In part 1 of this article, I tried to bring your attention to the playful way the Saudis celebrate the sacred month of Islam, "Ramadan", which is very different from the way solemn way non-Arab Muslims observe this month. In this essay, let us analyze the facts, which make Ramadan a very auspicious month to non-Arab Muslims but a playful one to Muslims of the Sacred Land of Islam.

I am an Indian ex-Muslim. Here, I won’t be discriminated by my Muslim society even if I don’t pray once in a whole year and won’t face any social boycott either as long as I pay the monthly donation to the mosque authorities to meet out their expenses and salaries for the lazy and good-for-nothing Mullahs. But I can’t escape from observing the fasting ritual of Ramadan. In this month, I have to prove myself to the Muslim community that I am still a Muslim to protect my status quo in society. I have to be a hypocrite during the month of Ramadan if I want to be a part of my society.

Whereas in Saudi Arabia, situation is quite opposite. Hypocrisy is a part of life everywhere in Saudi Arabia. Being not religious will affect their career and business. So most of the educated Saudis and the businessmen, who care about their career, try their best to pretend to be religious. As I worked in the government department, I have seen many hypocrites, who were promoted and got benefited in all respects. The illiterate Bedouins never care about prayers, because they know very well that even if they pretend to be religious, they won’t get promoted in their positions due to their lack of education. It is a great pity that the educated community of Saudi Arabia, who has the power of the intellect, have become coward and hypocrite, bowing down to the fear of the sword of Islam. Most of the educated Saudis are not happy in spite of their sound economic conditions. There is no liberty and freedom of expression. Draconian and cruel laws prevent them from coming out openly to express their views.

The month Ramadan, at least, provides them some relaxation. They eagerly wait for the Ramadan after frustrating eleven months. The Saudis never miss the chance to celebrate their favorite month, the Ramadan.

Let us investigate the reasons behind this differential perspective of the Ramadan between Arab and non-Arab countries. Islamic teachings play a vital role behind this. Muslims of different culture were taught Islam in different ways by the Mullahs according to the indigenous people’s pre-Islamic taste and culture.

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 3, THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE (CAPTER 50), HADITH NO. 129: “You should preach Islam to the people according to their mental caliber. So that they may not convey wrong things about Allah and His messenger.

Based on this Hadith the Islamic conquers, rulers and mullahs taught Islam to their conquered subjects according to the latter's taste.

AHADITH WHICH ARE NOT PREACHED BY THE MULLAHS TO THE NON-ARAB MUSLIMS: Remember most of the Ahadith were purely dedicated to the male followers of Muhammad.


In pre-Islamic times, the fasting of Ramadan was a pagan Arabian ritual, introduced by the tribes of Yamane, and was practiced by the pagan Arabs with the same features and characteristics as the Islamic Ramadan. The same applies to the rituals of Haj and Umra. For example, running between the hills, circumambulation of the Kaaba, shaving the head, sacrificing animals, and wearing special dress (Ihram) etc. during the Haj pilgrimage were purely pagan customs. The Hindus of Indian have followed similar customs in their temples rituals for thousands of years till this day. (Muhammad had either stolen these rituals from the Hindus or the idolaters of India and Arabia had practised similar rituals during Muhammad's times).

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI VOL 3:116-17,219-20 & VOL 5:172: Aisha the mother of the believers said, “Fasting practice was the custom of pagan Quraish. So Muhammad used to fast and later he Islamized the pagan customs."

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI VOL 3:222-23: When Muhammad came to Medina he saw the Jews fasting on the day of Ashura. Muhammad too started fasting on that day and ordered his companions to do so (So as to please, persuade and bribe the Jews to join his cult).


Of course he is, because Allah is after all Muhammad’s own creation, his shadow. Islamic sources verify this assertion, too.


SAHIH AL BUKHARI, VOL 3:128: Allah said, “The deed of fasting by a Muslim is purely for me and I will give the reward for it.”


Beautiful Alaska, where the Sun doesn't set in months, how
to observe fast in Ramadan as Allah commands (Q 2:187):
“Eat and drink until white thread of dawn appears to you
and then complete your fast till the night appears."

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 4:140: Muhammad said, “Double reward for the non-fasting Muslims in Ramadan.”

SUNAAN OF ABU DAWUD, HADITH NO: 2458-59: Muhammad said, “A woman is not to fast except with her husband permission.” (How could Muhammad override the command of Allah, if he believed in the supremacy of Allah?)

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 3, THE BOOK OF FASTING, CHAPTER 10, p. 71: Fasting is recommended for those who fear committing illegal sexual relation. (Good reason of fasting)

SAHIH AL-BUKARI VOL 3:129: Muhammad recommended fasting to those who cannot afford to marry, as fasting will diminish their sexual power. (This special recommendation is for Muhammad’s black slaves, whom he deprived by not giving the women captives, though they fought for him in the forefront for “Allah’s cause”, aka Jihad!).


