imran-firasatYou may be familiar with my recent situation and the persecution that I am facing from the Spanish authorities over my movie on Muhammad’s life, "The Innocent Prophet". I made the movie with the sole intention of showing what I believe is the truth about Muhammad. My hope was that Muslims will watch this movie and understand Muhammad for who he truly was. And I will continue my efforts to expose the darker side of Islam and Muhammad that are a mortal threat to this world which we are already experiencing. Neither threats from Muslims nor persecution from western authorities will deter me.

Imran Firasat's Interview

During the last two months, there were several media publications about my movie, my personal life and more than that about my past. A few years ago, certain newspapers had declared me a criminal. But what you hear about me today from newspapers is exactly the person I am. Previously newspapers from Islamic countries or website belonging to radical Islamic organizations with their own agenda wanted to sully my reputation, so that I can be shut up from criticizing Islam forever. And despite I was declared innocent by the Spanish judicial authorities, they haven’t updated or removed their devious lies about me. Despite all those false negative propaganda about me intended for damaging my reputation, I must thank those of my sincere readers and friends, who tried to find the truth about my case, and even tried to defend me.

Internet is a free world where anyone can say or express anything. Since it is easy to write and publish a false piece of news about a person, intended to damage his/her reputation, Internet has changed our life not only in a positive way, but also in a negative way, which can be dangerous to our lives and future. Any news from the internet should be not be accepted without proper investigation. We may even find enough information on the Internet that will show Nelson Mandela or Gandhi as villain.

Today, you are going to learn about me directly from me, not from the writings of others who have never known or met me. I will open my past in front of you, hoping that you will realize there are always two sides of a coin. About me, you have so far only known one side; today you will know the other.

Arrival to Spain

I arrived in Spain with my family in 2004 escaping Islamic persecution in Pakistan. As I was writing critical articles in blogs and expressing critical opinions in Spanish media, the Spanish government granted me refugee status on the grounds of death threats and persecution that I was facing from Muslims and Islamic countries.

I was the target of violence from Muslims both in Pakistan and Spain, as they do not tolerate unsavory truth about Islam and Muhammad, and they also do not believe in freedom of expression. On one occasion, I was attacked by Muslims physically in Spain, which made me decide to leave Spain for a short while, and returned after situation calmed.

Travelling to Indonesia

In year 2008, I went to Indonesia with my Indonesian wife and 3 children. Despite of promising to my wife to quit writing on Islam, I couldn’t stop myself from expressing my views on the Indonesian Islamic society which calls itself the biggest Muslim nation on earth with great pride and is on the way to apply the Islamic shariah law in whole country. While in Indonesia, I witnessed horrible persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims and Christians by Sunni Muslims. There were also many terrorist attacks targeting western foreigners visiting or living in Indonesia, which Indonesian Islamists perpetrated as their sacred duty of Islamic Jihad.

Opposing Islam in Indonesia

Those incidents motivated me to try to help the Indonesian Muslims out of their Islamic Jihad illusion. I started blogging and publishing books in Indonesian language showing the real face of Quran and Muhammad, hoping that it will change the mentality of Muslims, which I did in fictitious names in order not to get caught by the Indonesia’s Jihadis or Islamic police.

I got huge support by Indonesian Muslims on social networking sites and used to receive thousands of email messages expressing their solidarity with me. On the other side, I also made, as expected, many enemies, including all the Islamic radical groups, who were trying to trace me down. Many news were published in the Indonesian media about my blogs and my criticisms of Islam and Muhammad like following:

  1. Forum pushes for web closure
  2. MUI Medan akan surati Kapoldasu
  3. Blog-Blog Anti-Islam Bertebaran Di Dunia Maya

My blogs were constantly being hacked and shut down by the Indonesian authorities, but I used to create a new one. Indonesian police and Islamic groups were also looking for the person behind those blogs and distributed books.

Caught by the Indonesian police for blasphemy

In year 2010, I was finally caught by the Indonesian police by tracing my IP address, while I was sending some emails. I was detained by the police in Tangerang city and they threatened to prosecute me for blasphemy, which could end me up in prison for my life. On the other hand, corrupt as they are, they offered me not to charge with blasphemy and leave for Spain, if I paid them a huge sum of money as bribe. As spending my whole life in prison or being killed by Islamic groups was not an option, I agreed to pay the bribe.

