The Islamic aspect of Major Nidal Hasan's mind is what the media, academia, and experts have carefully and wilfully kept out of the discourse about his motivation to commit the carnage at Texas army base. This article fills the void, but would we large a lesson???

Just a few days ago a US army Psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, killed in cold blood 12 US soldiers and wounded 30 others. Main stream media says he was a loner, a frustrated person, who acted alone to soothe his dissatisfaction through slaughtering unarmed, unprovoked servicemen. It is like a lunatic gone loose—the media wants us to believe.

Major Nidal Hasan, texas massacre

Let us pause and learn why Major Hasan did what he did.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan chose November 5 as his day of Islamic duty of killing infidels. It was a Thursday. Has this date bear any significance in Islam?

Let us read a Sahih Hadis:

Sahih Bukhari 4:52:199

Narrated Ka'b bin Malik:
The Prophet set out on Thursday for the Ghazwa of Tabuk and he used to prefer to set out (i.e. travel) on Thursdays.

Echoing the same theme Ma’ariful Qur’an, one of most respected Tafsirs (it is in eight volumes) of the Qur’an writes:

While marching out from Madinah for his battles, the blessed habit of the Holy Prophet was that he would conceal his intentions by advancing in a direction just the opposite of the direction in which he was to go for Jihad. The intention was to confuse spying hypocrites lest they sound off the enemy. And he used to say , ‘In war (such strategy of) deception  (khudah) was permissible. (Maariful Qur’an, volume iv, p.481).

For his journeys, the Holy Prophet liked a Thursday whether it was for Jihad or for some other purpose. (Maariful Qur'an, volume iv, p.489)

More facts are revealed about Major Hasan's mindset---Islamic mindset, I mean

His family says his rage was due to the taunting he received for his religion and ethnic background. How nice alibis? All the blame is on the US kaffirs, not a single word is about his religious motivation to kill the infidels---as stipulated in the Qur'an. Everything is blameworthy except him.---how convenient. Sadly, the US media appears to be all out to please his family. Yeah Americans are responsible for his actions! We hear the same monotonous message---this has nothing to do with Islam; Islam is peace, Islam is tolerant. It is not Islamist terrorism, it is a lone lunatic doing his lunatic act after being frustrated with his job and being a victim of racial and religious persecution.

Let us see how true this PC stand is.

PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him) (9:123)

This verse simply means a Muslim must start killing the nearest (neighbor) infidel when the situation is ripe.

Ibn Kathir writes: Allah commands the believers to fight the disbelievers, the closest in area to the Islamic state, then the farthest. A complete Muslim is kind to other Muslims and harsh with non‑Muslim enemies.

Major Hasan simply followed what the Qur'an dictates, and what every Muslim must do. He was not a hypocrite, but a true Muslim.

Such are the cases with a few other verses like:
“Those who believe fight in the way of Allah and those who disbelieve fight in the way of Taghut (idols). So fight the friends of Satan. So fight in the way of Allah. You are not responsible but for yourself. Allah is the strongest in war and the mightiest in punishment. (4:75, 76, 84)

“Surely, the worst of all living, in the sight of Allah, are those who reject Faith, so they do not believe” (the message of Islam). So, if you find them in war, make them an example (deterrent) for those behind them, so that they take a lesson. (8:55-57).

The infidels do not get it: Allah spoke of delivering his punishment through the hands of the Muslims.

That was exactly what Major Hasan did. It was not he who killed the infidels, in was Allah.

Surat Al-Taubah 9: 12-16

And if they speak evil of your Faith, then fight the leaders of infidelity. So that they may stop. Fight them, so that Allah should punish them at your hands and disgrace them, and help you win against them and bring relief to bosoms of a believing people, and remove the rage of their hearts.”

If you get ready to fight them, help and support from Allah will be with you. They have already become Divine punishment because of their evil deeds but this punishment will not come down upon them from the heavens or up from beneath the Earth. Instead of that, says the verse: that is, ‘Allah will punish them at their hands.’

