How mindless accomodation by the non-Muslim world, while facilitation by so-called peaceful moderate Muslims, makes the battle against Islamic extremism difficult to win...

Of all the worlds, he knows but one
Yet he has faith that there is more than just this sum.

Though all she’d seen gave her only heartache
And old woman fell for the bait with dreams of heaven’s gate.

These two people, as different as can be
Despite all there is, they place faith in Thee.

The old woman told the child of what does await
Once we’ve escaped this earthly escapade.

But cloaked in the stars and his spirit soaring thru the skies
The child would not rest as he knew of great lies.

So he placed faith aside to rest
And climbed out to put this world to test...


The 9/11 was, undeniably, a great opportunity—indeed an occasion, forced upon us—to take a hard look what Islam is and how it affects Muslims? Unfortunately, and quite perversely, a great number of us, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, have shielded ourselves from the necessary scrutiny of Islam; we adamantly looked the other way.

For Muslims, an introspective look into the current events, and religion itself, casts doubts on the resolute authenticity of Islam! To question was to disbelieve. To question was to shake their unshakable belief in the greatness of Islam and their deep-rooted sense of superiority over all else on account of their faith?

As for the rest of the world, they have hurried to offer apologies, sentiments, and contemplations. Strong traditions that have proven to be effective, that have given rise to nations that explore, create, and evolve—those traditions were (and continue to be) shed in order to showcase “tolerance”.

As the world twists and bends to accommodate Islam, as the leading nations mutate into distorted versions of the ideal beliefs, the Islamic world (infested with the darkest elements of its own origins) continues building momentum.

Save a few exceptions and the small number of people, who, we see, are slowly beginning to shift to a more truthful perspective, Muslims on the whole have remained doggedly and dangerously defensive of Islam—to the extent that the perpetrators of acts of terrorism, echoing Allah’s name, are protected by the greater majority of Muslims, who at the end of the day, may not directly engage in Islamic terrorism, but are no less culpable.

An Islamic culture that negates self-criticism of the individual or the collectives has created a global society of followers that would not see outside their own world for what it truly is. And so what began as curious interests has developed into a passion for outright Jihad. Looking at Muslim communities around the world, it becomes obvious that the Quran and Islamic teachings have created a unique psyche amongst Muslims, whose patterns are very easily discernible, and stands out from those of non-Muslims; one that helps predict what their next course of action will be: which actions Muslim leaders and politicians will take; which will fail; which won’t; and which are necessary.

Ultimately, what we need is not a dialogue. Dialogues among Muslims and non-Muslims, an exchange between the two, well this is all hogwash. Islam braves itself as the ruler of mankind, and all shall come under the sword of Islam.

As many of you are aware, there are attempts to pass legislation making it a crime to speak offensively, "blaspheming" against religion [read Islam] to be specific. This has already happened in parts of Europe, at the U.N., and is now poised to encroach upon America. The blasphemy laws are passed with the help of special interest groups, through motions enacted by foreign governments, and, allegedly, in the interest of tolerance. Whatsoever be the motive, it is purely a mistake for those nations and organizations, and the Muslims as a whole take advantage to quench their bigotry.

In reality, nothing do these measures ensure than increasing schisms among faith groups. These measures work to promote alienation and censorship. There is absolutely no silver lining here. When governments and politicians have taken an adamantly dangerous path, it the responsibility of individual citizens to make necessary efforts to inform the masses about the global assault on free speech by Muslims, and to do your part to voice your dissent in whatever form you are able to subvert this pernicious campaign.

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