To Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi, a Jihadist Muslim is no different than an altar-boy daydreaming about his girlfriend while burning incense during the Fifth Station of the Cross, or a Buddhist who has just discovered the beer at Joe's Bar and Grille and Gun Club has therapeutic value.

To them, all religions – whether Islam, Christianity, Judaism or another – are the same. But a Muslim does not think the same way. To her/him, it is not only superior, it is the supreme. The Qur'an tells him on every page that Islam should be the only religion on the face of the earth.

To the liberal-left in America, who dominate the Democratic party – in any confrontation between members of two religions, races or sexual orientations, the minority party are always the victim… with probably the only exception of the Jew. In the fault-line between Whites and African-Americans in the U.S., Blacks are always the victim; Whites are the oppressors. In the confrontation between Heterosexuals and Homosexuals, the Homos are the real victims. In the confrontation between Christians and non-Christians, Christians are universal oppressors.

It is true that in most instances, the minority sides are generally the victim in a confrontation, but not in all instances or in all societies. And when a non-oppressed minority is portrayed as universal victim in a society, it may turn suicidal – more for that minority community. Take the case of Whites vs. African Americans in the US.

Whenever there arises a conflictual issue between the Whites and Blacks in America, the Liberal-Left rise in the support for the Blacks, the universal victim, …and always in the name of great Martin Luther King. Over the years, these Left-Liberals have created many Martin Luther Kings—better say, Luther King's ghosts in present-day representation. Few of these ghosts, if any, bear any real resemblance to late Dr. King. They come from all walks and stalks of life—from politics, from entertainment, from religion. There's Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan.

It's been a long time since Martin Luther King strode the earth preaching love and justice, not hate and revenge. His many imitators have turned his "I've got a dream speech" into "I’m having a nightmare". There are dozens of these pseudo-Kings and most of whom fall under the rubric of charlatan. Al Sharpton comes to mind. Despite his record, Sharpton has a large and enthusiastic following in the Democratic Party.

Well, forget about the King-making in today's America. Let us take a look at the impact of turning Blacks into universal victims in the fault-line between Whites vs. Blacks issues in America.

One of the first things Eric Holder said, when he became Obama's Attorney General, is that he was not going to prosecute "hate-crimes" against Whites.

Hate-crimes against Whites? Is there such a thing? Well, Holder seems to say, "Yes, there is." Or was that – "hate-crimes against whites" – was an utterance by mistakes? Then why on earth, he would not prosecute the criminals?

Or may be that hate-crimes against Whites are so few in number that it doesn't really matter! Well, that's what Holder may think – that -- the vast majority of victims of hate-crimes are the Blacks. Sure. The media tells us so every day—Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, the New York Times. Is it true? Maybe or may not! But that's how America is presented today.

Yet, the truth is: those who wish to remake America in a Leftist image continually fudge the facts. They rework the statistics, ignore anything that might be an embarrassment to certain groups and resort to outright lies when necessary. The real hard truth is: the vast majority of victims of hate-crimes in America are not the Blacks; they are the Whites. The liberal-left educational system and the 24-hour media indoctrination service have done a great job of portraying the "Whitey" as the perpetrator of every vile hate-crime imaginable, and the sons and daughters of poor old Uncle Tom as the victim. Bubba is slack-jawed, beady-eyed, conscienceless and white.

One of the most ugly and disturbing facts of life in 21st Century America is the incredible number of white women being raped by black males. Though it is seldom, if ever, mentioned in the press, African-American men have been raping approximately 20,000 white women every year. That's an average of 56 per day! It is unconscionable, and was certainly not part of Dr. King's dream.

A black civil rights activist appeared recently on Sean Hannity to decry the level of black on black violence. He said that during the course of their conversation, three young black men had been killed. During that same period, several times more white women had been raped by black males. Hannity's guest – a present-day Luther King or King's ghost – did not, and would never, mention the black on white rapes.

It might be added that cases of rape of black women by the much larger white male populations are much fewer – about 100 cases a year. This is what makes the media's – even prosecutor Mike Nifong's – presentation of the false Duke lacrosse rape allegation case so disgusting. One can understand why African-Americans do not want to talk about the much more prevalent black on white rape. But that did not keep black civil rights leaders from making the Duke case a cause celebre. Why did they do it? Just to trash the Whitey? The evidence was flimsy at best. Wouldn't somebody bring up the large number of white women raped by blacks? Not to worry. When one has the whole-hearted backing of a biased media one can make what charges what one wants.

Another disturbing fact: For every black man murdered by whites, seven whites are murdered by blacks. So we get the Treyvon Martin story. The media is in the tank—90% of it is enthusiastically backing the case as racially motivated murder, despite initial being found by police that it was a self-defence murder.

