Once again black smoke in the sky (from burning U.S. embassies), another episode of loss of innocent human lives, and destruction of world peace. Caused by who? No doubt, and unsurprisingly, by Muslims.

A movie trailer was uploaded on Youtube from the U.S., which showed how Muhammad falsely created his religion, Islam, how he used to kill people in the name of his made-up God, and how he lusted for women and sex.

(If your government has blocked access to youtube, use this proxy
software: https://www.torproject.org/download/download)

Muslims as usual couldn’t bear the truth and responded with violence, killing innocent people, burning and vandalizing American and other Western embassies, and desecrated the flags of those countries. Let me ask Muslims: What was in that movie that was not true?

Wasn’t Muhammad a self-proclaimed prophet? Wasn’t he a violent man, who initiated many wars and committed several mass-killings which are clearly registered by Muslim scholars in history books? Wasn’t he a man, who used to have about a dozen wives including minor child Aisha, and even his daughter in law Zainab?

Nothing in the movie is a lie or false invention by its producers. Yet, instead of trying to understand the facts and giving this matter a serious thought, blind Muslims worldwide showed, once again, their lowly and uncivilized Islamic character by unleashing massive violence and vandalism, and even snatching innocent lives.

While tens of thousands of Muslims engaged violence and killing against US interests and persons, we heard a few faint Muslims voices doing lip-service to show their false solidarity with USA. This is a perfect example of the Islamic “Taqiyya” (The Islamic concept of lying and mislead people in certain situations). When their religious brethren inflict wounds, they stand beside like silent spectators. When that is done, these deceptive pretenders come mainly on the media cunningly pretending to heal it, whose sole purpose is nothing but save the face of Islam.

Muslims – irrespective of those engaging in violence or the pretenders – call themselves followers of a peaceful religion. Is this the way to prove that Islam is the most peaceful, tolerant and full-of-love religion? You, by your own actions, prove that critics of Islam are correct – that is, Islam is the most violent, aggressive, intolerant and hateful religion that poses a great obstacle to progress and peace in this world.

If you didn’t like the movie, you should have pointed out where there producers erred or exaggerated. You could have brought the producers to court to face the law. Or you could even do a tit for tat by producing a movie on the life of Jesus or Moses in like manner? In the least, you could protest in a peaceful manner to show your tolerance and civility, to show your willingness to tackle matters through peaceful measures and negotiations.

Let me reveal a very important fact here: The anger Muslims are throwing about is not just about the movie itself, it is also about the hate and jealousy that have been piled on in their hearts against US and other western nations over decades. And see the result: this violence is killing more Muslims than Americans, their target.

I have always said that Muslims can’t become true and sincere friends of the Western world until they break the Islamic shackle that grips them.

A civilized response to violent Muslims -- Making another movie exposing Muhammad from Spain

We, the peace-loving citizens of the world do not believe in taking revenge, but in certain cases it is necessary to respond to unjustified violence, but in a peaceful manner. I take an oath today that I will put all my energy, will and spirit to create a movie on the truth of Islam as soon as possible and release it for the world to see. My movie will not be a comedy or slapping Muslims unnecessarily, but it will be the pure truth about Muhammad’s violent, lustful and dirty life. Through my movie, I will prove that Muhammad was a self-proclaimed prophet. I will also mention all the violent verses of Quran in that movie, aiming to compel Muslim viewers to think at least once how Islam can be a true and holy religion?

Do Muslims think that they can intimidate us to silence by burning embassies, committing violence, and destroying human lives? No, not at all! We believe in speaking truth, it’s our human rights, and we will secure and exercise it no matter how much we have to suffer. We will continue fighting for preserving our right to freedom of speech and liberty of living life without fear; we will not compromise on our hard-earned civilized values and self-respect, come what may.

My movie will aim to leave a clear message to Muslims that violence is not a solution; instead, it is the truth that will triumph. It will be aimed at changing the minds of wiser Muslims by making them understand who Muhammad was and what Islam is. I will try my level best keep the theme of my movie non-provocative toward Muslims, but then I can’t guarantee that it will incite violence, given Muslims engage in violence at one place or another, irrespective of a movie or not. It’s their religious obligation under the great holy concept of Jihad.

I have always said, which I repeat, that I was not, am not, and will not be against Muslims as human beings. What I have issue with is their faith, Islam, which is not only fake, but also violent and dangerous for humanity. I strongly believe that if Muslims leave Islam and become free humans, they can be a progressive, contributory people to world civilization like all others. The much time and effort they invest in their religious rituals and Jihad, if they spend only half of that for the progress of the world, this world can be much more modern and conflict free.

My challenge to Muslims – Stop me if you can

I am starting work on the movie from tomorrow morning. I invite Muslims to stop me if they can. It is my challenge that my movie will be in front of the world very soon. It will be the first movie on Muhammad to be produced by an ex-Muslim. For that reason, I can assure you that you will find something special in that movie. Don’t miss it. I aim to produce the movie in at least 4 to 5 languages, so that the Muslims from various countries can understand that and give a serious thought to their religious belief.

I’m challenging Muslims again, I am starting work on the movie right now for exposing the cunning and self-proclaimed prophet of Islam. Stop me if you can. The countdown to release of the movie starts now.


Imran Firasat is a Pakistani ex-Muslim, living in Spain. His Website www.mundosinislam.com (World without Islam)

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