Do our peace-loving Muslim brothers know that they are already contributing to Islamic Jihad? Whether or not they knew it, apologists of Islam and various Islamic websites state so. Controlling temper, assisting others, struggling with their own soul, and struggling to quit smoking also come under ‘JIHAD’.

These Islamic apologists and websites have been striving hard to alter the original meaning of the word ‘JIHAD’. They try to emphasize that the word ‘jihad’ means a ‘spiritual struggle’ and has nothing to do with the terror, aggression or violence on the ‘infidels’, and sometimes even on peace-loving moderate Muslims, who become hurdles in their way of JIHAD. The core message of the ‘noble’ Quran to its followers is ‘To kill and to be killed’- (in ‘Allah’s way’ of course). By wrongly portraying ‘jihad’ simply as a ‘spiritual struggle’, they are working against their own Quranic teachings.

Jihad means killing & looting of the so-called ‘enemies’ of Islam, expanding Muslim territories, converting non-Muslims by deception (Taqiya), and suppressing the subjects of the land.

First of all, Islam is not a religion. Instead, it is a dangerous political system filled with terror, violence and conspiracies. So, there is no place for spirituality in Islam, or in Islamic Jihad for that matter. More than half of the Quran commands Muslims to eradicate those, who refuse to accept Muhammad as their prophet—be they the ‘infidels’ or the Munafiqs. In Quranic language, the word ‘prophet’ means to be a political leader. The term Munafiqs (hypocrites) refers to those Muslims, either born in Islam or infidel who converted to Islam deceptively for safety or without analyzing the Quranic message, and are trying to leave Islam after knowing its true message. Even those Muslims, the so-called moderate, who try to establish the dictates of Islam in the land in order to avoid its harsh reality, also qualify as Munafiqs. There many born and converted Muslim Munafiqs present in Muslim societies at all the time and can’t able to quit Islam because of death penalty for apostasy.

The Muslim apologists are sincerely following the Quranic teaching of ‘Taqiya’, which stands deceive non-Muslims as well as the ignorant average Muslims for the good of Islam. As part of their ‘Taqiya’ technique, they are knowingly going against the message of their holy book to the extent of rejecting a major portion of the Quran that deals only with jihad. They try to emphasize that the word ‘jihad’ means ‘internal spiritual struggle of each Muslim’, ‘struggle with inner conscience’ – for example a Muslim man fights against the evil within him – and all for attaining his ultimate destination, the Islamic Paradise of wine and virgins! (Refer: Quran: Sura2:25/ 3:15/ 4:57/ 37:43-50/ 38:52/ 44:54/ 52:20/ 55:56-58 & 70-74/ 56:17-23 & 35-38/ 76:19/ 78:32-34).


Here are the few deceptive statements about JIHAD that can be seen in the Islamic web sites, which goes against the actual meaning of the word ‘JIHAD’ mentioned in the Qur’an, which is eradicating all religions from the face of the earth by violence and aggression and replace them Islam alone. The following few deceptive quotes on Jihad, taken from Islamic websites (URL cited), would show how these deceptive Muslims are mesmerizing unaware westerners by spending millions of petro-dollars on false propaganda to establish their regime (of course ‘the regime of ‘Allah’). The only difference between Muhammad and the present Muslim rulers are Muhammad looted:

“……Jihad's meanings can easily encompass "…any kind of struggle which has spiritual significance. giving up smoking can count as jihad, for example, or controlling one's temper."

“…….promoting peace, harmony or cooperation, and assisting others"

1) "The real Jihad is the warfare against (one's own) passions.” ….."Jihad is the execution of effort against evil in the self and every manifestation of evil in society."

2) “….So the larger, more prevalent meaning of Jihad is the spiritual struggle of the soul….”

3) “…..Fight in the way of Allah those who fight against you…..” (Quran 2:190) (This deceptive verse is abrogated by the tons of other aggressive verses ‘revealed’ in later stages).

There are numerous similar Islamic websites that brainwash willing non-Muslim readers as well as the ignorant peace-loving Muslim readers, who don’t take the time to read the Quran by themselves, and become willing scapegoats of this deceptive Islamic propaganda.

Charity begins at home

The average Friday attendant Muslims, who listen to these sorts of lectures has no other go; except to believe it completely rather than scrutiny it. These so called average Muslims are the sworn enemies of themselves - who are determined not to read the original source of the jihad, which is the Quran. It is a matter of pity on the educated Muslims for not reading their holy book, once in their lifetime, in their own language, rather than depending on their mullahs for their life. The message for each Muslim is written in crystal clear verses of the Quran. All now require for each intellectual Muslim is to study the Quran in your understandable language once. As per the saying “Charity begins at home”, let this noble task start from we individuals.

