I was reading an article written by Islamic critic Mu’min Salih about how the Arabs did not think highly of the language of the Qur’an, while, at the same time, we see Muslims who do not know Arabic praise the “high level” language of the Qur’an!

At the end of the article, Salih provided some links to new “out of the oven” Suras written by different people of our age. When I saw such wonderful Suras, my “Eeman” (faith) increased, and I thought it would be nice to have a posting that has some links to the wonderful Suras written by the “prophets” of our age.

Readers are encouraged to provide more links to more “Suras” and “Verses”. I will update this posting with the added links from readers incorporated into it. Thank you in advance.

The following are some of the many Suras posted on the Internet by Arabs:




4. (12 Suras from Wahi “revelations” so far. Angel Jebraeel is not finished yet..)

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