-called holy book is not from God, but a fabrication of an evil person and is filled with absurdities and violent incitements. They live in a blissful garden of ignorance, where all their questions are choked by lack of interest to think hard about it. There, they don’t have to think. All they have to do is just believe.

Muslims are not less intelligent or less rational people than anybody else. Their problem is: they somehow manage to put aside their rational thinking when it comes to the Quran and Islam. They are satisfied with Islam, and make an abstract ideal image of it in their mind. But that beautiful Islam is THEIR imaginary Islam, not the Islam of Muhammad. That is how Muslims bring themselves to deeply loving Islam. Very few Muslims have read the Quran to understand its meaning. Yes they chant it, often in a language that they don’t understand, but few know meaning of what they read. Even fewer are the number of Muslims, who have read the Sira and hadith. The Islam they live is the Islam made up by them. They create the best religion in their mind, and when you tell them the truth about Islam, they see no resemblance of it with the one they have envisioned. Let alone reading and understanding the Quran, the majority of the Ummah even do not know the very basics of Islam and Muhammad—for example, they don’t know how many wives Muhammad had, that Muhammad had concubines and slept with them, that he married a six-year-old child and slept with her, that slavery or concubinism is allowed in Islam, and many more such immoralities, insensibilities and inhumanities.

How can they see the truth if they are willing to read only the lies, and refuse to read anything that may create doubt about their belief? Thus, sunk in deception and lies, they tell themselves that if only they had practiced the true Islam, all their problems—social, economic and judicial—will be resolved. They are convinced that the root of their problem is actually the Muslims, not Islam itself.

When I read the Quran, I discovered a distinctly different picture than the one I had in my mind. The new picture emerging from the pages of that book was a violent, intolerant, irrational, arrogant religion – a far cry from the religion of peace, equality and tolerance that had been ingrained in my mind.

What would be the reaction of a man who is told that his wife is disloyal to him? How would a child react if he is told that his father is a murderer, a rapist or a thief? A child who adulates his father or a man who loves his wife will not be able to accept it even if all the proofs in the world are shown to him. They would call you a liar and would hate you for hurting him. They would curse you, consider you his enemy, and may even explode in anger and attack you. Or what would be the condition of a man who is dreaming a pleasant dream in his sleep and you wake him up. He would definitely get annoyed. The greater the beauty of the dream, the greater is the pain of the reality. Even though faith is false, it is still sweet. It is very comforting to believe.

It is a natural human tendency to gobble all the praise, no matter how undeserving they may be, and abhor all criticisms. When you tell a person that he looks great, or he is very honest, or he is very just or intelligent, he would generally not mind or question why you say so, but will accept it all without any doubt or question. But when you criticize the selfsame person, even for his betterment, first he would be unwilling to hear them. Even if somehow he hears, he would not accept it, he will raise hundreds of questions, and additionally, there could be frowning and glaring. Similarly, when a Muslim is nurtured with a belief that they are fortunate that they are Muslims, and someday they will go to paradise to live there in peace and tranquility for eternity, they will easily gobble this wishful thinking without any question or doubt. Because it is always pleasant to fantasize a beautiful dream, although it never become a reality.

“A true believer is a person so fanatically committed to a cause that no amount of reality can make him abandon it” --Eric Hoffer

Believing with evidence is knowledge and believing without evidence is superstition. Faith is believing without evidence, so it is superstition. Gullibility and superstition also means believing without evidence. Muslims don’t want to listen or read anything against their faith and assume that their unquestioned belief will be rewarded manifold in the afterlife without ever realizing that unquestioned devotion and belief never lead one to truth or reality. What Muslims assume as ‘Eemaan’ (faith) is actually superstition wrapped in obstinate ignorance and stupidity. It is an art of Self-Deception. One, who is gifted with self-delusion, does not require opium to submerge himself in hallucination. Following or believing some ideology blindly without questioning it is a kind of intellectual slavery. How could the intelligent designer of this universe, of our mind and body, reward stupidity, ignorance and hatred in human beings? Being ignorant and having blind faith can never be rewarded by an intelligent God in heaven. If stupidity and ignorance is rewarded by God, then donkeys will be standing in queue ahead of humans to enter the divine abode.