I was asked to pay the money, I had to promise that I would never return to Indonesia, and I had get a letter from the Spanish embassy in Jakarta, requesting for the Indonesian immigration authority’s permission for letting me leave Indonesia.

My passport was confiscated by the Indonesia immigration authorities while my deportation was in process. Spanish embassy cooperated with me, as I was a legal resident of Spain and that they knew how dangerous it could be for me if the media and Islamic groups come to know that it was actually me who used to create anti-Islamic blogs and books. Spanish embassy issued a letter to the Indonesian authorities and I paid the huge sum of money to the corrupt Indonesian police and immigration officials.

My deportation from Indonesia

My deportation took place on 7th of July 2010, when Indonesian police and immigration officials took me to the airport in Jakarta handcuffed, and was put in a plane. I couldn’t bring my family back with me, as I had to pay all the money I had to the Indonesian officials. I told my wife and children to be patient, let me go back to Spain, work and earn money before making arrangements for their travel to Spain.

Safe arrival to Spain

I arrived back to Spain and was working and saving money for bringing my family back to Spain as soon as possible. But after some months, there was an International arrest warrant issued on my name by the Indonesian police through Interpol. They accused me of murdering someone in Indonesia and then fleeing the country. The Spanish authorities were requested to arrest me and extradite to Indonesia.

Arrested in Spain

I was detained by the Spanish police. I was told that it is their obligation to detain me, as there is an international arrest warrant against me, but I will get a fair chance to prove my innocence and avoid the extradition. At the first instance, I was completely shocked and broken mentally. But my innocence and belief in the Spanish justice system encouraged me to fight against the conspiracy.

Why did Indonesia fabricate false charges against me?

The reason Indonesia issued an arrest warrant against me was that after they deported me, my case was leaked to some Islamic groups, and there was a high level Islamic pressure on the government to bring me back and punish me for blasphemy which they consider a very serious offence. And they accused me of murder, because they knew that if they ask my extradition on the charges of blasphemy, Spanish authority will never entertain that request, as Spain believes in the freedom of expression. That is why they had to create something extremely serious, so that they could take me to Indonesia and kill me there.

I was taken to Madrid high court, and I explained to the judge that I was a political refugee in Spain for six years for the reasons of my criticism of Islam. And right now, the charges which I was facing from Indonesia, an Islamic country, were false, because the Indonesian authority actually want to punish me for my criticism of Islam. The murder charge was invented to manipulate the Spanish judicial system. I requested the judge to ask the proofs against me from the Indonesian authorities. The judge did so. He asked the Indonesian authorities to produce evidence, implicating in the alleged murder crime.

Important facts proving my innocence

I was detained for 90 days. Then there was a trial. Indonesian authorities didn’t send any proof against me. They didn’t even show up in the trial. I presented my statement to the judge as follows:

(1) Indonesia lied to the Spanish authorities by saying that I fled Indonesia, when I was actually deported by them, for which I had the Indonesian immigration department’s “deportation stamp” on my Spanish refugee travel document.

(2) The crime which they charged me with was committed on 10th June 2010. And I was deported from Indonesia on 7th July 2010. This means that after the alleged crime was committed, I was still in Indonesia for 27 days and in police custody. Why wasn’t I charged for this crime during those 27 days and why would they deport me if they knew about my involvement in a serious crime like murder.

Indonesian authorities can’t even say that I was at large, because I was in a complete contact with the Spanish embassy, Indonesian police and the immigration department. All that can be proven by the letter I was issued by the Spanish embassy in Indonesia, the document which shows that my passport was confiscated by the Indonesian immigration and my passport which shows that I didn’t leave Indonesia as a regular visitor but I was deported.

(3) I was deported by the Indonesian officials on 7th July 2010. That means until 7 July 2010, there was no charge against me. But incredibly on the 16th of July 2010, exactly after 8 days after my deportation, I was sentenced in absentia for 20 years. Please pay attention to this very important part of the story that on the 7th of July they deported me but after 8 days they sentenced me in my presence, without giving me a chance or enough time to defend myself.

Which country’s law is so fast and impatient that within 8 days they can organize a trial without the presence of the accused and sentence him for whole life? Not certainly a country like Indonesia, where the corrupt judicial system is extremely slow. This shows that Indonesian police did all this in a hurry with a hidden agenda.

