Religious freedom in the U.S.? When a Muslim is imprisoned in the USA for beating his wife to pulps, which is commanded in the Quran, how could there be religious freedom? There is certainly none for Muslims. But good news. The American kuffars have started learning...


Religious freedom in the U.S.? My arse! There is none for Muslims.



Islam is basically obeying the Quran, and obeying and following Prophet Muhammad. If you don’t obey the Quran, and follow Muhammad, you are an apostate who must be beheaded by any Muslim.

Quran says:

  • 4.80: “Obeying Muhammad is obeying Allah”.
  • 33.21: “Role model for a Muslim is Muhammad.”
  • 3.20:  “Following Muhammad is following Allah”
  • 3.31: "Allah forgives those who follow Muhammad”


Question is why does not US law allow us to follow Muhammad? Take, for example, Muhammad loved to have sex with underage girls. He loved to have sex with six-year-old Ayesha. When she was too young for vaginal penetration, the beloved Prophet thighed her with his male member, slept with his head in-between her thighs, and fondled her even while fasting in Ramadan.


Recently a devout Egyptian also named Mohammed felt like having oral sex with an underage girl. He contacted a 13 year old girl on internet, sent her a picture of his penis and proposed oral sex so that he could carry out a sunna of his prophet and get Allah’s blessings. The girl accepted his offer and invited him to her house. He thanked Allah and proceeded with great Islamic zeal. What happened next is in this video.

I call it “religious persecution of the worst order” when a Muslim is imprisoned for trying to practice his religion… I hope CAIR demands a Judge who is knowledgeable of the Quran and Sunna for Muhammad’s case, so that he can be released with honor. Last year a New Jersey Judge, who had read the Quran, honorably released a devout Muslim man, who was imprisoned for beating his wife to a pulp since beating wives is allowed by the Quran (4.34)

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