Andrew Stunich

Iran is the only country in the Islamic Middle East that directly wants to annihilate Israel and destroy the US, and is trying to acquire nuclear weapons to achieve that goal, yet America and the West help ouster of other less-threatening, even friendly, regimes one after another, ironically leaving Iran completely untroubled...

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Given recent events in the Islamic World, such as attacks on American Embassies and other American interests, and the tragic death of American diplomats in Libya and soldiers in Afghanistan, you will soon hear a rising chorus of voices asking: What went wrong with our policy in the Middle East and North Africa? The answer is: American policy toward the Islamic world is simply inherently flawed and never had the slightest chance of success from the start.  So we are not surprised about its failure as we see happening.

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There is only one Islam and it is inherently dangerous...

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Osama bin Laden is dead, but his battle plan is on its course to victory -- thanks to the misguided war strategy undertaken by the non-Muslim world...

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Back in June 2009, in an article entitled Democracy Not An Instant Panacea For The Islamic World, I wrote that “…there is an extremely dangerous fallacy gaining strength in intellectual circles. It is the fallacy that democracy can save the Islamic World from its tyrants and deprivations and, in turn, save the non Islamic World from Islamic terrorism.”

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