Most Muslims think that if they pray five times daily, fast, give zakat and do haj, they will avoid hell. Not so fast. They miss the most important duty and requirement of being a Muslim, which is going to jihad and killing kafirs.

Muslims are ordered to carry out Jihad and kill infidels:

Quran 2.216:

Fighting jihad (and killing kuffar) for Allah is ordained for you. It is in your best interest even if you hate it.

Quran 9.5:

Kill the infidels wherever you find them.

Any muslim who ignores this supreme commandment of Allah to kill will be punishment severely (in grave and in hell fire).

Quran 9.38:

You who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth for jihad for Allah, you cling heavily to the earth?

Quran 9.39:

If you will not go forth to fight in the cause of ALLAH, HE will punish you with a painful punishment.

All Muslims Other Than Jihadis Have to Do Time in Hell

Quran 119.71:

There is not one of you who will not go to hell; this is with your Lord; a Decree which must be accomplished. [trs. Hilali & Khan]

Only Way to Avoid Hell and Go Straight to Paradise is to Kill and Get Killed in while doing Jihad.

The only guarantee for avoiding hell and going to paradise instantly and copulate with virgins is to carryout jihad, kill and get killed.

Quran 9.111:

Paradise is guaranteed for those who kill and get killed for Allah. It is a binding on Allah.

Quran 3.169:

Those who are killed in Allah’s way are not dead but they are alive and are enjoying bounties provided by the lord.

Punishments and Rewards in Islam

  1. Infidels will suffer grave torture and will be in hell forever.
  2. Bad/non practising/heretic Muslims will suffer grave torture and long hell time. Whether they will be put in paradise eventually, will be decided on Judgement day.
  3. Muslims, who prayed, fasted, gave zakat and did haj but did not participate in Jihad and killed kuffar, will suffer torture in grave and will do some time in hell before being sent to paradise. Their hell-time will be decided on Judgement day.
  4. Those Muslims who participated in violent Jihad will not suffer any grave torture nor will they do any hell time. They will proceed to paradise after judgement day.
  5. Those muslims who killed and got killed for Allah will avoid grave and hell-time altogether. They will instantly go to paradise and start copulating with virgins. They will also be allowed to nominate 70 of their near and dear ones for paradise.

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