Islam has attempted to conquer Christian Europe since its beginning. In the year 654, Muslims invaded Cyprus. Immediately after that, they started attacking the peaceful Christian communities in the Mediterranean. During 711-788, they conquered the Iberian Peninsula, first Spain, then Portugal and Andorra, followed by the Southern parts of present-day Italy including Malta in 827.

However, Christian Europe prevented the Arab invaders from conquering entire Europe. They fought the Arab invaders tooth and nail, and eventually expelled them from the European continent. Islamic Arab invaders were able to enslave over a million Christian women and girls, who were sold to the Islamic territories. During their campaigns of conquest, they used to rape the enslaved women and girls, and treat them barbarically – the same tradition being followed even today by ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. Islam, since its birth, has always been a religion of sexual cruelty.

Past Muslim rulers and their Islamic armies failed to conquer the European nations. Now Muslims have adopted a new strategy to take over Europe through their asylum seekers and refugees manpower.

Europe, already under serious threat of terrorist attacks by Islamists for the last two decades, has failed to understand the planning and policy of the Muslim militants and their leaders. One may get clues to it from the fact that Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Islamic nations are not willing to take in the Muslim refugees fleeing the war-torn Middle East despite strong criticisms.

When Merkel announced that her country will take in 800,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq, German authorities completely ignored the fact that many of those refugees could be implanted members of ISIS or other radical Islamic groups. Thus, Germany willingly invited a real terror threat not only to their own nation but also to the entire Europe for being a border-free zone. On September 10, 2015, journalist Aaron Brown published a report revealing the fact that the Islamic terrorist groups were planning to send their militants into Europe embedded as migrant refugees.

The Syrian smugglers as well have claimed that more than 4,000 ISIS militants have already been smuggled into Europe hiding inside the migrants avalanche. Germany and other western nations have completely failed to realize that the Islamic terrorist sleeper-cells being warmly welcomed into Europe today will be even more dangerous than Nazism for the future of Europe.

On September 22, 2015, British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that; “every 1 in 50 Syrian refugees in Europe could be an ISIS jihadist”. If we take Prime Minister Cameron's assumption as approximate truth, then those 500,000 Syrian asylum-seekers and refugees, who have arrived Europe from Syria and Iraq, may have brought in some 10,000 ISIS jihadists with them.

If European civilization wishes to survives with its creativity, dignity and humane values, it must awaken to rectify the mistakes of their rulers. Else, it won't be too far when pious Muslims will be beheading people publicly according to the Sharia law on the streets of Rome, London and Madrid. What happened in Paris today is only the trailer of what they are going to do in the near future.

Islam always stood on the theory of eliminating those who oppose or refuge to submit to it. Europe's open-arm policies toward Muslim asylum-seekers and refugees are providing Islam the opportunity to execute the same modus operandi in continental Europe. It is in the hands of European citizens to decide whether you want to lose your culture and freedom in cowardly manner to Islam or you will stand up and throw out the current breed of your irresponsible leaders who are providing Islam a free hand to convert Europe into Al Andalus of old and wage a resolute battle against the destructive Islamic ideology already firm-footed in your continent.

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