Islam is a religion that stands on lies of the mullahs and ignorance of the Ummah. These two are perfect combination for each other. The former say or write whatever they wish and the later accept them without ever verifying. The Ummah completely rely on the supposed integrity of the Mullahs. Muslims are eager gullibles, who are happy to be fool because they are happy with their idiotic belief. Actually they deceive none but themselves.

They believe that Islam is true, the Quran is divine and Muhammad was a prophet of the Almighty, just because the Quran contains few noble and wise verses which are much fewer than the foolish, nonsensical, morally wrong, scientifically erroneous, and logically pervert ones. Any diabolical person can plagiarize noble thoughts but they fail to plagiarize noble deeds of really great and benevolent persons. Muhammad was such a person, who could steal the wisdom of earlier scripture but he could not emulate did of the old prophets.

Another reason for the expansion of Islam is the persecution of critics with blasphemy laws and the execution of Muslim apostates, forced conversion and high rate of procreation. Mullahs and Muslims never encounter a critic with reason and debate, but always try to silence them with threat, killing, persecution and bloodshed. Modern examples of persecutions are Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie, Theo Van Gogh and Imran Firasat.

The biggest weapon the Ummah have is, ‘Ignorance’ – the ignorance of nothing but Islam itself—because they can debate, even fight, for Islam only when they don’t know anything about Islam. If they know, they would find it difficult to debate, as there are lots of things in the Quran and Ahadith, which are difficult to justify and defend. So, they are absolutely comfortable and happy with their ignorance. After all, at the end of the day, happiness matters, not the knowledge. If knowledge is painful, what is the use of it? That is why, there is a proverb: ‘Deeper the ignorance, the sweeter it is’. But there are some people like us prefer to acquire knowledge and know the truth, no matter how painful and uncomfortable these are. What is the use of being happy and sitting in the darkness!

Even most educated Muslims are highly devoid of reason when it comes to their faith and talk like a moron, a dumb and a fathead. Their education is limited to their technical knowledge, general information and brainwashing tactics of Islam. Even the most certified and academically elevated among them never verify or question their faith and the Quran. Not only they are the victims but also they victimize their children by commanding them to believe the Quran and Muhammad without any second thought. If Islam is true, it can be understood with reason and can stand the test of reason, then why must they instill their belief in children. People would definitely embraced Islam, if it is true and based on reason. Yet, Muslims are warned since their childhood not to question Islam or Muhammad and Allah, and not to read the Quran or Hadith with critical intention. Why, why are such warnings? If the Quran and Hadiths are errorless, we shouldn’t stop someone from reading it critically. The story doesn’t end here; Muslims are also warned not to read the books of other faith and the books critical to Islam. They are also advised to stay away from people, who ask questions critical about Islam and Muhammad.

Whatever alleged miracles of Islam and the Quran or about science in the Quran and Hadiths Muslims are told, they immediately believe them to be true without any question or verification, because they wish them to be true as those beliefs please their emotions and flatter their cherished belief. I have debated with more than twenty five Muslims, who claim that they are not Muslims just by birth but they analyze Islam themselves and found it to be true before embracing Islam whole-heartedly. But I talked to them, I found that they have zero or very little knowledge about the Quran and Hadiths, or they have never read them. What they have studied is the works of mullahs, for example, Miracles in the Quran, Science in Islam, Science in the Quran, Miracles of Muhammad etc. They neither verify them from the original sources nor analyze them with reason. What they demonstrated was not wisdom but sheer ignorance and nonsense. Some of them even expressed morally unacceptable views, like non-Muslims are filthy, they should be killed as they are rebels against God, their women should be made concubines of Muslims. The question is: What great deeds have these nuts done in the eyes of God before their birth that God would give them so much privileges and freedom just because they are born in Muslim family and thus became Muslim.

Muslims believe in Islam—firstly because they are indoctrinated since their childhood with the ideas that ‘Islam is the only true religion, Muhammad is the true and the last messenger, and all non-Muslims are misleaders and enemy of Islam and Allah’; secondly because they are flattered by their ego that their cherished belief cannot be wrong. They take it for granted that they are fortunate to be made Muslims by God and God loves them more than anybody else in this world. This is just a false belief, not knowledge, let alone being wisdom. Knowledge is something, which is attained by minds capable of reasoning, not instilled or inculcated in impressionable minds in the childhood. But a belief is needed to be inculcated in impressionable minds since the tender age; else it would fail to be successfully passed from one generation to the next.

Another fallacious belief that Muslims treasure is that if they pass on one message of Islam to another person or if one converts a non-Muslim to Muslim, they will get double rewards for it, one for his own deeds and one for the person who is converted.

Many Muslims brag that they are not Muslims by birth but by choice, and after carrying out thorough verification and research, they found Islam to be very practical and logical, and the Quran to be miraculous. It is very good if one verifies everything about an ideology and then embraces it. It should be appreciated.  But when I drilled down a bit further into their verification and research on Islam, I found that their reading and research is based only on some secondary Islamic books by modern authors. For example, they read books which speak good about and glorify Islam and the Quran—like miracles in the Quran, Science of Hadiths, miracles of Muhammad, compatibility of Islam and Science etc.—that are written by Muslims and mullahs only, not by any scientist or psychologist or biologist, and they never check from the original source whether they are really written in the Quran or Hadiths.

Those who use threat instead of logical arguments to defend their ideology only show their intellectual impotence and ethically act as violent pimps of their indefensible creed. Muslims are exactly the same, as they use threat to suppress the critics of Islam and voice of truth. Had their ideology being found on truth, they would defeat the critics of their faith with the weapon of reason and rational substantiation. But just because their faith has no rational grounds, but is based on superstition, fallacy and weird claims, they are incapable of defending it in rational arguments, and they readily turn intolerant and are ever ready to persecute anyone at the slightest of criticism against Islam and Muhammad. In sum,

MUSLIMS = Logically blind + Intellectually impotent + Fanatically Fierce + Sensitively Insane + Morally Depraved + Ethically Demised + Educationally deprived

The educated act like educated, the ignorants act like ignorants, but when the educated act like ignorants, it takes Islam.


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