Hanne Nabintu Herland

Over the course of the last years, Norway has developed an international reputation as a staunch supporter of several organizations despised by the international community. This is a result of adhering to the supposition that the best way to counteract terrorism is to enter into a ”dialog”. However there is every reason to question our mild-mannered conversations and generous monetary gifts to Islamists that promote religious ideologies that, among other goals, aim to eradicate minorities in the Middle East.

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multiculturalism is heavily tinted with an underlying socialistic racism which implies that people with dark skins who do not originate from Europe should be “pitied”. These people must be helped, provided with welfare benefits and excused if they commit crimes. This socialistic racism is denigrating, and today permeates governments and social structures in a number of European countries, amongst these Norway. Instead of showing immigrants respect by offering them work, we shuffle the non-Western into an underclass of welfare-dependent victims. The tragedy of multiculturalism is that it has created a class oriented and ethnically segregated environment which places so-called “non-Western foreigners” at the bottom of the social ladder.

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