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Muhammad – the prophet of Islam – was a sensual prophet.  He married many women. Many of his “marriages” targeted beautiful young widows and often they became widows through Muhammad’s aggression against their tribes. Muhammad and his rogue bandits killed the able men, stole the fortunes of the tribe, and enslaved and raped the women. Muhammad was the head of the growing Muslim brigand. He aimed make the most beautiful ones amongst the captive women his own. He usually “married” (raped?) them in the days following the attack on their tribe. The Muslims men also got their share of women and sex in the days following the Muslim attack. Thus “sex” was at the heart of Islamic imperialism.

Not only the “now and then” was sex important for Muhammad and the early Muslims. Those Muslims who perished in his wars of aggression against other tribes were promised with a heaven filled with eternal sex. Seventy two houris await with flowers and roses to greet the Muslim “martyr”.

Sex is at the heart of Islam

Ibn Abi Sarh has pleasured the world with great illustration imagery about the life of Prophet Muhammad in his first book “Biography of Prophet Muhammad Illustrated”. Abi Sarh’s first book proved to be an imaged documentary on the life of Islam’s prophet. His first work showed an exemplary honesty to the dictates of Hadith and Sirat as to how Muhammad lived. His latest illustration book, “Sex in Islam”, is another marvellous work documented with honest quotations from Qur’an and Hadith. Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh had a priority of telling the honest historical truths in his drawings. His images reflected what actually took place, using exact quotations from Islamic sources relied upon by all serious Islamic scholars.

Ibn Abi Sarh’s new books covers through imagery the stories of Muhammad’s wives Khadija, Sawda, Hafsa, and the child bride Aisha. The book also covers the stories of Muhammad’s concubines Rayhana and Maria the Copt. Ibn Abi Sarh covers also Muhammad’s divorced wives ‘Amar, Mulaykah, Asma, and Alshanba bint ‘Amer.

The latter part of Ibn Abi Sarh’s book deals with critical sex issues in Islam like Nikah, Pedophilia, divorce and remarriage, Sex in paradise, Polygamy, breast feeding, ..

Imagery in the Book

The images presented in the book are amazing to say the least. There is beauty in the choice of skin colors and clothing choices. There is honesty in the narrations used to reflect what we know happened in history using Qur’an and Hadith narrations. In short, this is a book that reflects Islamic truths about sex in a “picture-perfect”, to use Abul  Kasem’s expression, about the book.

Rape of the UK

The last section of the book deals through documented imagery with the string of rapes of white girls by Muslim gangs in England. As expected, Abi  Sarh remains honest to the known facts representing them through finely done images. It is Islam and its concepts of Sex that are at the heart of such Muslim youth activities in England, and in the west in general.

Concluding Remarks

Ibn Abi Sarh’s book is another truly welcome addition to truthful books about Islam. The book is fun to view and read. It is also helpful for those who like to read a little and look at imagery more. The book has hundreds of accurate captions that are done in a very meticulous way. Highly recommended, and I encourage our readers to purchase copies for themselves and for some of their friends. The book is priced relatively very cheap allowing many of us to purchase more than one copy.


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