QURAN 2:187: Allah said, “Eat and drink until white thread of dawn appears to you and then complete your fast till the night appears.” (This is the message from the wise and well-acquainted Allah, who is ignorant of his own creation. This verse of His will not suit to people living in the far Polar Regions such as Alaska, where the sun doesn’t set for months. Allah doesn’t want the Muslims to conquer these regions?)


SAHIH AL-BUKHARI/ VOL 3: 162,177-79: Muhammad had broken his fast before the sunset.

There are so many verses scattered throughout the Quran from the all-knowing, all-wise Allah which reveals His lack of knowledge in geography and astronomy. Here, I wish to quote two such verses for the reader’s pleasure.

QURAN: AL-KAHF (18:83-86): Allah said, “ Zulkharnain reached the setting place of the sun. He saw that IT SET IN BLACK MUDDY HOT WATER.” (The sun, which is million times bigger than the earth, sets in the pool of muddy water? Educated Muslims, pay your attention!)

QURAN: AL-MULK (67:3-5) & QURAN: AS-SAFFAAT (37:6-9): Allah said, “We created 7 heavens one above the other and decorated the lowest heaven with lamps – The Stars. We made such lamps as missiles to drive away Satan, who try to listen the conversation of the higher group -- i.e., Conversation between Allah and his angels.” (Even the kindergarten children will laugh on these fairy tales).

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 4:421: Muhammad said, “The sun prostrate itself underneath the throne of Allah and seek permission for its next day’s rise and Allah orders it to return!

Educated Muslims, please open your intellectual eyes and find numerous such ridiculous verses scattered all over the Quran. I urge you to read it with an analytical mind.


Those who studied the Quran and Ahadith have known how harmful these books are to civility in sexual matters and to inciting terrorism against innocent people. The fighting & killing verses are repeated at least 35,000 times in the Quran - the sacred book of the "religion of peace”.

Here I like to bring to the attention of readers some of the Ramadan-related sexual deeds of Muhammad and his companions, which are taken from the authentic collection of Hadiths. These are very soft Hadiths, which are water downed version of the true character of Muhammad.

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 3:149-50: Aisha, mother of the believers said to Muslims, “Muhammad used to kiss and embrace his wives, while he was fasting and he had more power to control his desires (!) than any of you.

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 3:151: Zainab, mother of the believers, said, “I and Muhammad used to take a bath from one water pot and he used to kiss me while he was fasting.”

SAHIH AL-BUKHARI, VOL 3:156-58: Muhammad permitted his companion to pay expiation, who had sexual intercourse with his wife intentionally while he was fasting.

SUNAN ABU DAWUD, 2385: Umar (Father-in-law of Muhammad) kissed his wife while fasting and Muhammad said to him, it is OK.

SUNAN ABU DAWUD, 2470-71: Saffiya, the mother of the believers, visited Muhammad in the mosque while Muhammad was in his ITIKAAF.

SUNAN ABU DAWUD, 2467-69: Aisha, the mother of the believers, combs Muhammad's head while he was observing ITIKAAF.

SUNAN ABU DAWUD, 2387: Muhammad allowed old men to embrace and kiss their women, but prohibited the young men to do so. (Because Muhammad and his all Father-in-laws were old??)

SUNAN ABU DAWUD, 2382-86: Aisha, the mother of the believers, said, " Muhammad used to kiss and SUCK HER TOUNG, while he was fasting.”


I urge the followers of Islam, particularly the non-Arab Muslims, to follow the above holy norms, set by the Prophet of Islam, concerning the fasting in Ramadan. Don’t punish yourselves under strict norms to pretend yourselves holier than Muhammad. Allah Himself has said in the holy Quran that Muhammad is an ideal person in all mankind and orders Muslims to follow Muhammad’s Sunna.

QURAN: AL-AHZAB (33:21): Allah said, "O people! You have in Muhammad, the beautiful pattern of conduct for anyone to follow.”

QURAN: AL-AHZAB (33:36): Allah said, “No Muslim has any choice after Allah & His Messenger decided a matter.”

Finally, a lot more can be written about the cult of Muhammad – one of the greatest criminal humanity has ever witnessed. It is better for the truth-seeking intelligent Muslims to study Islam on their own without the help of any Islamic scholar. The illiterate and ill-fated Saudi Bedouins has no choice, but to follow Islam, for being born in Saudi Arabia under the ruthless of Sharia.

The same Bedouins get astonished to see the strictness and piety the practicing non-Arab Muslims show toward Islam.

Non-Arab Muslims! It is time for you to act. Otherwise, you are deserved to be a MAAFI MUQH (a FOOL), as the Saudi Bedouin calls you.

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