Just where are they? Maybe you have to travel to Canada to find one, just one; for more, you have well have to travel to hell...

Diogenes spent 1,400 years looking for a Moderate Muslim and never found one. Now Diogenes was a smart fellow, but maybe he didn’t look in the right places. He should have tried California. What could be more moderate than a Muslima wearing a headscarf at a Disneyland Theme Park? (How about Heinrich Himmler wearing a Swastika at Dachau?)

Imane Boudlal, a Muslim woman, who sued Disneyland
Imane Boudlal, sued Disneyland for disallowing her working in
the front-desk wearing a headscarf.

Imane Boudal, 26, a devout Muslim and an employee at Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel, showed up at work wearing a headscarf. It was one of her inalienable rights. Sure. She is a greeter. She greets people or has to converse with them. “Hi, I’m Igor. I will be your guide to Castle Frankenstein; I will make you feel good about yourself and introduce you to the joys of Islam.” Something like that…

It was Ramadan. So, she donned her headscarf and set off for work. The boss took one look and ordered her into the back room, where the real work is done and where they keep everyone that does not present the image Disney wishes to present. Sounds reasonable?

When Bob Newhart told George Utley, he couldn’t eat in the Resort Dining Room unless he removed his hunter’s cap, George grumbled but accepted. Now George was awfully attached to that old red-and-black checked cap—it went wherever he went. If Imane sets as much store by her headscarf as George did by his cat, wouldn’t she have insisted on wearing it long before now? She has worked for Disney for two year! Two years—certainly enough time to get up the gumption to spit in her employers’ face.

Reza Aslan -- moderate muslims

As usual, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) took great umbrage. “There is no justification for Disney’s refusal to allow Ms. Boudal to wear the headscarf at work,” said CAIR. “It is not only insulting to her, but is deeply offensive to the thousands of Muslims who open their pocket-books at Disney parks and resorts every year.” As far as is known, there is no ban on the types of headgear people with open pocketbooks can wear while touring any of the Disney estates.

Moderate hunters throughout Vermont leapt to Newhart’s defense. Utley removed his cap. Have Moderate Muslims sprung to the defense of Disney? Not so, as one would notice. Disney’s strict costume requirements have been described by Moderate Muslims as ‘excessive', ‘discriminatory', and an ‘affront to Islam'.

Disneyland says the headscarf “doesn’t go with the Disney look". And what is the Disney look? Well, it doesn’t matter what the Disney look is. This is just another pea-brained attempt to insert Islam into American culture and the chances are: it will work, because the politically-correct and the culturally-diverse lost their will to fight for America and what it stands for, sometime during the Vietnam War.

Would Disney allow a Jewish employee to wear a yarmulke or a veteran to wear a DAV cap on the job? The chances are they would not, though it has never been tried, because the members of those groups would have considered it insensitive and not in keeping with Disney’s rules, though either of those groups have contributed far more to the health, well being, greatness and prosperity of America than a hundred thousand Imane Boudals and tens of thousands of CAIRs.

So, where are the Moderate Muslims? Are they still on their way back from the Muslim March on Terror?

Meanwhile half-way around the world in Kashmir, Sikhs are being forced to convert to Islam under pain of death. Not much moderation there. Is Imane aware of this?

In Saudi Arabia, a person caught in public wearing a crucifix on a chain can expect to end up in extensive care. Where are Saudi Arabia’s Moderate Muslims?

In Indonesia, Christian churches are being stoned and torched, because a Muslim girl has been taking catechism lessons in preparation to being baptized as a Catholic. A mob beat 20 members of a Batak Christian Protestant Church, because "they did not have the proper permits to worship". Where were the Moderate Muslims? Are the Moderates ones that grant the permits in this violence? That would explain a lot of things.

In Malaysia, a high school principal in the province of Johor made ‘inappropriate remarks’ at a school assembly. “Chinese students are not needed here,” she said, “and can return to China". As for the Indian student, "…the prayer string around their neck and wrist makes them look like dogs, because dogs are tied like that.” Insensitive? Stupid? The principal is a Muslim, undoubtedly a moderate one. An investigation has been launched and the principal has been sent on leave.

Is this an example of Moderate Islam in action? Well, not exactly! Malaysia in only 60 percent Muslim, the other 40 percent is something else, and they still have a say in things. When the Muslim population reaches 75 to 80 percent—thank to larger families and forced conversions in Muslim-controlled areas—this will change. Off will come the kid gloves.

No? You don’t think so? What does the Qur’an say? Ah, here it is:

Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day, who do not forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, or acknowledge the Religion of Truth (Islam), (even if they are) People of the Book (Christians and Jews), until they pay the jizyah tribute tax in submission, feeling themselves subdued and brought low. (Another translation says: ‘pay the tax in acknowledgement of our superiority and their state of subjection.’) [Qur’an 9:2]

But isn’t the minority population of Malaysia composed primarily of Buddhists and Hindus? Yes, and this makes for a bleak outlook when the Muslim population reaches the 75 percent mark. The Christians and the Jews—the few there are—can be brought low. They can be made to pay the jizyah and to acknowledge their inferiority, but there is no room in the Qur’an or in Sharia Law for idolaters, like Buddhists and Hindus. How many Moderate Muslims have marched in support of Buddhist or Hindu causes in Malaya or in other Southeast Asian country?

Moderate Muslims are so rare that Bill O’Reilly had to go to Canada to find a Muslim willing to say that the idea of building a mosque near the 9/11 Ground Zero was a bad idea. It would be insensitive. What is needed is a period of healing—the mosque can come later, but come it will.

