While Kafirs get impressed by Muslims' discipline and devotion in five-time daily prayers, little do they know what they truly say in their recital and chanting of illegible Quranic verses: sex-talk, badmouthing of infidels and women, cursing and threats of violence, and meaningless childish statements about heavenly bodies and old prophets...

Many non-Muslims get impressed by the discipline and devotion of Muslims, when they see them praying salats five times or more daily, chanting and reciting Quranic verses, which they don't understand. They think they are such a spiritual and holy people. Little do they know that their chants and recitals are far from spiritual, instead actually sex-talk, badmouthing of infidels and women, cursing and threats of violence, and meaningless childish statements about heavenly bodies and old prophets... Here is a sampling of Quranic ayas that Muslims chant in their salat and religious ceremonies, including blessings they are invited to give in infidel inaugurations…

  • Muhammad was allowed to bang his wives, captured women, slave girls, first cousins, and any woman who offered herself to him (Quran 33.50)
  • Muslim men can bang their four wives, captured women and slave girls (4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50, 70.30)

(No first cousins and one night stand with volunteers for normal Muslims; that privilege was reserved for Prophet Mohammad only.)

  • Muhammad banged his daughter in law by Allah’s order (33.37)
  • Muhammad banged his wife’s maid by Allah’s order (66.1-5)
  • Wives are tilth, who can be married before age of menstruation, approached at will in any style, beaten divorced and replaced, raped and contracted for short periods (2.223, 65.4, 4.24, 4.34)
  • Women can be captured, enslaved and raped by waging Jihad war (4.3, 4.24, 23.6, 33.50, 70.30)
  • Rape of a woman requires four male witnesses to prove, other wise she gets punished for adultery (Q 24.4)
  • Non-Muslims are evil, liars, perverts, filthy, they are lowest creatures and worst beasts (Q 5.59, 8.22, 8.55, 9.5, 9.28, 16.39, 95.5, and many more)
  • The infidels, homosexuals and apostates must be killed (9.5, 4.15, 4.16, 4.89, and 160+)
  • Allah converted Jews into monkeys for fishing while fasting (7.163-166)
  • Thamud tribe wiped out by Allah for slaughtering his  (7.73,77; 54.23, 54.27,29,30,31; 91.11,13,14)
  • She camel, which came out of a stone instead of a vagina (Q 7:73, Tabari II:41, Ibn Kathir Tafsir of 7:73)
  • Allah killed man and his donkey and reborn them after 100 years to prove his power (Q 2.259)
  • Allah made boys and his dog sleep for 309 years for kicks (Q 18.10-19)
  • Prophet Sulaiman spoke the language of all living beings including ants (Q 27.15-44; 34.12-13)
  • Jesus talked right after birth, gave sight to blind and life to dead (5.110)

(Why then Muslims have a cow when Christians claim him to be a God)

  • Sun has a resting place in murky waters (36.38, 71.016)

(This great scientific discovery was made by Zulkarnain aka Alexander, the great Muslim general, after he went to the end of the world)

  • The moon is a lamp (71.016)

Moon is a lamp emitting light every night

  • Stars are lights attached to the lowest sky and can be used as missiles to shoot down evil jinns (67.5, 37.6)

(Stars have dual purpose. They are lights attached to the lowest sky for decoration. But when the Satan tries to spy on Allah, Allah uses them as missiles to shoot the vermin down).

  • Sky is the roof/canopy without cracks where water is stored (2.22; 13.2; 50.6,7; 22.65)

(Allah made a roof for the earth on top which he stores water. He also ensured that the solid roof has no cracks. Since there are no pillars built on earth to hold the roof, Allah uses his miraculous powers to hold it in suspension and prevents it falling on earth.)

  • Mountains are pegs to hold the earth firm in its place (Q 78.6-7)

Allah stretched out earth flat like carpet and built mountains as pegs to hold the carpet flat and in place, lest it will move, fold or ripple

  • After creating earth sky and mountains Allah offered Islam to them (33.72)

Allah created earth, mountains and sky as its solid roof and humans on earth. Then he offered Islam to all of them. Earth mountains and sky refused to become Muslims, perhaps they felt that they will not be able to meet Islam’s obligation of salat fasting and Haj... Only humans accepted Islam but even they couldn’t be good Muslims

  • After mountains refused to accept Islam, Allah forced them to recite hymns (azan) twice daily (Q 38.18)

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