That is, Allah will use the hands of his devotees, and with those human hands, Allah will deliver his punishment to the disbelievers here, in this life, and by so doing, Allah will “mollify the hearts of Muslims after all those pains and sorrows continuously inflicted upon them by the disbelievers. Then, the anger which filled Muslims hearts (will be) removed by Allah Ta’alah when He punishes them [the unbelievers] at their hands.” (Maariful Qur'an , volume 4, p.322)

Surah Al-Anfal; 8:5-6:

“It is like when your Lord made you leave your home for the sake of truth.”

Maariful Qur'an writes:
“The Holy Quran has elected not to mention that the Holy Prophet came out for this Jihad on his own. Instead of that, the test states: your lord made you leave.’”  (ibid, p.159)

Such was the case with Major Hasan.

Maariful Qur'an continues:
“ Embedded here is a hint towards the perfect servitude and obedience of the Holy Prophet. It signifies that his act is, in reality, the act of God which issues forth from the parts of his body—as it appears in an hadith al-Qudsi wherein the Holy Prophet is reported to have said: When a servant of Allah is blessed with nearness to Allah through obedience and servitude, Allah says about him (or her): ‘I become his eye. What he sees, he sees through me. I become his ears. What he hears, he hears through me. I become his hands and feet. Whomsoever he grips, he overpowers through me and towards whomever he walks, he walks through me. (ibid, p.159)

Surah Al-Taubah: 9: 19-23:
“O those who believe, do not take your fathers and your brothers as friends, if they prefer infidelity over Faith, And Whoever from you has friendship with them, then such people are the wrongdoers.”

Maariful Qur'an  writes:
“ The real bond is the bond of Islam and Iman—all bonds of lineage and country must be sacrificed for it.”
“…of basic importance. It settles that the relation with Allah and His Messenger should be given precedence over all relations of kinship and friendship. The relation that clashes against it deserves to be broken. This was the way of the noble Companions. This was why they rose to be the superior most people of the Muslim Ummah…. bonds of linage and tribe had to be cast aside. …on the battlefields swords were crossed between father and son and between brother and brother. These are significant evidence of the creed they held dear. (ibid, p.336)

More facts about Major Hasan’s devotion to Islam are reported here.

Relatives and friends said in interviews that Major Hasan had become unhappy with his seven-year commitment to the Army, which had provided him with his medical training. They said he had grown more openly vocal in his opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and had also become more religiously observant, often praying five times a day at a local mosque. He began his rampages, according to witnesses, by bowing his head as if praying and saying, “Allahu akbar” — “God is Great.”

Former classmates in a master’s program at a military college said that Major Hasan had expressed anti-American views, justified suicide bombings and contended that Islamic law took precedence over the Constitution, but that their complaints to faculty about his views did not result in any action against Major Hasan.

How accurate had been our foresight about the Islamists destroying America from within! It is amazing that the US administration does not see that we see so clearly. Instead of exercising caution about the Islamists within the US administration who are religiously duty-bound to sabotage from inside, the PC government acts cowardly. Where the Muslims must be trained on displaying patriotism and loyalty to their country that feeds them, nurtures them, educates them, and provides them with gainful employment, the US administration wants the non-Muslims to be trained on Islamic sensitivity, Islamic correctness, and Islamic dhimmitude. Instead of the minute Muslim community being urged to be tolerant and understanding of the definitive people of the western societies, the majority is asked to be tolerant and subservient to the Muslim community. One may wonder very soon the US government might want its soldiers to learn the rules of Islamic prayers, Hajj, Zakat, Ramadan, and so on. There is already an unwritten rule that the non-Muslims must not offend the fasting Muslim during the Ramadan.

The US military says they desperately need Muslim soldiers to fight the war. They want more good Muslims to join the US army. The Islamist terrorists are not good Muslims, only the ilk of Major Hasan is a good Muslim. Americans must increase tolerance to Islam and bow to Islam; that is how we will win this war, by becoming Islam‑friendly.

To that end, inculcate to the troops: trust Muslims in our ranks; you must trust our Muslim allies abroad—yes, both are devotees to Allah, but still, they are our Muslim friends, allies, and comrades. We cannot win this war without them. We need good Muslims in our ranks. Those Muslims, who follow the Quran and the Sunnah—that is what good Muslims do.

Has Major Hasan taught the US army a few good lessons? I would say yes, but who listens?



Abul Kasem writes from Sydney. Send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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