This was an interesting series which told me a few things I did not already know about a neglected subject. Overall, however, it is misleading. Omaar is clearly not an ignorant man. So the deception can only be intentional and consists largely of what he leaves out.

He shows us a historical reenactment in Sogut in Bithynia which was the centre of the Ottoman tribe by about 1300 and the “cradle” of the Ottoman Empire. He does not mention the indigenous population round about however, the Greek speaking, Christian majority and the misery which these Turkic speaking Muslim intruders inflicted on them. The Koran makes it clear that all good Muslims are obliged to make war on infidels wherever they are found (Sura 9) and that any plunder taken is the holy warrior’s just reward for chastising the enemies of Allah. This duty the Ottomans and other species of Turk, those of Danishmend etc. pursued with enthusiasm. Every year from the later 13th century, Turkish horsemen swept down the valleys of Western Asia Minor to destroy the harvest, slaughter the infidel Greek peasants, desecrate their churches and help themselves to any plunder that took their fancy. This last category would include the infidel women who, in Muslim eyes, were fair game. Robert Liddell, in his book “Byzantium and Istanbul” states: “Rape was so much a law of war that the canons forbade a husband to put away a wife who had been defiled by an enemy.” Muslim men in Britain who prey on “Kaffir” girls, i.e. non Muslim girls must be seen as a 21st century continuation of this Islamic tradition; infidel parents of infidel daughters please note. Some mealy mouthed individuals have frantically attempted to represent this activity as just part of the general decline in morals in this country and not associated with any religion or culture in particular. These are just Anglo-Saxon platitudes and betray these babblers’ lack of moral courage. We have seen that the British have not had the moral courage to help the Canadians celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the defeat of the American invasion of their country during the War of 1812.

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