William Nicolas Gomes, a Bangladesh journalist and human rights activist, has been questioned by the police about his writings and other activities.

Mr. Gomes is a convert from Islam to Christianity.

He heads a human rights organization, called “Christian Development Alternative” (CDA), which works for the protection of human rights, especially of the minorities and women, in Bangladesh.

Mr. Gomes also writes about the growing Islamic extremism and terrorism and its danger in Bangladesh. 

According to an email we have received from Dhaka, on Wednesday evening (8th July), two police officials from the Special Branch (SB) of police came to his house, looking for him. They inquired him about what he was doing during his visit to India in February and asked to him to come to Police Station the following day as the higher officials wanted to know more about his activities.

Mr. Gomes visited the City SB Police Station in Baily Road, Dhaka, on Thursday afternoon. The Additional Sergeant of Police questioned him about why he converted to Christianity, why he went to the meeting of CAMB in Kolkata (India), what he was doing, where he was publishing writings, and why he was defaming the name of the country outside.

Police are collecting his writings in various websites and questioned him about them.

Because of his conversion, Mr. Gomes has been harassed by the police many times in the past.

"Over the last two years, I have been harassed by police only for my religious identity and works for minorities", said Mr. Gomes.

"I am afraid", he added.

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