There has been a "sea change" in American politics since the days of Dr. King. The culture has been stood on its head. The Congressional Black Caucus has become a racist group and the NAACP has become a racist organization. For more than sixty years, the NAACP held the high moral ground. Then came LBJ and the passage of the great Civil Rights Legislation. A new age beckoned. Maybe the NAACP should have gone out of business. They had achieved their aims, what more could they want? They stayed in business and became a victim of their own success. They lost the high moral ground. Corruption and greed set in. They milked the race card for all it was worth. They became what they had opposed for their first sixty years.

It is the same with the Black Caucus. They scream at the Whitey, run down to Havana to make the obligatory obeisances to Fidel, and vote the Socialist line with utmost fidelity. And through it all resonates the cry, "Affirmative action today, affirmative action tomorrow, affirmative action forever!" And what have they accomplished, except filling the prison system to capacity with people of the color they champion for?

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, maintains there are more African-Americans in jail today then there were in bondage in 1850. Who is to blame? It is not Jeff Davis or Bull Connor or George Wallace. It is the NAACP, the Black Caucus, Left-Liberals in the Democratic Party and the Liberal media, aided and abetted by an educational establishment determined to turn Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn into everything that made Goering and Goebbels the scourge of Europe in the 1930s and the Founding Fathers into the selfish cowards William Lloyd Garrison had accused them of being in 1860.

Instead of holding African-Americans to the same standards as other Americans, the Leftist Liberals have made excuses for them, and has continually blamed their failures on the Whitey. After forty years of affirmative action and government programs, the result has been disastrous; prison cells are full with Black criminals; classrooms are empty of Black students. There have been some successes, mostly in sports and entertainment. But the fact is: there were more successful black businessmen in the 1930s than today.

Today Leftist-Liberals position on America is like that of the Quran on non-Muslim People of the Book—the Christians and Jews—who must be made to pay the jizya (the tribute tax) and to acknowledge himself subdued and brought low. America is no longer the land of freedom and equality. Or that's just what freedom and equality means to today's Leftist Liberals.

New reality arose when large numbers of Muslim immigrants started arriving in last few decades, filling Saudi-built mosques from New York to San Diego. And the Leftist-Liberal machine was forced to make a decision. What was becoming a significant minority group in America could not be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy—not that it ever would. But to lure this new group into its culturally diverse coalition, it would have to double-cross one of its most tried-and-true minority allies. It would have to throw somebody under the bus in order to embrace the new larger minority. Joseph Lieberman was one of the first to see the coming holocaust. The Jew would have to go.

Anti-Semitism is now a fact of life on American college campuses, in the US Congress and in the Obama administration. The clowns in the media—MSNBC and Rosie O'Donnell to name a few—have signed on as Allah's running dogs. Brainwashed in a Madrassas, the President is more confused than Jimmy Carter ever was. (Yaser Arafat had to kiss Jimmy on the cheek to get what he wanted. Obama believes the Muslim Brotherhood is a charitable organization)

Like Dr. Faustus, the Leftist-Liberals have made a deal with the devil. Perhaps they think, they can control a Caliphate, an Islamic America, should it come to that. After all, the Saudi ruling family is as corrupt and as dissolute as any ruling class has ever been. They have slaves—many slaves—one perhaps for each household chore. They rape, disabuse and murder these poor creatures. So what if they are mostly women. It was time Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin learned their manners.

Besides, if Islam should gain the ascendancy in America, then the Liberal-progressives will be in the proper place at the right time to provide the new rulers—who will be little more than figureheads anyway—with what they cannot provide for themselves, the wherewithal to run things. The Liberal-progressive knows how to manage money, how to administer large armies. He knows how to make welfare checks arrive on time and he can keep guns out of the hands of malcontents. He can create the Marxist Nirvana that in the end is not much different from Islam. With Bill Maher running things, each true believer can have 72 virgins on earth instead of having to wait till he gets to Paradise. But Maher better not let the Imams know what he is up to. He had better keep it between himself and Hugh Heffner.

Of course, Diogenes will still be looking for the moderate Muslim, and the Sunni and the Shia will still be at each other's throats. There will be fewer church bombings, because there will be fewer churches.

The alliance between the left and Islam appears to have been sanctioned by the Devil and brokered in Hell. Stalin got a better deal with Hitler in 1939. It is silly to think the Leftist-Liberals will make any better use of their time or fare any better than Russia. After all, Stalin had the US to pull his butt out of the fire—Obama and his legions of community organizers will have no one.

Qur’an 5:77 “Say (Muhammad) “People of the Book, do not overstep the bounds in your religion, or follow the people who erred and led many astray. Cursed are the unbelievers among the Children of Israel by David and Jesus…They do vile things, allying themselves with the infidels so that Allah’s indignation is upon them and in torment they will suffer for all eternity.’”

Muslims do not make good allies. Well, that's what their Holy Book says.

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