Have you ever wondered why Quran implies that Prophet Jesus had godly characteristics and Prophet Mo had satanic characteristics? It is because Christians have corrupted our holy book. Here are the proofs:

  • Prophet Muhammad's Massacre of Banu Quraiza tribesmen
    Muhammad holds the world record of beheading 900 men
    of Quraiza in a single day
    The Quran mentions in sura 19 that Jesus was born by immaculate conception. That implies that Prophet Muhammad was conceived from lustful sex like a low life animal.
  • The Quran designated one whole sura to the mother of Jesus (Mary/sura 19). Poor Muhammad’s mother Amina was not even mentioned once, leave alone naming a sura after her.
  • The Quran says Jesus was a born a genius who could talk as a new born (5.110). It also says that Muhammad was born as a moron who could never learn to read or write all his life (7.157-58).

Quran says Jesus could make a clay bird and give life to it (5.110). That means he was capable of creating his own food. On the other hand Allah had to make stealing halal for Mo because Muhammad was not capable of earning his own bread (8.1,8.41) .

Quran says Jesus could give life to dead people (5.110). On the other hand Mo could only kill live people dead (3.152, 8.17, 8.67, 33.26-27)..

  • arab-muslim-sheikhs-examine-slave-for-sex
    Muslim Sheikhs examines a slave woman
    for buying
    The Quran says Jesus could give sight to the blind (5.110). Muhammad took the sight away from of the seeing. (He had eyes of the Ukul men gouged because they had stolen Muhammad’s stolen camels).
  • The Quran says Allah gave Jesus capability of curing incurable diseases like leprosy (5.110). Allah gave no such power to Muhammad (20.133). His own most beloved son Ibrahim (from his sex slave Maria) died in front of him, although Mo prayed and begged Allah for his health for several nights.
  • Allah made Jesus a saint who never lusted for women. Allah made Muhammad a satan who killed innocent men and enslaved their wives and daughters and raped them 33.50).

Allah  made Jesus very kind and cmpassionate, one who abhored slavery. Allah made Mo a slave monger (33.50)..

Allah made Jesus a very loving man who loved children. Allah made Muhammad a pedophile, who made love to children (65.4).

  • Quran says Jesus did not die, he was raised to heaven by Allah. Allah did no such favors for Muhammad. He was buried in ground to rot after he died a very painful death, poisoned by his enemies.


Does all the above facts sound like they are from Islam's holy book? How can a book which shows Islam’s prophet Muhammad to be worse than a common criminal in every respect, be from a God, who claims him to be his equal (obeying Mohammad is obeying Allah, 4.80). Surely Christians have corrupted it and Muslims are in denial about it.


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