And the extradition which they requested form the Spanish government is not for prosecuting me but for putting me in prison without hearing my defence, as they already had sentenced me. Would Spain or another western country respect this kind of unfair trial, sentence and questionable extradition request?

(4) It may be possible that Indonesians would say that it was a mistake to deport him but after we deported him we found the strong proofs against him, and that is why we sentenced him. But if they can sentence me in absentia in just 8 days, that means they must have very strong proofs against me, right?

So where are those proofs? Why didn’t they produce those proofs? In a case as serious as murder, they should have fingerprints proof, DNA proof, voice or video recording proof, photographic proof or even the murder weapon. Why didn’t they present one or more those proofs after the Spanish High Court requested for them? They didn’t even show up in the trial to prove my guilt?

After presenting this statement, I told to the judge that I haven’t committed any crime and it is an Islamic conspiracy against me. The only crime I have committed in Indonesia or even in Spain is the criticism of the violent Islamic ideology and the false messages of Muhammad. If criticizing a fake prophet is a crime, then yes I have committed a crime; if raising the voice against Islamic Jihad is an offence, then yes I have committed a crime; and if talking in favour of humanity and against terrorism is a crime, then yes I am a proud criminal.

My acquittal

The judge was more than convinced about my innocence after seeing the through lies, which Indonesian authorities had created to frame me and I was acquitted. My extradition to Indonesia was refused. No surprise that Indonesia didn’t lodge any appeal against the court’s decision. They had realized that plain lies won’t be able to deceive a modern and transparent judicial system like Spain’s.

Second chance given to Indonesia by the Spanish justice system

But the judge still wanted to give another chance to Indonesia, if they had something credible against me. So, despite refusing the extradition request and acquitting me, the judge mentioned that Indonesian authority can still come to Spain with all the proofs and prosecute me in the Spanish territory, so that there can be a fair trial.

Spain organized an international co-operation investigative commission, in which Indonesian authorities were invited. This was the final opportunity for the Indonesian authorities to prove their allegations against me.

I was told to appear in the court on the 17th of May 2011, where I would face the Indonesian authorities. I turned up in court, but there were no Indonesian face around. The commission was suspended for the day, and I was given another date, 21st of May 2011, to appear again. When I was about to leave, I got a call from the court informing me that Indonesian authorities won’t come, so the schedule is cancelled again. They gave me another date, 27th of May 2011. I appeared in the court again, but, as I had expected, Indonesia police didn’t show up this time too. Only an employee from the Indonesian embassy in Madrid appeared to sign some papers but he had no power or jurisdiction to ask me any question.

The case had already annoyed the judge to the limit, and he decided to shut down the case forever with no more legal possibilities to go forward.

Indonesia’s Islamic lies defeated by my truth

I was free of all the burdens. I proved my innocence and cleared my name in the Spanish court and media. But Indonesia didn’t give up. Even after losing the legal battle, Islamic police of the Islamic Republic of Indonesia continued abusing their power and use all the legal or illegal cunning diplomatic tricks to capture me, as I was not only an apostate, but also a vocal critic of Islam, who must be killed by according to their Islamic religious obligations.

Ridiculous policy of Interpol

Despite clearing of my name by the Spanish court, Indonesian authority continued keeping my name in the Interpol red notices list hoping that I could still be caught and deported to Indonesia someday, when I am out of the Spanish territory which didn’t believe the Indonesian lies. Interpol took no step to take out my name even after a credible justice system cleared my name.

I am deeply concerned with the Interpol’s strategy, which calls itself the wisest international police organization. Interpol seems to have no idea about how they are being used by some Islamic countries for nefarious purposes. Before ruining the life of someone, why doesn’t Interpol seek for the authenticity of the allegations, charges or the proofs against the accused person?

Interpol says, it is not their job to investigate the particulars of each case and they just do their job to catch the accused people. But how the international community can allow the Interpol to cooperate with Shariah ruled Islamic states, which do not care about human rights, international laws, have no credible judicial system and manipulate the world with lies? Why Interpol has become a tool which corrupt regimes can use for persecuting anyone they want? Why Interpol has changed from a respected international institution to an easy-to-access website, where some crazy people can post someone’s picture and declare him a criminal on the international stage?

We all know the recent case of “Hamza Kashgari”, a Saudi journalist who was arrested in Malaysia and deported to Saudi Arabia with the help of the Interpol for the crime of expressing his views on Prophet Muhammad on Twiter. Shame on the Interpol for becoming a pawn in the hand of Islamic radicals, and for destroying innocent lives in this manner.

