The division of Hindustan in 1947 should serve an eternal example for the West about its predicaments with the Muslim immigrants...

In the 1857 mutiny, when Muslims lost to the British Raj, their behavior against British became very severe and the terrorism and barbarism of 19th century started once again after a long deep slumber since 1526. Many different terrorist groups were founded, back-up by their terror-minded Mullahs, who educated and brainwashed them openly in their mosques.

This terrorism was not only targeted at the British Empire, but also towards the Hindus, Sikhs, and non-Muslims of India. While the British came to Hindustan as traders to exploit the market there, their incidental capture of power also liberated the Hindus from the tyranny of Islamic rule, which had lasted for more than consecutive 800 years.

This British occupation of power in India deprived Muslims from their Luxurious life, such are as below:

  • Tawaif (dancers + prostitution) culture

Tawaif’ is a Hindi word used for female dancers and prostitutes. These female entertainers danced half-naked to allure spectators, especially the Landlords and high officials, in order to make a living. Rich people, on the other side, spent lavishly. Point to be noted, the majority in these celebration parties were Muslim rulers, high officials and landlords etc. All attendees were men; their women were not allowed to join these parties.

  • Alcohol

Although alcohol is haram (banned) in Islam, it was also a favorite pastime for Muslim men. They drank heavily and spent their wealth lavishly upon female dancers.

  • Polygamy culture

Polygamy in Islamic culture does not require an introduction. This practice was very common among Mughal ruler and their high officials. For example, Akbar the Great had 5000 women in his harem, while Jahangir and Shahjahan had 5000-6000 each.

  • Sacrificing animals

Large-scale sacrifice of animals was another widespread custom amongst Muslims, which used to cause great trauma to the Hindus. Muslims enjoyed playing with the emotion and sensitivities of Hindus. Cow is a sacred animal for Hindus; but in Islam, the same poor cow has to be sacrificed to please Muslim’s Allah. For an example, Khajwa Moinuddin Chisti, the revere Sufi saint of Ajmer, after having settled there, used to ask his followers to bring everyday a cow in front of a major temple to sacrifice it there and made its meat into kebab for eating. The Hindus could not do anything about it, because might was always been as right.

  • Domination of their faith over others

If Islam would not be the religion of brutal force, I can say with certainty that this religion would not have crossed the boundary of Arabia. It is the Jihadi sword of Islam that brought this Arab Bedouin religion to far corners of the world, and in the process brutally dominated, even obliterated, others faiths -- Christianity, Judaism,  Buddhism, Hinduism and others -- in the lands Islam conquered.

Sepoy Mutiny 1857 : The so-called War of Independence

After the British Raj toppled the South Asian Muslim Empire, Muslim’s hatemongering and barbarism in accordance with the Quran and Muhammad's footprints was stirred up. It reminds me of the  Dracula movies story, where a bunch of people get together to kill Dracula by smiting his head off and burry it in a separate coffin, so that his head and body could not be reunited, lest he become live again to terrorize the earth. This exactly what happened in 1857, when Dracula’s students got together and remembered the teachings of their master, which they applied against the British—hoping to get their devilish way of life back once again.

Indeed, Muslims struggled hard and designed many evil tactics to throw the British Raj out of India in order to bring the Hindus again under their control. For this purpose, they rallied in the streets of cities, tried to convince Hindus that the British was their common enemy, hoping that they could join hands to dismantle the British hold from Hindustan. While a good number of Hindus fell to the Muslim ploy, but the majority of them were smart enough to learn many lessons from the Muslim-ruled past. They knew every snare of Muslims and their cunning designs.

Hindus were happy, after all, that they got liberation from Muslim’s tyrannies after many centuries, and they were, in one way, grateful to the British. So, while Muslims waged the 1857 mutiny against the British under the banner of Jihad, the Hindus mostly stayed away. Some foolish ones joined with the Muslim Jihadis, but others fought on the British side. The Sepoy Mutiny Jihad, thus, failed.

Then, about half a century later, came the movement for the independence of India, started by the Hindus-dominated Indian National Congress Party after its founding in 1885. This time, Muslims understood that in the Congress-led movement of independence, Muslims will lose the political domination in Independent India through democratic process. So, great Muslim leaders like Syed Ahmad Khan urged Muslims to join the British to oppose the Congress-led campaign for independence, because Christian rule was better than that of the idolatrous Hindus. Later, they formed a separate Political Party, the 'Muslim League', to counter the Congress Party.

Muslim League Party started nourishing and stirring up antagonism amongst Muslims against the Hindu-led Congress as well as the British. They started claiming their rights for a separate state, raised slogans against Hindus and British, which were echoed in the streets of India. Mob got infuriated, insurgency, revolts, protestation claimed many innocent Hindu lives. Their main propaganda was: Muslims and Hindus are two different nations and they can’t live together. Thus, Muslims demanded their separate state and the reason they put forward was that Islam does not accept Hinduism or any other religion; therefore, Muslim need their separate Islamic state, where they can practice their spiritual and religious laws freely.

Muslims were solely responsible for the chaos and mishaps across India; they killed many famous personalities before 1947. The magic spells of Muhammad the Dracula were working with full force, because their master had lifted up the ban on the killing of non-Muslims whenever needed.

Muslims have no compunction for killing non-Muslims and even so-called deviant Muslims, an example of which we saw recently in the assassination of Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab. His assassin openly claimed that "he has no remorse for what he has committed". And support for the assassin poured in from all walks of the Pakistani Muslim society.

In short, after maintaining unrest and their evil design, Muslims succeeded in dividing Hindustan into two states -- Pakistan and India -- which was formalized on August 14, 1947.

Muslims in the West and its Future

Many Muslims around the globe migrated to Western countries in hope of better life and their successful career, which they can never get in their own Islamic homeland. Open migration of Muslims is obviously dangerous and alarming for the West. Countries, such as Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada and America, have opened their doors and welcomed Muslims.

It is possible that Islam might never prevail among other civilizations that are inviting them as immigrants, but there is no guarantee of that. In this context, the example of Hindu-Muslim division in Hindustan should stand as an eternal lesson for the West or any other non-Muslim nation. Muslims are growing much faster through rapid breeding. So, if the magical spells that were taught to them by their master in a few decades, it might be too late for the West to cope with, and finally Muslims might start the same strategy as they did in India. The Islamic Dracula may rise here in the West from its slumber.

Muslims in the West are already trying hard to put their master's sanction of indiscriminate killing of the infidels. In time, they might start claiming that Christians and Muslims are two different nations; they can’t live together. For this reason, they might start violent campaigns to divide America, UK, Germany, etc. to create Muslim states with names, such as Americastan, Germanistan etc.

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