Another terror arrest in the U.S., this time at Boston: Tarek Mehanna, a Muslim, plotted to attack Shopping Malls to kill large number of Americans. And Muslims are shrilling, reminding the infidels not to link his case to Islamic teaching. He's another misunderstander of Islam.

From Frontpage Magazine on 22 Oct., 2009.


Today we have yet another terror-related arrest of a Muslim, Tarek Mehanna, who was plotting jihad terror attacks against U.S. shopping malls. But Americans are told to never link that to Islamic teachings.

Committed Muslims insist that Islam is misunderstood by the West. Sensitivity training to Islam is forced upon U.S. government employees and teachers. They are told that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, implying that if they believe their eyes, ears and common sense, then they must be Islamophobes.

Muslim propaganda is cleverly wrapped in illogical strategies to get the Westerners confused about their own perceptions of Islam. For centuries Muslims lived with unchallenged, warped logic regarding their religion. Instead of examining non-Muslim fear of Muslim violence and oppression encouraged by Muslim scriptures, Muslims are trained to regard such complaints as an attack Islam itself.

I have no doubt in my mind that when Dalia Mogahed, White House advisor on Islamic issues, really means it when says that Sharia is misunderstood. Like her, early in my life as a Muslim, I believed the same. That is how we were trained to accept our destiny under Sharia which turned us into robots ruled by fear, intimidation and warped logic.

Women are told they have been liberated by Islam because pre-Islamic society used to kill new born girls. Islam stopped that. We were told that before Islam came, men could marry an unlimited amount of women and slave girls. Then Islam came and limited the number to 4. We were told that women were not able to hold property before Islam. Then Islam came and gave us that right and the right not to share our property even with our husbands.

The absence of community property between husband and wife in Islam is sold as a benefit when it really is the result of polygamy, where women have to protect their inheritance from being shared by other wives and by a husband who does not want to share his wealth. “What a great deal,” we Muslim women thought. Day in and day out we had to thank Allah for Islam that stopped our murder at birth. We had to thank Allah for being supported by husbands in a society that crippled us and did not allow us to get out of the house without our husband’s permission.

Just as Muslim women are indoctrinated into believing that Islam saved them from murder at birth, Muslims are trying to convince the West that they too have nothing to fear from Islam. Thus we see the sensitivity training of Westerners who are expected to never blame Muslim teachings for terrorism. Westerners deep fear of being called racist has been transferred to fear of being called an Islamophobe. Thus, if the definition of Jihad in Muslim scriptures states that Jihad means “to war with non-Muslims to establish the religion,” the West should not misunderstand the word ‘war’ to be aggression. If Muslim scriptures clearly state that an apostate must be killed immediately and their killers will not be punished, then we must not take the word ‘kill’ at face value. If Muslim scriptures say that women are deficient in intellect and religion and must not be trusted, we should not take that seriously. Thus connecting Muslim commandments to kill and war with Islamic terror and violence is an act of Islamophobia that must be punished as a hate crime.

We are still told that the West simply misunderstands Islam. Even after constant and persistent acts of Muslim terror against the West, we are told with deep sincerity, not to be afraid of Islam even if Muslims are holding the Qur’an in one hand and decapitating non-Muslims with another. The message of Islam to kill kafirs and apostates is so unreal and unimaginable to the Western mind that some Westerners actually are convinced it can’t be true and that no religion can openly advocate such violence and stay respected by the international community.

It must be us, in the West, who do not understand Islam because the alternative is unimaginable. But the unimaginable has survived and thrived for 1400 years and it is still going strong with full force with the support of petro-dollars and facilitated by Western do-gooders.

Editor’s note: To get he whole story on the reality of Sharia, buy Nonie Darwish’s new book, Cruel and Usual Punishment.

Nonie Darwish is a Palestine-born former Muslim and the founder for Arabs for Israel and Former Muslim United. Her other book is: Now the Call Me Infidel.

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