Ibn Kammuna


In this study, I will discuss the genocide of the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayza by the prophet of Islam and the consequent moral implications. I will organize the flow of this study as follows:

1. Prelude to a genocide: Bani Qainuqa

2. Background on the Bani Qurayza incidents

3. Muhammad attacks Bani Qurayza

4. Who is Sa’d Bin Mu’ad?

5. Bani Qurayza genocide

6. Can there be a sufficient apologetic defense to this massacre?

7. Muslim apologetics

a. Bassam Zawadi

8. A look to the future



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Researching Islam for some time, there are a few things that stood out in my mind, and wondered why Muslims can’t see them.

For instance, Muhammad beheaded more than 700 Bani Qurayza (tribe of Qurayza) men in one day. How can a Muslim say that all those men, who had wives and children they had to take care of, be guilty by law, and deserve being killed on the spot? After finishing this job, Muhammad went and had sex with Rihana; one of the widows of Bani Qurayza. Muhammad had beheaded her husband just hours earlier.

In another case, Muhammad marries his daughter-in-law Zaynab bint Jahsh (Zaynab, daughter of Jahsh). How can a Muslim muster that about Muhammad, and still think Muhammad was a prophet of the almighty?

In another case, which is the core of this article, Muhammad “marries” a six-years old child, Ayesha, and goes to bed with her when she was nine years old (in fact, she was not even nine years old yet. She was three months short of that as Arabs during that time used the lunar dating system). How can a Muslim learn that, and remain a Muslim?

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The Muslim claim that Muhammad was an unlettered prophet does not withstand critical analysis. It is a lie marketed to the public.  I have published some articles in the past analyzing such a claim using evidence from the Hadith as well as the Qur’an. What I felt was lacking in my work is a more thorough analysis of the four verses in the Qur’an that use the word “Ummi” or any of its derivatives , where such a word is translated as “unlettered”. The current article is an attempt to correct this weakness.

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The concept of Jihad according to Dr. Jamal Badawi

In a 5-minut video on youtube, Dr. Jamal Badawi explains the concept Jihad as he sees it. The assumption is that this is the meaning of Jihad in Islam. This article is an analysis of his ideas.

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Muhammad – The Cursing Prophet

We, good Muslims, take our religion seriously. We love cursing. In fact, it is such a pleasure to just curse. We learned that from our master, peace be upon him, prophet Muhammad.

Now, let me tell you.. the Jews and Christians think Prophet Malachi of the old testament was a cursing prophet. You look up the book of Malachi. All that guy had in his book is three curses! Well, big deal. This is nothing. Those infidels are ignorant. You want a real cursing prophet, it is Muhammad. Malachi does not stand a chance when faced with a cursing giant like good ole Mo. If you do a little search for the word “curse” in the Qur’an, there is 55 of them in 47 verses. If you look up the word “cursed” in the Qur’an, you’ll find it 25 time in 24 verses. What a joker that prophet Malachi is compared to the master of cursing, prophet Mo.

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