There are tons of horrible hadiths, which dealt on the subject of jihad. There are some gutless Muslims who feel fear to face the reality of hadiths, escapes by saying that they don’t rely on the authenticity of hadiths. This is also the part of deceptive techniques of Muslim apologists to confuse the ignorant Muslims. The following few verses among hundreds, about the Islamic JIHAD are taken entirely from the Quran, for the reading pleasure of those Muslims who escapes to face the reality of Islam, by denying hadith scriptures, and totally relay on their peaceful and compassionate ‘authentic’ Quran. These few sample verses suffice the true intentions of the jihad. It is impossible for any thinking human being to come to any other conclusion based on a small sample of the following verses from the Quran that are self evident in their meaning:-

Snatching & living on non-Muslims’ hard earnings is part of a ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Quran 9:28: “O you who believe! …..Don’t worry about your poverty! Soon Allah will enrich you out of his bounty, for Allah is All-knowing and All-wise.” (A plan to enrich Muhammad’s bandits is explained in the next verse.)

Qur'an 9:29: "Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission."

The core message of the ‘religion of peace’ should have been, not to retaliate the attacks on Islam. In contrast, the ‘holy’ Quran commands Muslims to fight until they surrender. It further teaches to loot the wealth of non-Muslims in different names, such as booty, jizya – the protective tax, and taking the grains cultivated by them from their toil. This real jihad is interpreted as ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’ by the Muslim clergies.

Terrorizing, taking captives & killing non-Muslims are the various stages of ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:9:5: "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."

Qur'an:9:123: "Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you."

Qur'an:47:4: "When you clash with the unbelieving Infidels in battle (fighting Jihad in Allah's Cause), smite their necks until you overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making (them) captives. Thereafter either generosity or ransom (them based upon what benefits Islam) until the war lays down its burdens. Thus are you commanded by Allah to continue carrying out Jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam."


Non-Muslims are unorganized fools and never know about our organized jihad; the ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:48:22: "If the unbelieving infidels fight against you, they will retreat. (Such has been) the practice (approved) of Allah in the past: no change will you find in the ways of Allah."

Qur'an:8:65: "O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the infidels are a people devoid of understanding."


To kill & to get killed is the motto of ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:9:111: "…..The Believers fight in Allah's Cause; they slay and are slain, kill and are killed."


O Muslims! Don’t cling to worldly life. Get killed earlier while on ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:9:38: "Believers, what is the matter with you that when you are asked to go forth and fight in Allah's Cause you cling to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? Unless you go forth, He will afflict and punish you with a painful doom, and put others in your place."


The ‘best business deal’ offered by Allah (Muhammad) to Muslims on ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an: 9:88: "The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah's Cause."

Quran:9:111: “Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden (Paradise) will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded with Allah. That is the supreme success.”

Qur’an: 61:10-12: “O who you believe! Shall I guide you to a ‘trade’ that will save you from a painful torment ….. you strive hard and fight in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives, that will better for you, if you know! If you do so, he will you your sins, and admits you into gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwellings in eternal paradise; that is indeed a great success.”


Establishing Allah’s (of course Muhammad’s) regime, is the ultimate goal of ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur’an: 2:193: “And fight them on until there is no more persecution. And the religion (regime) becomes Allah's.”

Qur'an:8:39: "Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah."


Helpless Allah depended on jihadies’ strength to butcher his own creation, so as to establish His (Muhammad’s) regime on earth by ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:4:104: "And don’t be weak in the pursuit of the enemy."

Qur'an:9:14: "Fight them and Allah will punish them by your hands, lay them low, and cover them with shame. He will help you over them."

Qur'an:8:65: "O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the infidels are a people devoid of understanding."


Grievous punishment for the peace loving Muslims (hypocrites – Muhafiqs) who keeps away themselves from jihad; the ‘SPRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:4:76: "Those who believe fight in the Cause of Allah."

Qur'an:4:77: "Have you not seen those to whom it was said: Withhold from fighting, perform the prayer and pay the zakat. But when orders for fighting were issued, a party of them feared men as they ought to have feared Allah. They say: 'Our Lord, why have You ordained fighting for us, why have You made war compulsory?'"

Qur'an:4:78: "Wherever you are, death will find you, even if you are in towers strong and high! So what is wrong with these people that they fail to understand these simple words?"

Qur'an:4:84: "Then fight (Muhammad) in Allah's Cause. Incite the believers to fight with you."

Qur'an:4:75: "What reason have you that you should not fight in Allah's Cause?" [Another translation says:] "What is wrong with you that you do not fight for Allah?"

Quran:9:73: “ Fight the disbelievers and hypocrites. Be harsh with them. They are all going to hell anyway.”

Qur'an:48:16: "Say (Muhammad) to the wandering desert Arabs who lagged behind: 'You shall be invited to fight against a people given to war with mighty prowess. You shall fight them until they surrender and submit. If you obey, Allah will grant you a reward, but if you turn back, as you did before, He will punish you with a grievous torture."


Peace loving Muslims’ lives & wealth is not guaranteed (!!)

