A few months ago in Pakistan, in the Provincial assembly of Sindh, the former Interior Minister Rehman Malik had presented the report on the assassination of the late Benazir Bhutto. Mr Malik in his presentation highlighted the name of the Madrassa and his Qari (Religious Teacher) and he also stated that the killer received Islamic education of martyrdom (terrorism) in that Madrassa.

He stated in his report that in that Madrassa the students are between the ages of 5 to 14. On the walls of that Madrassa are the images and pictures of Houries (beautiful heavenly females) and gardens and water-springs, canals of milk and honey were also shown to children. They have been taught that if you kill the Kafirs you will be rewarded all this in Jannat. Anyone whosoever kills or is killed for the sake of Islam whether he is a child or of old age in Jannat (Muslims Paradise) then their age will be upgraded between 18 to 26 (Hadith), and ‘Allah shall wed them unto the fair ones with wide lovely eyes’. (Surah 44:54)

The houries would be the same age. Although Muslim Apologists in the West make so many lame excuses to justify terrorism, and at the same time they insist that the Terrorists cannot be Muslims. But as long as Muslims believe in Islam then they are potential Terrorists. In the West they always try to hide and contradict the truth about Islam.

Suicide Terrorists are true Muslims and they practice the teachings of Islam. Of course, Terrorists derive inspiration from verses of the Quran with full hate and violence. Muhammad said ‘I have been made victorious with terror’.

Surely they act according the Quran and authentic Hadiths. I can give many references from those two sources to prove my point, but only one historical incident is sufficient.

In Tefseer Ibn Katheer, Imam Ibn Katheer has described one incident that the prophet had a Sahabi from African origin (Ethiopia). None of the Arabs would agree to give him their daughter in marriage because he was not an attractive man. He was very upset and angry with the racial discrimination against him by the Arab Muslims. But the prophet of Islam assured him that if you could not marry in this world for him not to worry as ‘I give you good news that Allah will give you seventy two (72) virgin Houries in Jannat. (Jame Tirmzi). The African Sahabi was very pleased and liked this idea very much.

A wonderful opportunity arrived soon and the prophet of Islam attacked the Kafirs of Mecca. In that war the African Sahabi fought fearlessly and he killed many Kafirs and he got killed. At the end of the war when Muslims were burying the dead bodies of Muslims, Muhammad himself was present on his grave and helping the other Sahabis in the process of burying. Suddenly Muhammad questioned his Sahabis (close companions) ‘Have you heard the noises in the grave?’ and the Sahabis answered ‘Allah and his Rasool (Apostle) know better, we did not hear any noises’.

Then the Prophet of Islam said ‘A large herd of houries came down from Jannat and they were quarrelling amongst themselves, each one of them insisting that she wants to become his (dead African) wife’.

Of course, 72 houris were granted to him by Allah but the houries were more than 72 in number, and that was the reason for the noise of their disagreements. A true Muslim can kill any number of kafirs without any guilt of conscience. Actually Muhammad did not only fool and trick but he also deceived the Sahabi.

Recently in Pakistan a suicide terrorist was arrested whilst he was trying to enter the Mosque. His interview was aired by GEO TV and the presenter questioned him why he was going to kill himself. He said to him ‘You are a young person (26) and you can marry and enjoy your life, what made you think that you should take this sort of action?’ The Muslim terrorist answered that ‘One female wasn’t enough for him! In Jannat (72) beautiful houries are waiting for him’. One can assume why so many young Muslims became terrorists because they have been offered sexual gratification in Islamic Jannat by their prophet!.

What is the solution of Terrorism?

To ban the Quran or to burn it in America or Europe is not the solution of terrorism. The idea of having freedom of speech and by telling the truth (and not appeasing Muslim hypocrites) and bringing awareness to public about the danger of Islam and the evil ideology would highlight the fact of hatred that Islam brings. Rather than allowing the building of more Mega-Mosques in Europe and USA we should halt existing projects and consider shutting down existing Mosques and Madrassas - the safe heavens of Muslims terrorists.

Of course, one can debate that some people of other faiths are involved in terrorism but they do not terrorise people in the name of their religion only for political reasons or criminal activity.

But Muslim terrorists insist and proudly claim that they are inspired by their holy books and emulate their prophet of Islam.

The majority of Pakistani Muslims believe in the conspiracy theory and they openly allege that Americans are involved in suicide terrorism in Pakistan, but they cannot find any dead bodies of American suicide kafir terrorists. Is this not very strange? Mostly they find dead bodies of students of the Madrassas!.

