“He did this because he wanted to reach paradise and assure paradise for his family. He wanted to be a martyr.” – Friend of Canadian Jihadi terrorist Martin Rouleau.

Bukhari: 4852:220: “Allah’s Apostle (Prophet Muhammad) said, “I have been made victorious with terror”

Quran 3:151: "Soon shall We cast terror into the Hearts of the Unbelievers"

If we foil 1000 terrorist attacks but fail on the 1001th, then terrorists win, we lose.

In recent years, Canadian police have foiled a number of Islam-inspired terror plots. On April 22, 2013, Canadian intelligence services arrest two men allegedly trained by al-Qaeda operatives in Iran and charged them with plotting to derail a New York City-bound passenger train in the greater Toronto area, while on June 2, 2006 Canadian authorities arrested 18 al-Qaeda inspired Muslims for plotting a massive terror act in the nation's capital. The plot, planned by the so-called "Toronto 18”, involved storming the Parliament building, taking over a national TV broadcasting station, seizing dozens of hostages and beheading the prime minister.

But the Canadian authorities failed twice in the space of 2 days (20 & 21 October 2014) to foil two separate terrorist attacks in which home-grown Muslim Jihadis murdered 2 soldiers, and spread panic and terror throughout the Capital City of Ottawa.

Convert to Islam Martin Rouleau, who committed the first attack, adopted the Facebook handle “Ahmad Rouleau”, or the Twitter name “Abu Ibrahim AlCanadi” and created his account on the Muslim social media site Ummaland, wearing the face-covering of a jihadi bearing his copy of the Qur’an like a trophy. One Canadian soldier was run over to death in the attack.

“It was a terrorist attack and Martin died like he wanted to. That’s what happened,” one close friend, who asked not to be named, told the Star.

The next day, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, also a fellow Canadian convert to Islam, unleashed a terrorist attack on the Canadian parliament house in Ottawa. Another unarmed soldier was killed in the attack, while hail of shootings in the Parliament House left parliamentarians terrified and locked down for many hours.


Prime Minister Steven Harper in his address to the nation stated: “This week’s events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world.”

“We are also reminded that attacks on our security personnel and our institutions of governance are by their very nature attacks on our country, on our values, on our society, on us Canadians as a free and democratic people who embrace human dignity for all. But let there be no misunderstanding. We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated.”


Muslims Claim Victimhood

Canadian police were working with Martin Rouleau to help him out of his extremist thinking. “Police met repeatedly with Mr. Rouleau, his family and the imam at the mosque he attended, trying to talk him down from his newfound obsession with Islamist extremism. We wanted to avoid his turning to violence,” a police superintendent said.

Mr. Bekkari, the president of the Al-Imane mosque where Mr. Couture-Rouleau worshipped, said: “We’re overwhelmed. We just want to live and let live, and we feel like we’re being punished for something that has nothing to do with this”.

While the Ottawa police failed completely to defend the Parliament and Ottawa from Muslim terrorist attacks, they, immediately after the terror attacks, sent a proclamation to Muslims promising to defend the mosques. (Just received email message from @OttawaPolice Chief Charles Bordeleau #ottshooting #OttawaShooting).

Canadian police had earlier confiscated the passports of both of those two Muslim individuals to prevent them from traveling overseas as they had intended to go fight Jihad in the cause of Islam in Syria and Iraq. And despite their own claim of Islam-inspired fervor that led to these terrorist attacks, Canadian politicians and media continue ignoring the Islamic theological connection, and deem that such attacks are a violent perversion of the peaceful faith of Islam.

The reality is: the Quran and Islam are massive hate mines. Islam preaches hatred of Christians, Jews and all other kafirs (Jews are apes and pigs, Quran 2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166), and urges Muslims to unleash violent Jihad to exterminate them if they refuse to submit to the supremacy of Islam.

Whoever has a basic reading of the Quran and Muhammad's prophetic tradition would know, like the two terrorists themselves, that they were obeying exactly the teachings of the Quran and the example of Prophet Muhammad.

When Martin Rouleau's friend said, “He (Rouleau) did this because he wanted to reach paradise and assure paradise for his family. He wanted to be a martyr”, Martin was simply obeying the teaching of Quran 9:111:

“Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden (Paradise) will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain”.

Meaning of verse 9:111 need no explaining. A Muslim who kills infidels or get killed in trying to fulfill the teachings of verses 9:5, 9:29 and others, exhorting murder, rape, terror, and torture are guaranteed accession to Allah's paradise, a celestial whorehouse filled with full-breasted, lustrous-eyed eternal virgins for sexual enjoyment of the blessed entrants for all eternity. About the sensual attractions of Allah's whorehouse, the Quran says:

"As for the righteous (Muslims)... We (Allah) shall wed them to beautiful virgins with lustrous eyes." [Q 44:51-54]

“The righteous (Muslims) they shall triumph... Theirs shall be voluptuous women" [Q 78:31-33]

Each blessed martyr of Islam are promised 72 such virgins for perpetual sexual enjoyment. One may find more about Islamic paradise in the Qur'an: Surat 37:40-48, 44:51-55, 52:17-20, 55:56-58, 70-77, 56:7-40, and 78:31.

The most evilest and dangerous thing about Islam is that horrifying verses such as 9:111 and many others of the Quran that calls for murder, slaughter, rape and terrorization of non-Muslims and deviants are believed to be exact words of God Almighty Allah, and every Muslim is commanded to acts upon every commands and teachings of every verses of the Quran.

To Muslims, who are committed to the teachings of the Quran and prophetic tradition, those two brave Muslim individuals' heroic terrorist attacks were nothing but holy martyrdom operations as urged in verses like 9:111, 9:5, 9:29, 2:193 and 47:4 etc. for killing the lowest of the low infidels, and their death in the process would qualify them as Allah's anointed Jihadi martyrs, who would get instant accession to Islam's brothelish Paradise for ceaseless sexual orgy with 72 virgins.

Undoubtedly Muslim associations and mosques in Canada will rush to condemn those two killers, terming such acts of terrorism as un-Islamic, but NO ONE will condemn the terrorism-inspiring teachings of the Quranic verses 9:111, 9:29, 9:5, 47:4, 5:33, 8:12 and others.

All peace-loving Muslims should understand that only by pointing out the dangerous terrorism-inspiring verses of the Quran, and a conscious efforts to deal with them, can help prevent such terrorist attacks. On the other hand, holding on to the belief that the Quran is the all-good and immutable divine teachings of the Almighty Allah will only continue breeding more innocent victims like those two Canadian Jihadi Muslims. And condemning the Jihadist victims of the teachings of the same Quran is a vile act and it helps nothing.

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