Qur'an:8:72: "Those who accepted Islam and left their homes to fight in Allah's Cause with their possessions and persons, and those who gave (them) asylum, aid, and shelter, those who harbored them - these are allies of one another. You are not responsible for protecting those who embraced Islam but did not leave their homes [to fight] until they do so." [Another translation reads:] "You are only called to protect Muslims who fight."


Jihadies are superior and are guaranteed paradise for their ‘SPRITUAL STRUGGLE’

There are only two categories among the male Muslims according to the standards of Islam: 1/ Jihadies, 2/ Hypocrites. There is no other categories are remained other than the above two, such as the ‘Moderate Muslims’, ‘pious Muslims’,

Quran 61:4: "Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure,".

Qur'an:4:95: "Not equal are believers who sit home and receive no hurt and those who fight in Allah's Cause with their wealth and lives. Allah has granted a grade higher to those who fight with their possessions and bodies to those who sit home. Those who fight He has distinguished with a special reward."

Qur'an:8:73-74: "The unbelieving infidels are allies. Unless you (Muslims) aid each other (fighting as one united block to make Allah's religion victorious), there will be confusion and mischief. Those who accepted Islam, left their homes to fight in Allah's Cause (al-Jihad), as well as those who give them asylum, shelter, and aid - these are (all) Believers: for them is pardon and bountiful provision (in Paradise)."


No ‘friendly-fire’ during the loot; ie ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:4:94: "Believers, when you go abroad to fight wars in Allah's Cause, investigate carefully, and say not to anyone who greets you: 'You are not a believer!' Coveting the chance profits of this life (so that you may despoil him). With Allah are plenteous spoils and booty."

Quran:48:29: “Those with Muhammad are ruthless toward disbelievers and merciful toward themselves.”


Give well-protection to the crime-syndicate during jihad; a ‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’

Qur'an:4:102 : "When you (Prophet) lead them in prayer, let some stand with you, taking their arms with them. When they finish their prostrations, let them take positions in the rear. And let others who have not yet prayed come - taking all precaution, and bearing arms. The Infidels wish, if you were negligent of your arms, to assault you in a rush. But there is no blame on you if you put away your arms because of the inconvenience of rain or because you are ill; but take precaution. For the Unbelieving Infidels Allah hath prepared a humiliating punishment."

The above verse was fabricated by Muhammad to ensure his personal safety and security, while he was personally led the raids. The practice (Sunnah) of guarding the Mafia boss (i.e.) Muhammad is followed even today by the Arab Sheikhs wherever necessary to protect the ruling family members and the high-ranking officials, who are eventually from the ruling family. For example, if you happen to see the live telecast of prayers at Mecca on TV, note carefully the armed guarded protecting the Imaam and the important potatoes of the ruling family, who always lineup in the first row nearer to Imaam. Who do they fear while praying to Allah inside the ‘Baith-Allah’?


Loot (‘SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’) first! Pray later!

Muhammad used the five times prayers, as a deceptive logic to collect his followers all the time around him to fight against his so called enemies, and to use them as his all time bodyguards.

Qur'an:4:100-101: "He who leaves his home in Allah's Cause finds abundant resources and many a refuge. Should he die as a refugee for Allah and His Messenger His reward becomes due and sure with Allah. When you travel through the earth there is no blame on you if you curtail your worship for fear unbelievers may attack you. In truth the disbelievers are your enemy."

Note: I refrained from making comments on the above-mentioned ‘spiritual’ messages from the ‘holy’ Quran, and would very much like to read what readers think. In what way can those Quranic verses be connected to “GIVING UP SMOKING CAN COUNT AS JIHAD” – as thosee Islamic websites are boasting.


CONCLUSION: Verses in the Quran covering the subject of ‘JIHAD’ are way too many to be included all in this short article. All I want is to stimulate the enthusiastic, truth-seeking and intelligent Muslims to read the Quran ‘Cover to Cover’ at least once by themselves. Out of 6236 total verses of the Quran, half of it is dealt on the subject of jihad alone, and I have quoted only a few above. Moderate Muslims reading this article need not trust my words, but I urge them to trust the ‘holy’ Quran that may be lying on their book shelf. Just refer to the above mentioned verses in it – ‘for the sake of Allah’!! When a Muslim would refer to these verses, it will be very difficult for any thinking person to leave that Quran again sitting idle on the book shelf before completing it ‘cover to cover’.

I write on Islam only for motivating Muslims to read the actual content from their ‘holy’ book by themselves. It is impossible for any intellectual Muslim to fit in the moral teachings of the Quran anywhere in his life. Not a single page of the Quran is free from barbaric and disgusting ideas. I urge Muslims to read the Quran just once, and try to calibrate the level of their ‘EEMAAN’ (faith). It is my challenge to your intellect!

With that, I conclude this article on deceptive Islamic propaganda on ‘JIHAD’ portraying as ‘A SPIRITUAL STRUGGLE’ and equating it ‘QUITNG SMOKING’.

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