Andrew Bostom

The invaluable blog Gates of Vienna, has translated the Die Welt interview of a thoughtful, courageous 22 year-old  Moroccan "apostate" from Islam, Kassim al-Ghasali.  Requisitely threatened with death because of his openly professed rejection of the Muslim creed, al-Ghasali fled Morocco in February, 2011, and now lives in exile in Switzerland.

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It's due to the Quran and prophetic tradition, particularly the Prophet's Treaty of Hudaibiyyah....

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The tragic treatment of women in Islamic justice system, the Sharia...

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On the savage murder of an entire Israeli family at Itamar by Palestinian Muslims, which has been celebrated by Islamists... Where does the root of this horrible Jew-hatred lies???


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A review of Wafa Sultan's book, "A God Who Hates"...

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