“Men surrender sooner their rights than their customs and rituals; ridicule knowledge before their beliefs.” – John Stuart Mill

Muslims are truly incapable of questioning the integrity of Islam—maybe because of faith and fear instilled in them. They assume every Islamic teaching, law, and absurdity must be meaningful, transcendental, or rational to God. There must be some reason behind the inhuman and irrational theories or stories which we humans are neither apt to grasp nor are supposed to question, as they are the commands of God, which they have taken for granted. But here, they fail to ponder or realize on what basis they feel so sure of these claims, was it analyzed truth or unanalyzed teachings of their elders, and why God would give such revelation which is beyond the grasp of the majority of the people.

The mind of every Muslim is infused by their elders since childhood with the thought that all non-Muslims—be it the greatest of scientists, philosophers, freethinkers, and theologians of other religions or the common man—are enemies of Muslims, who are eternally engaged in a conspiracy against their religion. Why would anyone be an enemy of particular religion if it does not affect his/her rights is beyond me? Actually, it is Islam that teaches Muslims to be the enemy of the entire world so as to spread its claws of imperialism.

When they hear any critical question against their faith, they believe that there are answers for all the criticisms and questions raised against Islam, but they will never look for those answers nor would they willingly listen to any criticism against their faith which they are very much content and consoled with. Muslims challenge that they will be able to answer all the criticisms, but when you start presenting them with those question, they feel irritated and request you to stop discussing Islam immediately. This has become their instinctive psychological tendency. On one side, people like Zakir Naik boasts and throws challenges about Islam, on the other, Muslims launch Fatwas against such critics, Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen being prominent among them. If you silence the voice critics, then what is the use of challenge to defend the veracity of your faith? Islamic apologists are such runners who even run alone would still be the last one to come (the failure). When Taslima Nasreen last came to Hyderabad (India), she was hit & pushed by a group of Muslims. These are exactly the same behaviour their prophet adopted and practised. To silence opponents, he even killed female poets. In the name faith (Eemaan), they practice every sort of dishonesty (Be-Emaani). Muslims are the worst among humans to practice dishonesty!

Muslims are such people, who try to defend their religion even without knowing anything about it. They will firmly claim and boast about the integrity of the Quran and Muhammad believing that they would be able to answer and satisfy all criticisms and allegations raised, they will depart promising that very soon they will return with all answers, but that day never comes. For a single critical question about Islam, hundred of Muslims come with hundreds of answers. They do it in the hope that if they try to defend their religion by whatsoever means, they will be adored by Allah for defending His religion. They don’t even understand the basic understanding that a religion of the Omnipotent God never needs to be defended by mortal creatures, such as a ‘Man’.

Whenever they come across any book or article critical to their faith, they immediately shut away from it like a witch closes the aperture of light and refuses to read even a single page saying that this is a misrepresentation of Islam, but themselves would never search, verify or confirm their own claim. Their entire life and faith hinges on hear-say.

