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Beware of Imams Bearing Gifts of Peace and Tolerance

On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center came down tumbling. An old man sat in front of his TV set and watched, trying to make sense of it. It was worse than Pearl Harbor-after all, the Japanese could not have conquered America, nor did they wish to do so. If anything they wanted to be like America. It is different with Islam. The hatred of America, of non-Muslims, is an integral part of the religion. It has spread rapidly across the world in recent years taking advantage of liberalism's mindless belief in diversity and socialism's undying hatred of capitalism. With its running dogs at Berkeley and Cambridge and Georgetown it has infected America's school system from the lowest levels to the highest. From Amherst Middle School in Amherst, NH, to the sainted halls of academe the poison has spread. But Islam has little to do with education; it is about indoctrination. It is submission; it is slavery; it is subjection.

When the Prophet stormed out of the Arabian Peninsula with his band of cutthroats he needed something more than plunder to bind them to his cause. He gave them dominion over women and an uncompromising hatred and contempt for non-Muslims. Even the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) were to be brought low in acknowledgement of Islam's superiority and their state of subjection. Women and non-Muslims have been his victims, Muslim men his partners in crime.

The roots of 9/11 lie in the 7th Century. It is a war that has been forced on America. It is a war of survival. It is being fought out on all levels of American society-in the schoolyard, in the courthouse, in the news media, in our security organizations. The enemy's strength lies in female slavery. It took a couple of years but the old man sitting in front of the TV set came to the conclusion he would have to be an abolitionist. Useful idiots for Islam like Naomi Wolf, Kurt Vonnegut and, yes, Barack Obama, will do little or nothing to stave off the coming disaster.

For eight years the old man watched the Islamic disease eat into America's vitals. This book, Beware of Imams Bearing Gifts of Peace and Tolerance, is the result.

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