Few years ago an American solicitor stated publicly that Pakistanis and Afghanis can sell their mothers for a few dollars. As news spread, Pakistani Muslims not only protested and used abusive language against the Americans, but they also tried to attack the American Embassy in Pakistan. The question arises of why the solicitor had made this statement?

I assume that maybe the American solicitor has studied the Muslim Scholar Dr. Gulam Galani Berqs book (DU, ISLAM) in which he has stated that in the world that there is not a single nation who produces as many traitors in the whole history as Muslims have produced just in one century!. Of course Muslims did not introduce or invent anything new in modern science and technology, but they are entitled to receive the United Nations Noble Peace prize in terrorism and treason.

If one accepts the allegations of Pakistanis that American kafirs are involved in suicide attacks in Pakistan, then surely the Mullahs of religious Madrassas are involved through Saudi Arabia, because religious Madrassas are receiving financial grants everywhere in the world from Saudi Arabia and thus they produce terrorists. The main sources of income of terrorists, is Saudi Arabia.

Some Muslim countries deceive the Kafir Western Governments when they request and receive aid to give secular education to their population, but they spend that aid on Islamic education which is evil.

The West is wasting tax payers money when giving aid to Muslim countries.

Mullahs of Madrassas are true traitors and hatred is being preached in Islamic Madrassas in the whole world by Imams. America and Europe need to keep their eyes wide open to see and know what’s going on in Madrassas and Mosques in the West.

Islamists in the West justify terrorism selfishly to Muslims poverty and illiteracy.

It is possible there can be so many different reasons of terrorism but poverty and illiteracy surly is not one of them. When ever Non-Muslim remind the Muslims that terrorism (Jihad) is the integral part of Islam and Mullahs are teaching Jihad in their Madrassas, the Muslim apologist brings many lame excuses and blames the native inhabitants that Muslims are facing religious discrimination and Islam-o-phobia against them. In fact, Muslims wants to hide and divert the attention of Kafirs from their true agenda when they accuse the West of Islamophobia.

The truth is this that very little or no such oppression exists. I wish it would exist. I would like to say to Muslims that you should remember the golden rule which teaches ‘so whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them’. Being a minority in the West you have been treated hundred times better than you treat other religious minorities in Muslim lands and you are abusing human rights in the West while human rights are unknown to Islam!.

Until or unless you did not like to think upon and speak critically of Islamic teaching and learn the truth about Islam, and question what Islam really is, the problems will remain and will not go away. The Quran is a confused book. It does not guide you on the right path but it misleads you. The Quranic claim that ‘he expounded unto you his revelations’ is not a correct claim. (Surah 24:18). Thus to understand the Quran one has to seek help to read the commentaries.

If you read the commentaries of the few renowned Muslim Scholars you would realise that in the last fourteen centuries there is not a single person in Muslim Ummah who is able to understand the Quran perfectly, expect for Muhammad. The more you read the Quranic commentaries the more you become confused and puzzled!

Nobody knows the true authentic meaning of the verses written in the Koran. As Muhammad desired then Allah would reveal the verse according to the situation. A Quranic Commentator gives many reasons, why the verse was revealed. To Islamists every verse of the Quran has different meaning and reason. Therefore the need of interpretations is to understand its context. The real truth is this that no context exists in the Quran.

The whole Quran has been written without any context. Maybe this is one of the reasons of their confusion. Islamic history clearly states and some renowned Muslim Scholars admit that numerous alterations and deletions have been made in the Quran. This means that the true and whole Quran does not exist in the world.

Some Muslims believe only in the Quran, and they reject the Hadiths outrightly, because the Hadiths prove that Muhammad was a cruel and a monster and he did what he did, and did lots of disgraceful things to humanity.

When they read Islamic history and books of Hadiths some of them feel ashamed and guilty and allege that whole Hadiths are false. Instead they leave Islam and they regard themselves as Ahle-ul-Quran. (Only Quran believer)

But the problem is this that Quran itself cannot be understood without the aid of the Hadiths. I can give many examples of Shariah law which has been explained by the Hadiths but only one is sufficient. Nowhere in the Quran does it mention about circumcision, and how a Muslim should be circumcised?

Which method should be used? What age? When and where it should be done? Only the Hadith explains it in detail. So a true Muslim cannot reject the Hadith.

Muslims have no peace of mind when they read the Quran only. They are mentally disturbed and will remain disturbed until doomsday.

They themselves cannot live in peace and would not let any other humanity live in peace.

People of the world are rightfully suspicious about Muslims, because Muslims, whether is Islamic countries or in the West, cannot establish by their deeds and actions that Islam is the religion of peace as they claim.

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