/imran-firasatIt appears that the Spanish authority has set the stage for condemning Imran Firasat to death for his criticism of Islam by extraditing him to Indonesia.

We reported in July 2014 that after the Spanish Supreme Court upheld the Spanish government's decision to revoke Imran Firasat's refugee status for his criticism of Islam, he tried to seek refuge in Norway, a country that hosts the murderous Al-Qaeda Jihadi leader Mullah Krekar from Iraq. But the Norway government refused to consider his asylum request and hurriedly deported him back to Spain.

Since then, Imran Firasat has been under detention by the Spanish police. According to a prevous communication that we recieved, Imran Firasat and his lawyer were confident that there was very little chances that Spain will deport him to an Islamic country, where he may face torture or death for blasphemy. But as per the latest communication we received from Imran Firasat's lawyer, the Spanish Public Prosecutor has demanded Imran Firasat's extradition to Indonesia.

It should be noted that an Spanish court had previously rejected an Interpol request for Mr. Firasat's extradition to Indonesia, because of apparent false murder charges behind Indonesia's request to extradite him. Since then, the Indonesian authorities have produced no new evidence that would justify the Spanish Public Prosecutor's latest demand for his extradition to Indonesia.

This is how justice system works today in Spain, an EU country, all for the fear of violence by Muslims both at home and abroad.

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