A new book has been published in German and English by author Zahid Khan, titled “The Criminal Acts of Prophet Mohammed.” The author demonstrates that Muhammad, instead of being a true Prophet of God, was misguided by his own evil pursuits and ambitions. His success was not due to the depth of his religious insights, but rather due to animating thousands of idled Arabs by the prospect of spoils and sex-slaves on earth and even more virgins and material pleasures in the hereafter.


When Muhammad died suddenly, thousands of followers tried to escape the clutches of Islam, triggering the bloody Wars of Apostasy (Ridda). But the trap had been closed, and even today it is a capital crime to leave Islam. The only way to open the Islamic trap is to expose the evil nature of Islam for all to see.

While the book is sold in the U.S. only in Kindle format via Amazon.com, that hasn’t stopped German Islamists, namely Stefan Salim Nagi and Pierre Vogel, from allegedly trying to prosecute Mr. Khan or arrange for his assassination. These days, such attempts to silence an author courageous enough to tell the truth about Islam are as valuable for book sales as a Pulitzer Prize. Just ask Salmon Rushdie, Taslima Nasrin, or Geert Wilders.

Readers who want a hard copy of the book can obtain it through Mr. Khan’s publisher at http://www.khanverlag.de/. The website translates into English for easy navigation, and buyers can pay through Paypal. (Be sure to select the English version, as after translation both book titles appear the same on the website.)

To give readers an idea of the scope of Muhammad’s criminal acts, here is a short synopsis of the 32 failings Muhammad owns up to in the book’s narrative:

1. I ordered the veiling women, which was never ordered by God

2.  I ordained polygamy, which was not God’s plan

3.  I also conceived the special dispensation for me to marry any woman I wished

4. I made many pronouncements that were driven by my lust for women

5.  I even captured and raped Jewish married women and kept them in my harem

6.  I determined that a woman’s testimony only counted as half that of a man

7.  I ordained that men could beat their women if they were disobedient

8.  I began attacking caravans (at Nakhla) against God’s wishes

9.  I ordered the killing of poets who criticized me

10. I made God angry by refusing to make peace with Jews and Christians

11.  I authorized and participated in the beheading of 900 Jewish men

12.  I made a law authorizing the murder of non-believers, against God’s will

13.  I called Jews “rats” even though they were descendants of Abraham

14.  I, at the end of my life, refused God’s request that I clean up the Quran of all the corrupt laws I had written into it

15.  I refused God’s request that I divorce myself from all the women except Aisha

16.  I refused God’s request that I go to Rome and unite with the Christian church

17.  I wanted my religion to wipe out all other religions

18.  I refused God’s request to work towards uniting Islam with Judaism and Christianity, because I did not like it

19.  I ordained that Muslim men could have up to four wives so the Muslim population would increase quickly

20.  I saw God’s form but did not witness this to my followers

21.   I refused to partner with Jesus because I wanted my own religion

22.   I left Archangel Gabriel with no choice but to form a new religion

23.   I ignored the words of God transmitted through Archangel Gabriel

24.   I refused God’s request to edit out my own passages in the Quran

25.  I acknowledge responsibility for the hostility between Israel and Palestine to this day

26.  I exiled Jewish tribes from their land without sympathy or compassion

27.  I refused God’s request that I love the Jewish people as I loved my own family members

28.  I ordered the killing of all other prophets so that I would be the last prophet

29. I extracted draconian commands from the Old Testament and old Arabian laws, despite signs from heaven calling on me to have more compassion

30.  I authorized men to divorce their wives simply by saying “I divorce you” three times

31.  I forbade anyone to marry my widows because I was afraid they would abandon me in the spiritual world

32.  I knew the promise of virgins in Paradise for martyrs was valid only during my lifetime, but I never informed my followers of this limitation.

Of course, these were only the sins that Muhammad actually acknowledged in the book.  There are many more, like raping nine year old Aisha or extorting jizyah from non-Muslims, that could be added to the list. Still, the thirty-two admissions put this Prophet in a class – all by himself.

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