On 31 August 2014, Imams of Britain issued a fatwa, prohibiting British Muslims from supporting and joining the barbaric Islamic State Jihadi terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. The fatwa termed the Islamic State's ideology as “poisonous” and supposedly against the teachings of Islam.

There has been way too many such fatwas over recent years with little impact. Muslims just seem to ignore such fatwas as western-living Muslims joining Jihadi cults both home and abroad continue swelling. It is estimated that at least 500 British Muslims, twice the number of Muslims serving in the British Army, have joined the barbaric Islamic State Jihadi group in Iraq and Syria.

Under these circumstances, and given the seriousness of the danger the world stands face to face with Islamic Jihadi terrorism, the British Imams should have issued a fatwa as follows that could have some beneficial impact for humanity if at all any:



Due to recent events in the Middle East and their impact on all the peoples of the world, we as imams and scholars of the UK would like to issue the following clarifications in the form of a fatwa.

  1. Islam is certainly not a Religion of Peace but an oppressive, unjust and brutal military ideology that aims to conquer the world for imaginary Allah and has committed endless atrocities against kafirs throughout its 1400-year history.
  2. The same is true of Prophet Muhammad, the so-called last messenger of God and disseminator of the Quran, who was an oppressive warlord and master criminal and committed acts of mass murder claiming upwards of 3,000 human lives, molested and raped a child, raped his war-captives and sex slaves, owned and traded in slaves, engaged in terrorism and torture, robbed and pillaged. We hereby declare without equivocation that Muhammad was never a prophet of God, he never communicated with God and not one word of the Quran is from God, but came from the brain and mouth of Muhammad himself. Islam is not only totally and completely false, but also a most horrendous Evil in the Name of God.

  3. Islam's persecution and massacres of kafirs including but not limited to Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Hindus, and Buddhists over the past 1,400 years have resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths (~270 millions), which is the worst holocaust in history. Islam has also lead to enslavement of hundreds of millions of human beings during its 1400-year history. These horrendous atrocities and barbarism of Islam against mankind, directly sanctioned and commanded by the Quran and initiated by Muhammad, is a worst affront to the goodness of a supposedly loving God.

  4. Killing and enslavement in the name of and for the glory of God is greatest crime. Islam, therefore, stands to be the worst evil contrived by man and Muhammad remains the greatest criminal in history.

  5. All peoples of the world, including Muslims, are bound by their duty to safeguard democracy and freedom of their home countries, and oppose any ideology that aims to democracy and freedom. Given Islamic theology and jurisprudence is the worst enemy of democracy and freedom, it is therefore prohibited (haram) to practice Islam.

This is obviously our last fatwa as we, by the issuance of this fatwa, have renounced Islam and declared that we are now apostates. It is our utmost hope that all members of our beloved Muslim community in the UK and all Muslims of the world will pay heed to our fatwa and stand shoulder to shoulder with all humanity.


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