Islam is the problem for us infidels, and the only way to assure safety of ourself and our future generations is to physically separate ourself from Muslims, although a good few, who go by the Muslim label, have to suffer...



[Believers are a “trapped mind” to be liberated, trapped souls with no guidance, ignorant humans with no knowledge; while their “closed minds” are sinking in the ocean of the dark ages, or simply that they were born believers and don’t know any better…]

We often hear, read or get to know from various mouths that ‘only a tiny minority of Muslims support terrorism’! However, in reality, a huge majority of Muslims hate the West! Still citing these Islamic apologists, we can give three reasons as to why Muslims hate the West—they all being our faults!

As a whole, the larger concerns are the Muslims who reject terrorism of the 9/11 type but nevertheless hate the West. This hatred, however, is not mainly derived from the American support for Israel or America's alleged imperialist history, nor is it because, as President Bush once put it, "they hate us for our freedom". Instead, the Muslim anti-Americanism is traced to their strong belief that the West in general and America in particular are conducting a "war on Islam". And when Muslims are asked why they think this is so, they point to three things…

1) Firstly, America's support for secular Muslim despots!

2) Secondly, America’s dissemination of anti-religious and immoral values all over the world through the American popular culture!

3) Thirdly, they point to inflammatory statements of (some) Americans, who say: "The problem is not 'radical' Islam but Islam itself, from which it follows, that we must seek to weaken and contain Islam".

As one wishes,

a)      Should we make serious efforts to reduce Muslim migration to the West?


b)      Should the West launch crazy secularizing crusades to transform the religious beliefs of Muslims, a group numbering well over a billion people?

We must first understand that, all Muslims may not look or act alike, but that they all mostly think alike!

There are the Islamic peoples who are our sworn enemies; but there are others, who act as moderates, they being alienated rightfully from the West(?), because they want to rule but can’t, they want to affirm traditional Islamic values in their adopted countries but can’t, and also because they are disgusted with the anti-Muslim sentiments exhibited by the Kafirs.

When the so-called moderation of Muslims is of little help, a “secularizing crusades to transform the religious beliefs of Muslims" would be meaningless. Instead, of excluding the Muslims from the West and confining them within their historic Muslim lands may be of more effective measures... As it is said, oh!, a hundred times, that ‘any change in the Muslim beliefs is beyond our power (though it would be nice), and what is indispensable for our own safety and freedom is that, we have take away the Muslims' external ability to wage jihad on us, by isolating and containing Islam’. Yet the attributes of the agenda to beget the religious beliefs of Muslims, is something we all are repeatedly trying to do, is not beyond our power to do so???

Whereby, many are wholly unaware of the single-most important feature of Islam; it is in its’ antagonistic relationship with non-Muslims: the Koran and the other authoritative Islamic texts that declare all non-Muslims are enemies of Allah, and command Muslims to wage aggressive Islamic war (Jihad) against all non-Muslims until they are totally subdued! To suggest that the Muslims would cease as posing a mortal danger to Western principals, if people stopped saying that Islam poses a mortal danger to the West, it is to encourage our complete surrender to Islam...!

Think of a Muslim, who can't even get the most basic facts right, and who gets the understanding of Islam from their holy book, the Quran itself, and also from Islamic Mullahs. What a mighty force you are! Islam is personally the main reason hundreds of millions of Muslims hate America and the West for! I can just imagine them all up on the roof, firing their guns in the air and shouting "Allah o Akbar, Death to America, Death to Austere". It is essential to understand that what makes both "radical" and "moderate" Muslims dangerous to non-Muslim societies. It is not that Muslims are inherently bad people, but because they are Muslims! They would remain dangerous as long as they remain believing Muslims, believe that the things Islamic Allah commands them to do are sacred to them, written in stone, and that they have ‘no obligations’ to ever ask, think, or reject any verses of Allah.

In waging jihad and instituting Islamic Shariah in all lands of Allah, they are not being bad people as one may presume; they are just being Good Muslims! Thus, the question of moral goodness or badness, kindness or meanness, of individual Muslims is totally irrelevant from the point of view to the threat that Islam poses to non-Muslim societies. The issue is not the moral characteristics of an individual Muslim person, but that the unchanging and unchangeable character of Islam itself. Contrary to what it is known to all Muslims, as far as we are aware, mentioned or said many a times about Islam, that it is our opinions/principals are what inflames the Muslim sentiments against the West. Indeed, these views are far fetched from mainstream Muslims, who have probably never ever questioned the Quran or, for that matter, have never ever discreetly deciphered the foolish human lethargies in it. But even if they had done so, it is still unquestionable! And, suppose that these situations were changed? Suppose the spokesmen of the West began by saying clearly and consistently to Muslims: "We know what your religion is about; we know it commands the complete subjugation of humanity to the Islamic Shariah Laws, and you can't fool us with your concealments and your claims of moderateness, so don't even try. We know that you represent a mortal danger to our entire society, our freedoms, our cultural heritage, our ways of life, and everything we are". If that had to happen, Muslims would become ghastly enraged. Instead, they would not be impressed by these Western leaders who spoke the real truth about Islam to them with seriousness and force. Muslims would never respect those who have enough respect for Islam to speak the truth, instead of telling pretty lies. Do you think Muslims respect Obama and other Western leaders, who keep saying/reminding them how wonderful and tolerant Islam is? Of course, ‘not’! They despise them, even as they eagerly take advantage of their generosities of shelter, food, clothing, good education and money. The Muslims are living parasites, feeding on us, and draining us death!

But wouldn't such a statement enrage Muslims? It would in the present situation. As things are now, the pessimistic liberal West is constantly telling Muslims that ‘they tolerate everyone, they welcome diversity, and they see Islam as a great religion. Muslims take these statements as a grant of entitlement to them to move into Western societies and start gaining power by population growth. They often take multiple wives and have children as litters... They are licensed by Islam to ‘go fourth and rightfully produce’, whilst living on social benefits and never intend to work or even earn living by honest labor! So, when an isolated Islam critic suddenly says that Islam is the problem, it enrages the entitled Muslims, who are accustomed to total Western accommodationism and cowardice. If we are strong to Islam, the Muslims will see us as a worthy foe! But, so long as we coddle and embrace Islam, the odd truth speaker here and there, like Pope Benedict in his disastrous Regensburg address of some years ago, would certainly enraged them, just because the Pope was violating the assumed dhimmi arrangement and thus insulting their honor of religion.

Therefore, in excluding Muslims from Western lands, we are not discriminating or passing judgment against them as human beings; we are only protecting ourselves from the religion to which Muslims are inextricably linked. "What is to be done about Islam"?

Moreover, to state the truth—which no Muslim can ever deny—that Islam commands our total subjugation to Islam! And since we have no intentions of being subjugated to Islam, there has to be a way to stop this nonsense? We do need the culpability to change the radical mind of Islam!

Is it possible to do so?

Can we reform it, or even destroy it?

We tried to democratize it, but we have failed, as Islam can never be reformed! This bended ideology is what the prophet of Islam had formulated in his alleged divine verses, and later on, when they were complied into a book, the Quran, the compliers made it sure that the Quran remained two faced holy! These changes are not possible. To me, the only possible way we can assure safety for us and our future generations from the menace of Islam is to physically separate it from ourselves, so that Islam can cause no harm to us!

When we say that Islam is the problem, we do mean that Islam is a problem for us! Well, it is as much a problem for Muslims; just look at the Muslim countries and communities around the world and see it all yourself.

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