How a Muslimah realized the truth that Islam is a cult of death, hatred and barbarism, and hopes to see its quick downfall.

Jameela wrote to Dr. Ali Sina: 

Hi Ali, 

I really don’t know where to start, so I shall start by thanking you for the inspiration, guidance and information that you have made available through Faith Freedom.

Being a born Muslim, and following and practicing the rituals and prayers as commanded by the faith, I often felt very alone growing up. The problem I faced was that even though I have been constantly taught and pushed into a religion my family believed, I always questioned the teachings, reasoned with them and found no logic in the way of life I knew. I have always felt like a hypocrite for living a certain way and yet doubting everything I have ever known.

In the last few years, I have strayed further and further away from Islam and its teachings due to the atrocities and hatred for humanity that this cult is preaching. (Sept 11 was a huge turning point).

The crimes against women and children in the name of a God! Greed, empire building, rape, murder, I can no longer be a part of something so barbaric and indecent. I am quite free to live the life I choose, to associate with whom I wish, and this is my blessing for I have read the stories of so many, who wish to leave, yet cannot because of fearful circumstances and consequences.

All I risk is my relationship with my family. If this is my price to pay for renouncing this evil, then I will gladly pay it; for, they will surely not accept me as anything else than a fellow Muslim. 

I strongly support the downfall of Islam (Muhammadism) for it is not a way of life (It preaches death). It is not a religion of peace, nor is it pure. It has been built on the bloodstains of the innocent and helpless. If people object to Hitler, Muhammad was a hundred times worse. Hitler’s reign has come to an end. Yet Muhammads’ live on through the so-called HOLY Quran. The lies and crimes committed in the past and present and those still to occur in the future are not in the name of a god, named Allah. It’s all in the name of a WEAK MAN, named Muhammad. Allah, the moon god (of the Arabs), was just a tool used by this treacherous monster to manipulate and conquer ruthlessly bearing no ethics, humanity or dignity.

Finding Faith Freedom has not changed or converted me from Islam to something else. It has merely confirmed, what I have known for years, but was too scared to admit to myself.

I am a mother of 2 lovely bright children and my 10 year old son has often questioned me regarding the logic that Islam is based on, which I purposely avoided. There is no logic. It is barbaric and heinous and I can firmly say that my kids will know all about what Islam really is. I will not subject them to the lies that have been force fed to me when I grew up. It has not been an easy road, especially if you are brainwashed from birth, as is the case when you are born into a Muslim family; but it’s never too late to awaken to the truth. 

I sincerely hope that others out there will see the truth as I have, instead of living in ignorance and hatred. Islam will fall and swiftly at that.





Dr Ali Sina's reply: 

Dear Jameela,

I am glad that you came to see the lies of Muhammad and decided to kick this faith of hate out of your life. However, I see no reason leaving behind your family and loved ones. 

To do the right thing, always ask yourself: what would Muhammad do and what did he advise his followers to do? And then, do the opposite. You cannot go wrong.

Muhammad said, leave your father and brothers and fight against them, if they love infidelity to Islam (Q. 9:23). So we know immediately that we should not disown our family and loved ones when we leave Islam, but rather see them as victims of ignorance and help them to become free.

Of course, the problem is that your family will follow the advice of Muhammad and they will disown you. My suggestion is not to tell them anything. They don’t have to know what you believe or don’t believe. 

Your children need their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My fondest memories belong to those days I used to go to my uncle’s house and play with my cousins. I was so much there that when my uncle came back from work he used to tell me, Ali your dad said, come home immediately. But when I went home, I learned my dad had not sent such message. That was my uncle’s way to get rid of me. I don’t blame him. I used to climb brick walls going from the yard to the deck in the second floor, like a lizard. He had five sweet daughters and I suppose he was not used to boys.

I have not seen my cousins for over thirty years. Some of them are grandparents now. But it brought so much joy to my heart hearing their voices over the phone a few months ago.

Don’t deprive your children of these bounties just because of belief. Set aside beliefs and put family first. If your family abused you in forcing Islam down your throat, it is because they thought this is good for you. They did not do it out of malice, but out of ignorance.

Thank you for writing your story. You are right. As truth spreads the walls of lies are coming down one after another and Muslims are being set free. I predicted the end of Islam is at hand. This is going to happen much sooner than anyone can envision. In the absense of truth, lies can survive for thousands of years. But truth is out, and lies cannot withstand it.

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