In his book, 'Tell-tell Brain' V. S. Ramachandran argued about various types of psychological blindness and peculiarities, where one of them I can mention is ‘Metaphor Blindness’ in which a patient cannot understand metaphors or figurative statement. Rather, he would always tell you the literal meaning of the metaphor or proverb. Once such a patient was examined with a proverb, ‘Rome was not built in a day’. When Ramachandran asked him the meaning of the metaphor, he kept on telling the literal meaning of the proverb but could tell figurative one, though the person was educated and wise enough to realize it metaphorical sense. Similarly, Muslims suffer from ‘logical blindness’ when it comes to their faith. Even the most educated Muslims talk in such an irrational manner that it is sometimes difficult to believe whether I am talking to sane person or an insane one. Tell a Muslim about the absurdities of other religions, he would understand it like a smart man but as soon as you replace that religion with Islam, he would immediately be in denial mode or agitated. No matter how you condemn other religions in front of Muslims, they would be delighted and conceited. They make fun of myths and legends of all religions, like ‘Ganesha’, who is a deity with trunk or Ravan, a king with ten heads in Hinduism, but when you talk about absurdity of Mi’raj, he would utterly refuse to agree to illogicality behind the story of Borak, Muhammad's carrier to haven, that was half-mule and half-donkey with pair of wings. However ridiculous this creature is, to Muslims it is absolutely scientific, rational, proven, tested and verified under scientific spirit and research. This blindness is not inborn but is the result of indoctrination by their elders in their childhood. Literally, Muslims says, ‘kill those who say Islam is a violent religion'. Without ever realising what irony they utter. Even my brothers, who are not so learned and never did research, said to me that it is their week ‘Eemaan’ that they hear something bad about Islam, else they are supposed to kill anyone who utter anything against their religion and prophet.

The lesser Muslims know about the mumbo-jumbo of the Quran, the stronger is their faith in Islam. They believe that the Quran has so profound assertions that it is not possible for everybody to understand it, thus it must be divinely inspired. They fail to think over why God would send illogical and incoherent message which is inconceivable to most people.

Muslims gulp down all the lies, absurdities and inhumanities inherent in Islam uncritically. They can’t see anything wrong with their faith as they are determined not to see anything wrong with their faith. Because they consider Muhammad above all, the entire world (rather, they consider, conspire to blaspheme him and is enemy of Islam) can be liar but not he. Muhammad, to them, is the perfect example of human being even when they know he was a pedophile, a mass murderer and a rapist. Islam has thousands fallacies, the Quran has numerous errors of all sorts and Muhammad committed countless crimes as per the Quran, Hadiths and Sira, still they want to silence whoever raises those points--not with rational answers but by violence, killing, persecuting, banning and banishing, which they have been doing since the inception of Islam. They want to kill whoever speaks the bitter truth about Islam. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes not. They ban and try to ban websites and books exposing flaws of their cherished beliefs, and unfortunately they succeed. Unlike believers of other religions, Muslims organize protest march on roads in rage, agitate and burn embassies, blow buildings, blaze libraries, kill people, ban books and websites, thinking that they are doing it for defending and sustaining the truth, without realizing that all these subjects their faith to more question while a little rational answer can defend their faith much better. On top of these, Muslims, on a regular basis, wake up in the early hours of the morning and perform Wodu (Ablution) with the icy winter water, lose precious time and energy in performing Salah five times a day, and in reading the Quran (the most absurd and useless book of all times), work outside home hungry and thirsty entire day during the month of Ramadan. The billion-plus Muslims torture themselves in this manner just for a lie, a lie of a sick man. Such hopes are nothing but a sinister self-deception and a waste of life. A billion-plus people are still lost in this arid desert of ignorance, chasing a mirage in the fear of childish stories of a hell with scorching fire and in the hope of a heaven with rivers of wine, milk and honey and swelling bosomed virgins -- all the figment of a unspiritual, barbarous and crafty mind of a man greedy for power, wealth and women.

Muslims believe that the reference of the existence of God, Jinns, magic, spell, ghosts and souls in the Quran proves that Islam is the true religion and Muhammad was a true prophet of God. The fact is that these were not new ideas brought by Muhammad. The ideas of God, Jinns, resurrection, magic, spell, and souls etc. were already prevalent before Muhammad’s grand-fathers were born. The scriptures of Jews and Christians are the living evidences. It was not difficult to plagiarize and concoct few theories about God, life and death, prayer, Jinns, soul etc. to concoct a new religion in one’s own name. Question for those, who believe Muhammad to be a prophet of God, is: Did Muhammad said something which was not prevalent before him and is now proven by Modern science? I firmly believe there is nothing at all.

The reason of my precisely knowing the Muslim mindset is not only due to my growing up as a Muslim, but also because I spoke with hundreds of them and discussed about Islam, and because I have broken Islam's blinding spell on me and liberated myself from its mental enslavement.

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