Another example of how countries like Indonesia abuses Interpol is the case of “Benny Wenda”. He is an Indonesian citizen and west Papua tribal leader, who received political refuge in the U.K. for his opposition against the Indonesian government’s injustice towards Papua’s innocent and poor people. He was also accused of committing murder by the Indonesian police and issued an international warrant for his arrest through Interpol. But the brave man didn’t give up and fought against the red notice of Interpol, until he convinced the Interpol authorities that Indonesian authority’s charges against him was politically motivated and had no truth behind the murder allegations. His name was finally removed from the red notice by Interpol, issuing a statement that after a review it was found that, “Indonesia’s red notice request was not in compliance with Interpol’s rules and regulations”.

Indonesia’s cruel and corrupt image

In my case, Indonesia, the country which persecutes me, is a state which doesn’t respect the human rights of its citizens. There are many examples for political oppression in the provinces of Papua and Aceh, where the local people have to lose their lives for fighting for independence. Another example is East Timor, which after a long struggle and suffering immense human massacres at the hands of the cruel Indonesian army finally got their independence. Ahmadiyyas, the Muslim minority group in Indonesia, face serious persecution – they get killed by radical Muslims in the presence of the police who never intervene to defend the victims. Watch the following video on how Ahmadiyya Muslims are tortured to death:

Christians are another major victim of Indonesian injustice. Several churches were burnt, innocent Christians were killed and robbed, and police never took any action against those radical Islamic groups, such as Majelis-e-Ulema, Hizbut Tahrir, or Front Pembela Islam, which actually form the government and have the complete power in their hands to erase all those who oppose them or criticize Islam.

Indonesia calls itself a fair democracy, but in reality it is a radical Islamic state. It has no fair judicial system; it allows no freedom of religion. It is a very corrupt country, where any policeman, witness or judge can be bought for a little money.

The Interpol’s red notice against me issued by the Indonesian police was religiously motivated. They have already sentenced and declared me a criminal without a fair trial and a proper process that accord to international laws and human rights of an individual. They did so because they want to shut my mouth, as I expose Islam was a real and mortal threat to the civilized world.

Do I have any criminal record in Spain?

I was detained by police, but for the case I have presented above. So, that doesn’t make someone a criminal. Anybody can be detained anywhere on misunderstanding, false charges or simply on suspicion. And my innocence has been proven through proper judicial procedure in Spain, which has a highly credible justice system in place. I have no criminal record.

Media propaganda based on a false charge against me has created a negative image of me in the public eye. All these have not only destroyed my name, but I have also suffered extraordinary difficulties. Fighting Islam is not an easy job for us to see. I fought against Islam and I have been at the receiving ends of the ire of Muhammad’s followers. Muslims tried hard to eliminate me, but failed. Then, they tried to defame me framing as a murder so as to destroy my name and credibility, so that no one will trust and support me. That is what their strategy is—to create misunderstanding between the free people of free world, so that we shall never have the unity between us and we shall never be able to fight together against the Islamic injustice.

Critics of Islam need unity and support

We, the critics of Islam, need to be united and support each other in order to fight the mortal danger of Islam that is trying to destroy the civilized world. We are on verge to lose everything. Islam is invading our lives. If we let the Islamic dragon devour us once, we shall never be able to recover. As things are progressing, a day may arrive soon when all the western countries will persecute anyone who will speak against Muhammad or Islam. So, wake up!

I am not a political leader, neither do I want to become one. I am only a common man, who understands the seriousness of the Islamic threat that we are under, and we must take actions to stop it. Let us support each other and fight this battle effectively. Else we are sure to be devoured by the fire that comes out of the mouth of Islamic dragon.

I have told my story and that is the complete truth. Anyone, who still may have a second thought about my innocence, may consider the following for further verification:

  • Any document proving my innocence can be provided on the request of readers
  • Here I leave some links of the Spanish media for you which talk about my innocence and how I was framed by Indonesia falsely:
    1. Una vida condenada por criticar el Islam
    2. Criticar el Islam en Pakistan, mutilaciones, vejaciones e injurias
    3. La inocencia es un grado
    4. El tema del Islam siempre da miedo a todo el mundo
    5. De héroe a villano, la lucha de un refugiado político contra la injusticia

Thank you very much.

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