An article by Washiqur Rahman, a Bangladeshi ex-Muslim and atheist, murdered by Islamic fanatics in Dhaka on March 30, 2015.


Insulting comment 21: Islam is claimed to be 'the best and the complete way of life'. Does that mean that slavery is valid for eternity?

Jaw-breaking answer: See, Islam is a humane religion. Slavery was not forbidden because of the situation of that time. But there scope for 'qiyas and ijma' (consensus and reconsideration) in Islam. That means any custom can be abolished.

Insulting comment 22: Why then Muslims are not agreeing to equal inheritance for girls through 'qiyas and ijma'.

Jaw-breaking answer: See, Islam is a 'perfect and complete way of life'. Its 'codes of life' has been formulated for the overall welfare of humanity. Islam has basically given women the highest honor. But you want to abolish the laws of Allah for the sake of inconsequential earthly benefits. This is not acceptable.

Bangladeshi atheist and ex-Muslim writer Washiqur Rahman (27) hacked to death by Islamic fanatics.

Insulting comment 23: Muhammad gave orders to kill Asma binte Marwan for ridiculing him. Even today Muslims demand death for ridiculing Muhammad. Can the honor of a person, however great he may be, be greater than someone's life?

Jaw-breaking answer: You see, Muhammad was not simply a great man. He was the Rahmatullil al-Amin (Mercy to the believers). Had he not been created, there would not have been the heaven and earth, the planets and the stars, the moon and the sun, the animal kingdom – nothing. It is said that humans were created because of Muhammad. Therefore, ridiculing him is never acceptable.

Insulting comment 24: If humans came to this world because of Muhammad, then Muhammad came because of whom?

Jaw-breaking answer: See, before Muhammad, entire humanity was sunk in the 'darkness of ignorance'. Had he not come, humankind would still be sunk in barbarism. Muhammad came solely to save mankind. Therefore, it can be said that Muhammad was sent for humanity.

Insulting comment 25: Muslims always claim that atheists criticize Islam without knowing anything about it. But in fact, atheists know more about Islam than most Muslims.

Jaw-breaking answer: See, most Muslims are sunk in earthly enjoyment. They have distanced themselves from Islamic knowledge. Therefore, it is not right to compare with them. You have to know about Islam from hoqqani scholars. Only then will you get the real idea about Islam. Like you need a teacher to learn about any earthy subject, you need the guidance of Islamic scholars to learn about Islam.

Insulting comment 26: But when you hear the speeches and statements of Islamic scholars in Islamic gatherings (waaj mahfils) and see their activities, then it seems what atheists say about Islam is correct.

Jaw-breaking answer: See, there is no true Islamic scholars in the modern age. They have all, enticed by earthly greed, have turned to religious business. They use religion for their self interest. But why must you put the responsibility of these few misguided Mullahs on the shoulder of Islam. Read the Quran and Hadith from your own consideration. Then you will know what is true Islam.

Insulting comment 27: Is there any proof to substantiate that the Quran is the word of God other than the Quran's own claim.

Jaw-breaking answer: Muhammad said in his own words that the Quran is the word of God. Since Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, his claims are true.

Insulting comment 28: What is the proof that Muhammad was Allah's messenger?

Jaw-breaking answer: Why? The Holy Quran? The Quran claims that Muhammad was the messenger of Allah. And since the Quran is God's word, its claims must be true.

Insulting comment 29: Muslims claim that Islam is a humane religion. Yet we find many inhuman and barbaric commandments in the Quran and Hadith. How can then Islam be a humane religion?

Jaw-breaking answer: See, Islam is religion 100% in agreement with science. None other than Allah could reveal a religion that is absolutely flawless and compatible with science. And there can be nothing barbaric in God's religion. The barbaric customs have been inserted into Islam by humans. Therefore, whatever barbaric customs are there in Islam must be deemed man-made and discarded. Islam is, thus, a humane religion.

Insulting comment 30: Despite the claims of 100% agreement to science, message of many verses of the Quran as well as of hadiths is contrary to science. How then can Islam be 100% compliant to science.

