When our politically-correct leaders, intellectuals and the media won't identify who our real enemy in Jihadi terror assaults are and what motivates them, the citizenry must wake up, identify the enemy, and take united stand against the Jihadis in order to secure our future and our offsrping's...

Recent media reports indicate imminent Mumbai-style Jihadi attacks around the world. Nowhere is the tension and fear from Jihadi attacks more evident than in the major cities of New York, London, Zurich, Madrid, Rome, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Since Jihadis have an exclusive patent and unrestrained urge for terrorism, citizens are worried, fearful and scared. Jihadi terrorists could strike at any moment in any city at any time of their choice. No democratic country is safe from Islamists, dead set against democracy, modernism, coexistence, religious tolerance, and secularism. Jihadis, who fight against infidels and our civilization in the name of the Islamic past, fight with modern weapons of every kind against innocent people without fear, guilt, or shame.

In this context, citizens are traumatized and are coerced into changing their behavior and life style. Their hope for a peaceful existence is shattered.

What can one do to feel safe again in our own country?

Political leaders and security officials warn us against terrorist attacks. They are only dimly aware of, or unwilling to spell out, who the people behind terrorism are, why they are terrorizing us, and the motivating ideology of these terrorists. The lack of their clarity and deliberate failure to inform the public about terrorists and their deadly ideology make us even more anxious and cautious.

It is time for citizens to study this ideology. What motivates these terrorists who make us tremble and unable to live life for our dreams and our faith? The greatest shame is that our liberal politicians, leftist intellectuals and pro-Islamist media are silent on Jihadi terrorism. Their silence or open support for Jihadi terrorists with phony root cause theories is deceptive.

Why do these deceptive politicians and liberal intellectuals fail to stand up and fight for our constitution, liberty, life and values? Why are they colluding with our tormenters? Why are they not demanding that hatred from the Koran be expunged?

By colluding with Jihadis and keeping silent about the deadly Islamic ideology, they put our life and the future of our civilization at risk.

It is difficult for citizens, who want to live in peace to swallow Jihadi hatred and their death-defying criminal acts. Our values, freedom, life as well as our civilization hang in the balance. We cannot depend on phony secularists and leftist intellectuals to save us. Their views vis-à-vis our Jihadi terrorism problem are quite pathetic. They are not going to guide us or ready to provide us any solution. Marxist intellectuals and politically-correct secularists have become a tool in the hands of Islamic terrorists in advancing their political agenda and Islamofascism in which terrorism is perpetuated.

What Should One Do?

Citizens are part of the solution. Despite the fact that Jihadi terrorist assault the citizens of our country, individuals are reluctant to take realistic responses. It is a paradox. People have acquired "banner blindness", "denial", apathy and indifference. As jihadis perpetrate one terrorist attack after another, the citizenry get habituated to it. Jihadis kill innocent people, destroy our property, and spread hatred and fear. But citizens have become inoculated against their terror. And these habituated citizens, who are inoculated and hide behind a thick wall of denial, can no longer react.

It is time for us to get our heads out of the sand and fight the great fight. The crooks, the degenerates and politically-correct secularists, who run away from freedom and responsibility, are ripping our value system, our freedom and our future to pieces.

Commonsense suggests that citizens have the right and responsibility to identify people trying to ferment violence, spread hatred and terror in our country. And they must recognize that, with unlimited petrodollars, Jihadi terrorists are gathered up to oppress us, terrorize us, scare us, and impose the tyranny of Islam.

The time has come for the public to take appropriate action. Jihadis are trying to strike terror and fear into our heart. If we stand up and stand united, the Jihadis cannot put us in psychological trauma. We can fight back with determination. A strong determined assault on Islamists will preclude them from undermining our sense of security and disrupting our everyday life.

We cannot prevail tomorrow, or live in peace and tranquility, without courageous action today. We must meet the challenges today with strength, will-power and determination in order to insure our future well-being. By acting today against our enemies, who are willing to die in their effort to establish their past domination over the world, we are choosing to safeguard our future and that of our children and grand children yet to be born. Let us stand together and make our country great. Let us preserve our freedom and security.


Dr. Babu Suseelan is a professor of clinical psychology and the director of a drug and alcohol treatment program in Pennsylvania. He writes on the subject of Islamic terrorism and its effect on Hindu society.

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