On the other hand MSNBC was able to find dozens of Moderate Muslims willing to denounce O’Reilly as an Islamophobe. The US Constitution gives them the right to build a mosque wherever they want. If you want to build a church in a Muslim state, you will have to see Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or the Mutaween.

Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews of MSNBC rubber-stamped Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s “I have a dream” speech, where all God’s chill’uns will get together in dialogue in the Grand Central Mosque on the site of Ground Zero in an Abrahamic splendor that will amaze the world. Just the thought of it brought tears to Olbermann’s eyes. Neither Matthews nor Olbermann compared the Ground Zero Imam to Martin Luther King; that would have transcended their usual hypocrisies by a couple of surahs and a dozen hadiths. One could almost hear them whispering, “Amen”, as Rauf attacked the U.S. for being complicit in the World Trade Center disaster.

“I wouldn’t say the United States deserved what happened (on 9/11),” said Rauf, “but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.” (If she hadn’t been wearing a tight skirt she wouldn’t have been raped.)

Rauf went on to add: “Because we’ve been accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world.”

A few facts: Muslims have killed far more Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan than American soldiers have. And it’s not only Iraq and Afghanistan. Muslims are killing each other in Pakistan and other Muslim countries in great numbers without the help of a single American soldier. Saddam Hussein killed more Muslims every year during his long reign than G.I. Joe did in his entire tenure in Iraq. It might also be noted G.I. Joe was killing the bad guys. There was collateral damage to be sure, but it was kept to a minimum. Collateral damage is a concept that does not exist in Islam. All deaths—old men, women, children and grocery clerks—are intentional. Everyone dies in vain.

Daisy Khan, the wife of Imam Rauf, had a conversation recently with Sally Quinn of the Washington Post. Daisy asked: “When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”

It is an interesting question—one Peewee Herman has been asking for years. Yet, later in the same conversation Daisy said: “We are in a history making moment. Our ideals must prevail. We have to fight for a bigger society.”

Our ideals? Whose? Thomas Jefferson’s? Ben Franklin’s? Muhammad’s? She would not have used the word, ‘our’, if she had meant Jefferson and Franklin. She meant those of Islam. Sally Quinn was mesmerized. Clearly she was in the presence of Islam’s Jean D’Arc

There is little Moderation in Daisy Khan, none in Abdul Rauf. If Muslims want to be accepted as 'plain old Americans', they will have to become plain old Americans; there is little evidence they do.

Rooster Cogburn was a plain old American. Even Chris Matthews would agree with that. Would Imam Rauf sit down for a drink of sarsaparilla with Rooster in Joe’s Bar and Grille and Gun Club? They could discuss horseflesh and Lynch Law, which is as close to Sharia Law as one can get this side of a Nazi concentration camp.

Jerry Falwell was a plain old American. He liked to discuss religion. If Jerry were still around, would the Imam sit down with him and discuss religion like it should be discussed? Of course not: Islam cannot be discussed; Muslims are slaves and Christians are the slaves of slaves. End of conversation!

Plain old Americans like to thrash things out in the open; car bombs are for cavemen, who haven’t entered the 21st Century. Rooster Cogburn would talk to a Yankee and slap him on the back just as if they had never tried to kill each other at Shiloh or Glorietta Pass. Cogburn was forgiving; Islam isn’t. Falwell would debate an atheist or a Third Day Adventist without raising a sweat or losing his place in the Bible. Jerry hated the sin; he loved the sinner. Islam hates both.

Daisy Khan is being disingenuous. Ms. Bourdal’s insistence on wearing a headscarf is part of Islam’s master plan. It they could conquer America by force of arms, they would do so. They cannot; so it is death by a thousand cuts. This is the strategy they have used in Europe, especially in England and it has been very successful.

A Muslim will insist on a minor change in the way things are being done. They will object to the name of a street or a business; a religious symbol, usually a cross, will be banned, because it is considered offensive. Islam will be added to a school curriculum, Christianity will be dropped.

Sometimes the changes are bigger than big like turning the beds in a hospital, so they face in the direction of Mecca. Feeling themselves subdued and brought low, the hospital officials acquiesce. In some hospitals, nurses are busy during prayer time turning beds in the proper direction. A Bible on display on a bedside table is Verboten.

And where are the Moderate Muslims? They are nowhere to be heard. They don’t exist.

But when everything is said and done, and the authorities have given into the Islamists, the Moderate Muslims step forward and say, “Oh, you didn’t have to do that. It was not necessary. Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion. We don’t ask much—just the right to practice our religion.

Europe is dying of a thousand cuts and America, thanks to politicians like Barack Obama, has started bleeding.

George S. Patton, one of America’s greatest heroes, had a word for this tactic. He called it the Rock Soup Method. He liked to tell the story of the hobo looking for a handout during the height of the Great Depression. Bo would knock on the door of a likely looking house with a couple of rocks in his hands and ask the Missus if he could borrow at pot so he could make some rock soup. Before he was through, Bo would talk the Missus into some water for his pot then for some salt and pepper to season his soup, then for some vegetables to give it body and finally for a piece of meat.

Patton used his own version of the Rock Soup Method during WWII to start unauthorized battles. He would send out a patrol to pick a fight with the nearest Nazis. Then he would reinforce the patrol with a platoon, the platoon with a company, the company with a battalion and before long he would have a major battle on his hands. This is the method used by Islam.

There are no Moderate Muslims. Ms. Boudal and the Imam are as moderate as it gets. O’Reilly had to go to Canada to get one; Olbermann and Matthews had to go to Hell to get theirs.

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