Jaw-breaking answer: Islam is a 100% humane religion. And none other than Allah could established such a completely humane religion. And there can be no unscientific information in God's religion. The unscientific hadiths must be considered human inventions and discarded. And there is no verse in the Quran that is unscientific. Many verses may appear unscientific because of the distortion of their meanings. If proper meanings are applied to those verses, Islam will become 100% compatible with science.

Insulting comment 31: If someone criticizes Islam, Muslims accuse the critic of being a Hindu in disguise. They also claim that those criticisms are inventions of Christian missionaries. But what is the problem even if the critic is a Hindu, Christian or non-Muslim? They are also human beings, aren't they?

Jaw-breaking answer: You see, only Muslims are the followers of Islam. Non-Muslims have no right to criticize Islam. Why don't they criticize the religion they practise? Criticizing the religions of others without minding to one's own religion is an unrighteous exercise and unacceptable.

Insulting comment 32: Why then do Muslims become so exited when non-Muslim intellectuals praise Islam or Muhammad?

Jaw-breaking answer: Islam has not come for Muslim alone. Allah has established Islam through the prophet for the greater welfare of entire mankind. Non-Muslims praise Islam only when they realize the truth of Islam. This is a victory for Muslims.

Insulting comment 33: Pious Muslims always blame the lack of veil and freedom of women etc. as reasons for rape. Doesn't that, in effect, encourage rapists? Rapists use these as excuse for raping.

Jaw-breaking answer: See, nobody becomes a rapist on his own accord. What encourages rape is the lewd and mischievous behaviors of women, free mixing of men and women etc., in the name of freedom of women. In fact, the more people strays from Islam, the more rape happens. Therefore, only criticizing rapists without looking into the real causes will not eradicate rape.

Insulting comment 34: Muslims often rape non-Muslim women in the name of religion, because they are considered 'spoils of war' in Islam. Moreover, Mullahs often rape little children. Why religion is not criticized in such cases?

Jaw-breaking answer: See, only the rapist is responsible for rape. Someone may misuse religion as excuse for rape. But why religion must take the blame for it?

Insulting comment 35: What is the proof that we humans as well as the world or the entire universe were created by Allah?

Jaw-breaking answer: Nothing can be created on its own. Everything has a creator. Have the nice clothes you wear came about on their own, or someone produced them? When even things like negligible clothes need producers, then the much more complex and vast universe certainly has a Creator. And He is Allah.

Insulting comment 36: If everything has its creator, then Who is the Creator of Allah?

Jaw-breaking answer: It is a wrong idea that everything must have its creator. It has to start somewhere. And that start is Allah. Allah is Self-created. He has no Creator.

Insulting comment 37: Allah decides what will happen in the future. That means, Allah knows in advance that a person will commit crimes. Since humans has no powers to defy the power of Allah, why must they suffer for sins that they commit as per Allah's wish.

Jaw-breaking answer: See, Allah certainly know what his created beings will do in the future. But whether someone will commit sinful or virtuous act depends on that person. Therefore, the person must suffer for committing sins.

Insulting comment 38: If humans have the power to determine their future, how then Allah decides what happens in the future?

Jaw-breaking answer: Allah certainly decides the path of sin and virtue, but He also knows which path His creations will follow. Therefore, Allah is certainly the decider of the future.

Insulting comment 39: Whenever the cruel verses of the Quran are presented, Muslims say that one must know their contexts, that mention of isolated verses mean nothing. Isn't whatever is said in a verse enough to understand its message?

Jaw-breaking answer: See, understanding the Quran is not that easy. For that, under what circumstances a particular verse was revealed and what the preceding and proceeding verses says must be understood as well. Else, one may arrive at a wrong interpretation about its message.

Insulting comment 40: Then why Muslims mention the apparently peaceful verses of the Quran without bothering about their contexts as well as the preceding and proceeding verses.

Jaw-breaking answer: Because Allah Himself has said, “I have revealed the Quran in simple language so that you can understand it easily.” Where the meaning of a verse can be understood easily, why unnecessarily make things complicated by bothering about their contexts, and the preceding and proceeding verses?

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