To Islamists, there is no scientific discovery, made by the infidels, that is not mentioned in the Quran by Allah, aka Muhammad. Mention of the speed of light in the Quran, Islamists claim, is one such scientific miracle. Dr. Ali Sina's smashes the Islamist rubbish regarding the claim...


Hello Mr. Sina,

I stumbled upon your site when I tried to search about the claim that the Quran contains a secret code that reveals the speed of light.

I am forwarding to you my email to the site making this claim and their response to me. Would you like to answer them?

Anonymous Inquirer

Assalamo Alaikum

I read your site and was absolutely fascinated about the discovery that the Quran has been so accurate in giving the speed of light much earlier that scientists discovered it. However, upon trying to find you again I Googled “Speed of Light in the Qur'an” and right beneath your site I found another site that seems to debunk this claim quite convincingly. Does the Quran mention the speed of light? by Ali Sina.

I am very interested to read your response. I doubt you have not seen this site because it is right beneath your site in Google search. But I did not find any reference to it or rebuttal of it in your site.

I hope you will refute this person and I look forward to your response.


Here is the response from

First, Ali Sina is not a physicist. This is why he referred to a webpage that does not even have the solution!!! The solution is at my website. My physics is perfect. He knows this however he did not even mention my website. Why? Because Ali Sina does not want anyone to see the solution.

Second, Ali Sina is an ex-Shia and he is comparing the verse to the Shia belief, not to Islam (Shia don't accept the Quran as is, nor accept the hadeeth...). So this is his/their problem.

Dear Anonymous Inquirer,

I have already refuted Dr. Hassab-Elnaby’s arguments and his claim that the speed of light is coded in the Quran.  I went through his site after you sent the link to it and found nothing important to refute.

In the chapter Variable Speed of Light, he explains that the speed of light is affected by gravitational field. In other words it slows down when passing close to massive objects like stars and black holes. However, for an observer from any point in the universe, the speed of light in relation to the rotation of the moon around the Earth is constant.

In the next chapter Effective Speed of Light, he talks about the expansion of the universe and how the speed of light is affected by it whereas the relation to the rotation of the Moon around the Earth observed from anywhere in the universe it is constant. It is basically the same argument made in the previous chapter.

These arguments do not add any meat to his claim. They are completely irrelevant to what he wants to prove. The general theory of relativity or the theories of how the universe will end have nothing to do with his claim that the speed of light is equal to the orbit of the Moon multiplied by 12000.

In logic these arguments are called non-sequitor. They are true arguments on their own, but they have no relevance to what he is asserting. His objective is to confound the reader. The claim of Dr. Elnaby is already refuted.

a) I explained that Dr. Hasssab-Elnaby’s calculations are wrong and that light in one day travels much less than the distance the moon travels in 1000 lunar years. This is a simple mathematical calculation and there can be no ifs of buts about it. The subject is closed. Elnaby’s math is wrong.

b) I also showed that his translation of this verse is wrong and that “affair” does not mean light, magnetic forces, waves or speed of light. If we are to take the 1000 years mentioned in the verse 32:5 literally how can we reconcile it with the verse 70:4 that says the day of God is 50,000 years? Also how could Muhammad go to the seventh heaven and come back in one night escorted by Angel Gabriel when it takes angels 50,000 years to travel this expanse?

c)  Dr. Elnaby also uses a wrong parameter to measure the speed of light. The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is expanding. How can one measurer something constant like the speed of light with something variable like the orbit of a planet? This is like trying to measure a table with an elastic tape. It is impossible to get the right answer because your instrument of measurement is not constant. If you ask me, how tall is your desk, and I respond, it is as tall as my son, my answer can be valid only once, because my son keeps growing but my desk does not. Likewise, you cannot measure the speed of light that is constant with the orbit of the Moon that is changing.

d)  Moreover, the same analogy of a day of God being equal to 1000 years of what humans count is stated in the Old and the New Testaments. Assuming this was a miracle shouldn’t the credit go to the Psalmist who said it first?

Dr. Hassab-Elnany cannot respond to my refutation. Instead he attacks my person saying I am not a physicist and that I am an ex-Shiite and the Shiites are not Muslims because they interpret the Quran in a wrong way and they do not accept the hadith of the Sunnis, etc, etc. These are adhominem – attack at the person. They are logical fallacies. Instead of undermining my credentials Dr. Elnaby should refute my arguments. Okay, I am not a physicist and he is. How does he feel when disproven by a layman and beaten in his own turf? The truth is that the errors committed by this zealot Muslim are so elemental that you don’ have to be a physicist to refute them. Any eighth grader can do the mathematical calculations that I did and show Dr. Elnaby is wrong.

I did not know about his site. Now that I know I placed a link to it in the same article that I refuted him. Will he reciprocate and place a link to my rebuttal? Okay I am just trying to be funny. Of course he won’t. He does not even allow comments on his site. That is a good thing because people will only conclude that Dr. Elnaby is not comfortable about how I dismantled his comic theory. Sorry! Did I say comic? I meant COSMIC theory. He has spent a lot of time developing his theory and building his site. It must be painful for him to watch the big bad wolf Ali Sina, an ex-Shiite kafir blow at it and bring it to the ground. Maybe next time, Dr. Hassab-Elnaby will build his cosmic theories with solid arguments.

Ah, I forgot! Solid arguments don’t exist in Islamolandia swamp. Jews come up with theories such as General Relativity and Muslim? Oh well, Muslims scramble to find something in the Quran to say Muhammad said it first. This is the sympthom of the inferiority complex affecting the entire ummah who have never acheived anything and cling to their religion for thier self esteem. Little they know that it is their relgion that keeps them ignorant and in such a state of misery. People are the same everywhere. Humans are one race. There is no superior or inferior race. There is no reason for Muslims to be the most wreched people of the world. The only reason they are, is because of Islam. It is funny that despite all these scientific miracles stated in the Quran not a single Muslim has been able to decipher them to win a Nobel Prize in science. They only find them when a kafir makes a new scientific discovery, and then realize they were wrong when another kafir disproves the first kafir’s theory. Then they try to find another verse to prove Muhammad said it first.

Who said Islam is a rigid religion?  While Bin Baaz, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia discovers that the Earth is flat by reading the Quran, Dr. Elnaby discovers the speed of light in the same book. If America is the land of opportunities, Islam is the religion of possibilities. Anything is possible. You can interpret the obtuse book of Quran in any way you like. Just use your imagination and twist the facts a little and see how many discoveries you can make. This book allows you to interpret it in any way you like. Isn’t that a miracle?  Silly me, I thought a book of guidance must be a "clear book" (5:15) "easy to understand" (44:58,  54:22,  54:3254:40) "explained in detail" (6:114) "conveyed clearly" (5:1610:15) ...and with "no doubt" in it (2:2).

Dr Ali Sina is the editor of and the author of Understanding Muhammad.

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