Muslims often point to Muhammad's good deeds and sayings. Well, every individual does and says good things. Even Hitler was good to some people.

Following video gives a rendering of Muhammad as a mix of good and evil:

But, is the truth about Muhammad being a genuinely evil person or somewhere in-between ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’?

True, Muhammad did and said certain good things. Who of us do not do or say good things? Did Hitler not do good things? He was deeply in with a woman. He had close friends. Does that make Hitler a good person?

If someone complains about the Second World War and Hitler’s role in it, shouldn’t we say? No, No. Hitler is not that bad. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, Hitler caused the death of millions. But he was not as evil as you think he is. He was kind to his girlfriend. He was generous with his close friends. He wasn’t that bad after all!!!

Do you see the fallacy involved in this video? The fact that Muhammad did and said some good things does not make him a good person. We look at the degree of evil a person does in judging him/her.

True, Muhammad did good things and taught some nice things. Any decent person should follow and teach good behaviors/manners. Any one of us can and does teach nice things that Muhammad said. It does not take a genius to know that stealing is wrong, that taking care of your parents is an honorable thing, etc. Muhammad taught such things.

So, what is the difference between our practice of morals and Muhammad’s morals? We are much better than Muhammad. That is all.

I did not commit genocide against a whole tribe, such as on Bani Qurayza. Muhammad did.

I did not attack peaceful tribes unprovoked. Muhammad did that numerous times (i.e. Bani Al-Mutaliq).

I did not kill a man and then rape his wife the very day I killed him. Muhammad did that many times.

I did not consider attacking and killing other people as a monthly ‘picnic’ (as one of the researchers wrote). Muhammad did.

So, No Sir, the truth about Muhammad was not somewhere in-between Good and Evil. He was an EVIL man. Period!

One more important thing one must bear in mind that Hitler's evil committed during the five-year period of WWII, and it was over with his death. Compare that to the scale of Muhammad's evil that continued through 1,400 years, continues fullsteam today, and will go on until do not when.

M. A. Khan's book "Islamic Jihad" documents the continuation of Muhammad's evil through his followers during the last 1,400 hundred years. For example, in 1366 Muhammad Shah massacred more than 200,000 Hindus (p. 208). Every claim in Khan's book is documented with historical references. It shows how evil Islam has been in its 1,400 years history.

When one compares the blood-trenched hands of Islam, which is mainly influenced by Muhammad's ideals of "looting" the whole earth, Hitler’s evil fall short, very very short, in comparison to Muhammad's...

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