al baghdadi2014 has been a historical year for Islam – a year of the normalization of Islamic evil and disastrous year for freedom.

And the Man of The Year for 2014 is unequivocally the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, although the Time magazine offered it to the Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi.

Adolf Hitler, who won the Man Of The Year in 1938, declared: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Hitler’s 1000-year Reich lasted only 12 years, during which he conquered 25 countries and murdering some 21 million people. It has since become history.

Baghdadi's ISIS, in a spectacular show of force in 2014, conquered large parts of Syria and Iraq, and in the process has rationalized pure evil as normal and made it an integral part of everyday life certainly in the territory under its control. In reality, Baghdadi's ISIS simply has replicated the barbarism of Muhammad at the founding of Islam in 7th century Arabia – his mass-murders, beheadings, slavery, rapings as recorded in the Sunna – and also sanctioned in the holy Quran.

Those barbarisms of Prophet Muhammad made him, according to author Michael Hart, the most influential person in history, even far greater than Hitler. And the key to Muhammad's incredible influence upon humankind was his creation of a god in his imagination, called Allah, and founding of a religion of war, called Islam, based on the Quran, the supposed holy book of divine words of his imaginary Allah. Muhammad's cult of Islam, founded on greed and plunder, has over the past 1400 years grown from a mere handful of 100 followers into a powerhouse of 57 nations that was achieved through brutal jihadi conquests that murdered 270,000,000 kafirs. An incredible 1.6 billion followers of Islam today are ready to kill anyone showing the slightest of insult or disrespect toward Muhammad, already dead for 1400 years.

The year 2014 saw the totality of Prophet Muhammad’s evil cumulated in ISIS and Boko Haram with the rapid Islamization and terrorization of the West. In just 13 years since 911, the seventh-century barbarism of Muhammad has become mainstream in countries like Iraq, Syria and Nigeria, while making serious inroads in many Western countries – Canada, Britain Australia, America, and France to name a few. As the evils of Islam become increasingly accepted in Western countries, speaking against this evil starts to become unacceptable and target of persecution. The persecution of ex-Muslim film-maker Imran Firasat by the Spanish government being one such case. In another case, a Canadian man was jailed for 18 months for calling Islam evil.

Widespread support for barbaric ISIS among Muslims

However shockingly barbaric and despicable the horror acts of ISIS may appear to non-Muslims, they have received widespread support and even sworn allegiance from Muslims and pious Islamic groups from every Islamic nations and communities – whether in the East or the West.

Devout Islamic groups from moderately Islamic Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh to the Boko Haram of Nigeria have sworn their allegiance to ISIS. Among Muslims in the West, support for ISIS is incredibly high. In the Netherlands, surveys have found 65% Moroccan-origin and 80% Turkish Muslims have support for ISIS, while 69% French Muslims support the ISIS Jihadists.


Prophet Muhammad had established slavery, sex-slavery and dealing in slaves as normative traditions in Islam. Here is an ISIS video proclaiming Slave Market Day. A devout Muslim at start of the video quotes the example of Muhammad and Quran verse 33:50 in support of the slavery practised by ISIS:

“O Prophet, indeed We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have given their due compensation and those your right hand possesses from what Allah has returned to you [of captives] ….”

And accordingly ISIS have enslaved large numbers of Yazidi and Christian women, and are selling them in their slave markets.

ISIS has carried out beheading, crucifixion, impaling, even of children and women in the likeness of the brutalities perpetrated by Muhammad in the 7th century Arabia.

ISIS have called for murder of hundreds of millions. They have even used small children to behead prisoners.

The horror acts of ISIS get increasingly horrifying, but they no longer shock us like they did at the start of their conquest of Mosul in mid-2014 and the mass executions and beheadings of Iraqi soldiers captured on video. Even in the West, we are becoming a society mentally immune to mindless Jihadi barbarisms.

Muhammad had institutionalized violence in Islam through his 62 attacks, murders and massacres. ISIS and Boko Haram is emulating the same. And sworn agents of these most barbaric groups are spreading their tentacles in the West, successfully carrying out attacks in America, Canada, Australia, France and Belgium, making 2014 the worst year since 911. While such attacks become increasingly commonplace and lethal in Western countries, we become increasingly passive and tolerant toward those attacks. The assassination of 2 police officers in New York by Islam-inspired Muslims is not even being reported as Muslim crimes even though the perpetrators in their Facebook pages had such Quranic (8:60) inscriptions as “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah”.

France has suffered repeated Islam-inspired attacks by Muslims in the past few months. The Christmas Muslim carnage that prompted France to put a thousand soldiers on the street was called an act of mental illness.

Despite the perpetrators' clearly stated Islamic reasons, the attacks in Canada and Australia were also declared a result of mental illness.

2014 was the year of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a fitting protege of Prophet Muhammad. The trend is likely to continue or get even worse in 2015.

Prime Minister Modi may have generated considerable optimism about transforming India into an economic powerhouse and an important global player. But he doesn't come close to the influence Al Baghdadi has stamped upon the world in the year 2014. Leaders of nations all across the globe spend sleepless nights thanks to Al Baghdadi. Al Baghdadi is the fitting Man of the Year 2014.


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